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take me part 491.... edited, at once  

dadigan 60M  
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12/10/2021 12:47 pm
take me part 491.... edited, at once

I wasn't about think that my life wasn't great, even with all of the issues we had been dealing, continued deal with, but that was pretty frickin' great. I was still getting though. I said thanks Jackson for letting fly and shook his hand and we said anytime. I was going hold him . I got out of the co-pilot seat and got , three times, by smiling women. Annie asked,

"Was that fun?" I had a Cheshire Cat grin and nodded. "Good because 's lot of hay help load.

I nodded. "I will but I want take these bags the cave first, so they're out of here, and also need go through the documents we got so find some place safe for them. No one knows we were , and we need keep that way." They all nodded. "Kana, will you and Airi and put the harness on?" She smiled and went find her. "I'm going scout for deer also but I'll deal with the hay." Annie and Sara kissed me as they walked the house and Taiiko. "Hey stranger." She kissed me.

"I wasn't about let you all of the fun. I may not be as strong as a dragon but I can fly just as well. I'm going with you because I want see this cave. We might things for but I need speak with Yoshi. I want make love with you and Annie. I've missed you. Chloe too." I hugged her as Kana and Airi walked up. I shifted and they put the harness on and strapped the bags to it. The people here had become used to me being the dragon at times. It was like the people in the village. I was "their" dragon and they were highly protective of me, but I still got a ton a grief when I was just me. I'd take that in a heartbeat. The girls climbed and Kana let Airi take the lead, which was smart. Kana sat behind Taiiko since she hadn't flown any distance and we headed north to the island. Fenrir was right, were a lot of deer. I stayed high, and blended but they were uneasy even if they didn't know why. We landed and they took everything off of me so I could open the door. I still wasn't sure why I was able to do , because I could bring things up . We took the bags downstairs and the girls looked around.

"Are those the chests from the Siren?" I nodded. "Can we look inside?" I couldn't see any reason why not so I opened them as Taiiko and I walked around, "just don't take anything or we might get trapped in here." They laughed but i wasn't kidding because this place was well protected. Taiiko hugged me as we looked around the caves. They were extensive but well above sea level these things were safe from anything short of tsunami...a large one. I wasn't a witch but I didn't need to be to feel the power in this place and know a powerful witch played a role in creating this vault. Taiiko felt it too, which wasn't surprising since she was Japanese and Kami were accepted like dragons here.

" is strong magic here, Love, and 's old magic. True magic, not games like so much is today." I nodded. "Do you know how old is?" I shook my head as the girls were looking at jewelry and gems. They could pass for Sirens any day because they didn't care about the gold at all. I guess none of us did all that much except for making things better for our people. didn't mean that I wasn't happy stashing a bag full of American Gold Eagles, but I was more interested in the art, manuscripts, and religious artifacts, those were the priceless things in my mind and that was when Ama and the caretaker walked in.

"Are we giving tours now? Pytor, you don't need the shotgun and you can wait outside." He nodded. She wasn't angry, but she was mildly perturbed and that was when Joseph walked out of the darkness.

"Figures." Ama chuckled as he turned around back into the dark.

"This place has....safeguards. Joseph and I are the guardians of it for now. Why are you three here?" I told her as I opened the bags and Kana and Airi took off the jewelry and closed the trunks looking a bit sheepish. Ama smiled, "feel free because those are new and I haven't seen them yet. I often come here to admire these things. As long nothing leaves it's fine." She walked over as we followed and Airi opened the trunks. "Your Siren trade these." I nodded but said that Karin was hardly 'my' siren, all four them stared me in disbelief. Taiiko finally said.

"You really are kinda dense, aren't you? It's amazing. Karin is completely in love with you and if you were a merman then you'd already be married. Don't get her pregnant." I stared at them as they all laughed.

"'s no telling what lies beneath the oceans, now show me what brought you here." She looked in the bags as she lifted out the plates, and I winced. "Don't worry dragon, I no fingerprints. They wore away a very long time ago. Counterfeiting." I nodded. "Are the bills real, or fake?" I took out my handkerchief and opened it as Ama put the bill on and I folded it and put it in my pocket.

"I'm not sure Ama but I suspect the people we been dealing with are into more things than trafficking. I think the gold coins were suppose to be payment for moving fake bills in Europe, and other places. I never understood Finland, except because of it's remoteness. I could understand Denmark, even Germany, but never understood why they would choose Finland until I saw what was in those bags and remembered Bob, the hacker, said something about the Russian mob and how some of the women, and other things, were going through St. Petersburg, and it started to click. The sanctions against Russia been crippling, and 's likely get worse, but Russia has gold, and the more fake US cash that is in the market, the more destabilized becomes. Russia, and China, would love for the dollar not be the reserve currency. I no idea if 's accurate, but 's logical." They all stared me.

"Do they know you these?"

"I can't see how since the person alive is the one had these, and he's chained in the hold of a ship on the coast of Sweden, and we everything they were looking through in the lake house. I think the reason they were at that house was because was isolated and they were working on this since we effectively destroyed the ring, at least in the US and EU, coming after us was retribution even though was long shot. I suppose could be related Roan, but I doubt . I don't think any of them want anything else do with us."

"Do you trust them, Daniel?" I smiled and shook my head no. "Good, it's time leave. Don't take anything, ladies." They smiled as we walked upstairs and outside. I closed the door and put my hand on as sealed and turned rock.

"Why can I open this, Ama?" She smiled.

"That is involved, Dragon, and best left for another time because that hay isn't going move itself." The mist appeared. Ama said goodbye, and went back Iceland as the girls put the harness on and we flew home.

OlderPete58 64M  
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12/11/2021 1:00 am

There is Magic to learn and I am thinking Sara with have the same powers as Ama and Joseph and maybe even the others with Daniel with gain these too.

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