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take me part 489...edited, even though nothing on AFF gets edited  

dadigan 60M  
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12/9/2021 7:08 pm
take me part 489...edited, even though nothing on AFF gets edited

I opened my eyes. It just starting to get grey. I shifted and got up quietly so I didn't wake Kana up and walked to the ship. Shit. Thin think thin how many heat signatures were there inside. Focus, Daniel. Focus. Eight or nine because dragons can count, and I started counting on my fingers. Four guards...I killed one, Kana killed, Annie killed two. Four people at the table.... Sara killed all of them, three downstairs, and one upstairs. Bob said four to five people, that fits but there only eight bodies... unless the shooter in the house when I scanned it, and he left and waited. That would make it five guards, and four people at the table, but Bob said four or five men. Fuck, one of them hadn't arrived yet. I walked out to the water as Gustav handed me a large glass of milk, which I downed. "The ship is great. Let me know if I can help because my family works with metal and could probably fabricate anything you need. Tell them that I'll be bac FY...I'd stand back when you do because all three will be pissed."

I sure hope I had rested enough for this. I flew and then shifted space back to the house that burned. I hovered, blended at the top of trees and watched. The fired department and police were getting ready to leave and I knew who we had missed. He the only wearing a suit and he had our guards who were wearing the exact same thing as the other ones. I waited for the cops and fire department to leave. He at the pile of ash that used to be the lake house. The guy at the head of the table wasn't the head guy, this was, and he was pissed. I mostly froze all of them and took the four guards deeper into the wolves. Wolves would be our friends for a very long time I came back and shifted as I took the registration out of the car and checked the trun There were two duffel bags. I zipped tied whoever this , shifted, picked one of the bags up with my teeth and then grabbed the other bag, and the man, and flew away as I blended. I getting tired but I focused inside at my core and pulled on that as I shifted and ended up pretty close to the village. I flew helter skelter and dropped the guy into the water right next to shore and dropped the bags on shore as I slid forty feet. The last thought I had that I SO getting hit and bitten. I fell asleep.

I opened my eyes and shifted as three angry women were staring at me. Kana handed me a a pitcher of mil "Drink, before we kill you." Sara and Annie nodded. "You mind telling us what the fuck is going, and the who the guy in the zip ties is." Annie and Sara stared me as I bolted upright, and winced. Sara put her hand on me to give me energy.

"Relax, he's in the hold of the ship. Gustav's men are watching him and waiting on what to do. Annie said....."there's a helicopter on the way, mister, so we need answers. Now, but do mind telling us why one of the bags is full of Gold Eagles, and the other one is full of hundred dollar bills, and there are plates to make them." I stared them. "You didn't know? I shook my head." They all screamed.

"Can I get some more milk, Gustav?" He nodded. "I told you they'd be pissed.

"We are so far past pissed, mister, that you have know idea." Spill it.

"The numbers didn't add up. We didn't miss anyone outside. There were five guards inside, and only four men at the table. Bob said four - five guys. I thought maybe the last one hadn't shown up before we left, and the guy that shot me the other one inside and went outside as we came in. I wanted to be sure, and there he , a man in a suit in a Lexus with four guards that were just like all the others. I took the registration, zip tied him, and checked the trunk and the bags were there, so I took them, but didn't check because I getting tired. I shifted space over the Baltic and made it, mostly. Can I get some breakfast?" They all walked off in a huff as Gustav gave me eggs, bread, and warm ham. I made a sandwich. "Thanks."

"You were right about them being pissed. Someone brought out more milk as I finished the sandwich after four bites. I nodded, drank the milk, said thanks, and passed out.

Claw51478 75M
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12/9/2021 8:42 pm

% guy's, at one place, the suit was #5, But, he is alive. . Hundred $ bills, probably all fake. What does this guy know, etc.

OlderPete58 64M  
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12/10/2021 12:24 am

Sounds to me like there are more and they are involved in forgery as well!
Now the authorities would love to delve into that subject.

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