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take me part 498.... edited-ish  

dadigan 60M  
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12/12/2021 12:45 pm
take me part 498.... edited-ish

Sara took Elisabeth to the kitchen to talk with her and explain what was going on as the mist appeared and Aisha walked out and kissed both of us as Airi walked. "Miss me, loves?" We nodded. "I'm Aisha." Airi introduced herself. "It's very nice to meet you. I'm the first one to ride him." We all stared at her. "Well, not in that way." She looked at Kana. "You're sharing your dragon?" Kana nodded. "Interesting. While I would love to stay and chat I have a new dragon to attend to. It seems they are coming out of the woodwork with people shifting left and right. Airi, say your goodbyes and meet us in the kitchen. Toodles, and try not to get shot Danael." She laughed and walked to the kitchen like she knew where it was, which she obviously did. Airi hugged and kissed us as she ran to catch up with Aisha who put her arm around her. Kana stared at me.

"Is it always this fucking weird?" I nodded. "What the hell was she?" We started walking toward the sirens.

"What I heard when she shifted was Wyr. I'm new to this, and don't know a lot about dragons. Hell, I'm still trying not to fly into trees, she's like a cross between a British Dragon, and Japanese Dragon, which peaked her interest."


"I think so but we can ask Aisha when we get back. I suspect she will be staying for a while. Ladies." They all giggled. Karin said.

"We like you Dragon, and you too Kana. Your kind and generous, and fun to watch, but give no quarter. How can we help?"

"There are ships looking for these people. We are going to look for them and if we find them we will destroy them, but we might miss some. Can you and your sisters protect this island? They will have guns so it won't hard be hard to tell."

"These are bad men?'

"Yes, bad men that work for a very bad man."

"And you will be going after this very bad man after you search?" We nodded. She clapped.

"We'll make sure they don't make it to land. Although we shouldn't because of the new Dragon. It would be fun to watch. If they come here, they won't leave here dragon."

"Thank you ladies, and my friend is going to you find you something blue. I should get them in several days. They did their high pitch call and dove so only Karin remained, staring at me. "I asked her to get something for your friends for helping us but she's getting something special for you." She beamed, clapped and dove.

"Who knew your were such a flirt. Are we leaving or what?" We walked to get the harness and weapons. "Everything?" I nodded. If we made it out of this I 'd be amazed. Sara walked up and hugged us. I sure hoped that wasn't an omen. I really didn't want to spend the rest of my life in a gulag.

"You'll be fine, just conserve your energy and work on building it from here." She touched my upper stomach. "You have a furnace there that can do more than just create the fire you breathe, Daniel. We'll take good care of Elisabeth. Airi will likely stay for a bit to help, and you are welcome to as well Kana. Daniel will be fine. She has few friends and finally becoming who you truly are is scary, especially when it's a dragon. The good thing she has going for her is that her people respect dragons, and she has you and the scale. She'll be fine but having a couple of powerful big sisters wouldn't hurt. This man you are hunting, and you are hunting him, make no mistake about that, he is as arrogant as he is vile so most of his men are outside because we can't conceive of anyone getting past them, prove him wrong. He's in St. Petersburg but it's a walled estate. He'll have men close by so pay attention to that. Save your strength for leaving, just in case. Do your best to get what is underneath those drawers and then burn it and them to ash. Don't come back here. Go to the village just in case. Make sure there are no tracking devices before you come back. Better to deal with them there. We nodded. The sirens will keep us safe if some of the boats get by you. I like Karin. I see why you like her." Kana snickered. " She kissed us both and walked back to the kitchen as I shifted and Kana put the harness on. She strapped on the duffle bag, climbed on, and we went looking for boats.

OlderPete58 64M  
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12/12/2021 1:25 pm

Its the hunting season for the bad guys and a new dragon in training..

hmmm very interesting and another good read.

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