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take me part 153  

dadigan 60M  
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7/9/2021 8:29 pm
take me part 153

I pushed out as I was walking away and it didn't stop until I stopped it. Ella was still there, watching me before she left. I pushed toward Marnine to see if I could connect but I couldn't, lucky her. I grabbed two beers and went into the kitchen to help Ellen. I could feel the girls and no one knew what to say so they said nothing. I think they were waiting for Chloe. I handed Ellen a beer, washed my hands, and mouth, as I asked what she wanted me to do. She smiled and said the okra and hush puppies. I nodded. I went to the stereo and put in Lake Street Dive and turn it up. Uncle Billy, Sara and Emily came in about 15 minutes later. Sara hugged me as Unc put the okra and hush puppies in the oven.

"Em, you want to help me make the rest of dinner?. It won't take long and I have a feeling that everyone else will here, as she looked at me and smiled." Emily smiled and nodded. I finished the last batch as they all walked in, oblivious to what had happened earlier. Chloe was last carrying two bottles of Prosecco. She was smiling, but worried. Sara looked at her, and then at me, as did Issa, and they all walked out back. I figured Chloe and I were going to have a talk. She put the bottles on the counter.

"Mind if I steal him Ellen?" She smiled and shook her head no as Chloe took my hand and led me into the shop. She kissed me as deeply she ever had, and then bit me as hard as she ever had. "Don't ever do that again Daniel. I'm serious," as she opened the overhead door and walked front toward the corner. Everyone that could was listening. I followed her and took her hand. "You have no idea who she is."

"I can't promise you that Love because it's not up to me." She growled at me. "I can do that too sweets, but mine is scarier and only happens when someone is going to get hurt."

"I know Daniel. We all know. You took Marnine by surprise, that won't happen again. We'll tell you what we know, but not now. You also have no idea who Ella is. She was surprised that you turned your back on her and walked away, not many do that. We need to know how you were able to touch Marnine without experiencing what Sara did." I said, with a straight face,

"Because I'm me." Everyone laughed except Chloe, but she did smile and roll her eyes, before she punched me in the chest and said let's head back because dinner was almost ready. Dinner was great, of course, because Ellen is a good cook, even the enjoyed it. We all let go of what had happened, at least in the moment...all the angst was still there... listened to music, and enjoyed being a family. I didn't feel any threat. I didn't get much notice about either Ella or Marnine but I suspected neither would engage me again, at least that night. I was wrong.

evernshamdodges9 65M  
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7/9/2021 9:36 pm

alot of strange twists. interesting. just trying to figure out how it will figure into the big picture. keep up the good work!!!!

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