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take me part 512...edited, hopefully  

dadigan 60M  
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12/15/2021 10:06 pm
take me part 512...edited, hopefully

We followed Ama, and the girls, to the house. I had been pushing the entire time, but there was nothing. I hoped we had ended it, but I wasn't going to stop being diligent. "STOP!"


"I want to walk. I like the cold air." They drove to the house as Gaia walked up and looked me. There aren't many with the temerity to speak to me the way you did, but it seems you have all clustered in the same family. You were right in your assessment. I should have ended things soon."

"How's Marnine?"

"You truly care about her...them?" I nodded.

"It's brutal for her, but she didn't break. She'll work though it and having Ingrid and Roan is helping her. She's learning to be a mother. How did you know that?" I smiled. "I will help both Ingrid and Roan, in stages. They ran to Marnine after you did what you did, and haven't left her side.

"A mother looking for daughters, and daughters looking for a mother. I feel bad for Miriam." Silence.

"I want you to know that there is no longer a threat to your family. You ended that. There are others, related to the organization, but after St.Petersburg they want nothing to do with it...people being frozen solid was too much for any of them to deal with. You can tell Ama that they won't come back to her lands, at least not in that way." I nodded. She stared at me.


"You showed me a flaw and didn't care. I appreciated that. Marnine needed that, but you certainly don't." I laughed out loud.

"Why do think I chose amazingly strong women, and take being hit and bitten so often?" Gaia smiled as I scratched her ears. I missed Bob.

"I think your cousin said this.....'you may be dumb, but you aren't stupid.'" I smiled and nodded. "I'll deal with Marnine and Ingrid, her brother, and Roan...tell Annie. I'll heal them in stages. Once you get the buildings renovated, they can back here , and help. If they do that, then I'll then free them, even Marnine but I'll watch them, dragon." I nodded as she ran off. I pushed, and listened. Nothing. I hadn't heard nothing for a very long time.

Chloe was walking toward me, smiling. "What are you doing, mister?" I stared at her.

"Do you trust me?'

"Of course, goofball, why?" Gaia was helping me with time and space so I was going to try. It wasn't like anyone was stepping up to help me. I put my hand out and the mist formed, that part I figured out. She stared at me.

"Sara said that it's like walking off of one those moving escalator's at the airport....focus on where you want your feet to be, not where they are. We can do this." She stared at me and nodded as we walked into the mist to our past. We did everything Sara said, and we still rolled into a stall full of goat's, laughing.

"Does this happen to you often?" I stared at her and nodded as Malinka and Sofi walked up and stared us. Ok, this was going to be interesting. We stood up, smiling.

"Who is this woman, Danael?" Malinka was not pleased, nor was Sofi. "?" Thankfully Irina walked in.

"Girls, enough. Let them out and tend to the animals and then come in help with the meal." Chloe said....

"I can help if you'll let me. I'm Chloe"

"Irina." They turned and walked to the house...the umpteenth iteration of Chloe's great-grandmother walking with her granddaughter. I said hi Malinka, and Sofi. Silence. "Jesus Christ." I opened the gate.

"Go before the goats gets out. I'll deal with the animals." They ran out as I closed the door, fucking goats, and then pounced on me. They both both bit me they were so excited. "How long?"

"Two days, things are fine here, but who is she."

"Her name is Chloe. You know the word descendant?" They shook their head no." means family in the future. Chloe is your family from the future." They stared at me. "Go talk with her. I clean the stalls." They both ran as I started cleaning up shit as I thought. If I can be in my life, for a week,or longer, but it's only two days here, that might work because I didn't like having other people doing things for me. I cleaned the stalls, and fed everyone. I walked to the house, thinking to myself, and walked inside....no one. I looked around and the fires were fine. I walked outside, and no one. Shit . I walked to the site of the new house, close to the spring. I could hear laughter as I walked up. I stopped and watched because Chloe and Irina could be sisters. They weren't but they could be.

I walked up and Irina saw me and ran up to me. "You found us. I knew you would. I wanted to show Chloe where our new house will be." She kissed me as Chloe smiled. "I was showing Chloe all the fences we have built. They are not nice men, but they are hard workers for silver. The wolves, and Hammish protect us. So are you married where Danael is from?" Chloe said yes, and Malinka and Sofi growled.

"Stop, both of you. We only have one bed, but you are welcome join us. We all sleep together when it's getting late. Chloe looked at me and smiled as she nodded. She SO wanted to stay here and be with them. They walked backed to the house as I walked into the woods.

"Hello, wolf." I turned and ther were eight wolves looking at me.

"Hello, dragon. Who is this woman?"

"My wife from the future, offspring of Irina. He howled and Chloe would be protected. "How are you? Do you need more meat?" He looked at me.

"Yes, it's going be a bad winter."

"How much do you have left?"

"Four days." I nodded as I'd deal with it. He howled and the wolves pulled back. I walked to the fence and followed it back to the house and the men were all waiting to eat as I walked in. Silence.

"The fence looks good, as does the cellar." They all yelled because mead does that. Sadly, women had to endure these men through generations. Chloe helped served them, because they worked ten hours of hard labor, and we owed them food, and mead. One of the men grabbed her and tried to reach inside of her dress as Chloe fell backward, shifted on top of him, and stared as she held the I gave her to his throat, and her palm glowed white. He laughed and passed out as Chloe looked at , and shook her head. We gave them dessert and they all went outside to the fire. The wolves were here, even though I wasn't.

I started picking up plates, and whatnot, as the girls said they would do that. I stared at them. "Go do something in front of the fire." They stared at me and skipped over. I needed to teach them to read. Crap, I needed to teach them so many things. I needed to LEARN so many things. I cleared the table as Irina looked at me.

"Men don't do this, Danael." Chloe took her hand, because I think she knew who she was.

"They do in our time, Irina, especially Daniel." Irina looked at us, and smiled.

"That is why he treats us so well, because it's normal in your time?" Chloe nodded. She looked at me nodded, which was hard for her. Malinka, Sofi, and I went into the bedroom, which just had a blanket, and they fucked me, twice.

Irina looked at Chloe as they were cleaning up. "Danael is the best thing that happened here since Marnine. He's kept us all alive, even the wolves. We have wolves protecting us from the men outside because of him. Malinka and Sofi are young, and hungry... and pregnant, They want him, as I do, and I am sure as you do. Danael is odd when it comes to men, but he is ours. We share him, and I suspected you do too." Chloe nodded. It" bothers you that they are enjoying him."

"Where we are from, I have many sisters, and it's not unlike here when it comes Daniel. I'm just not use to being behind a blanket." Irina smiled.

"They get can get it out of their system, and you and I sleep can with him, together." Chloe looked at her. "You don't mind but I miss being with Danael." We walked out and I looked at Chloe. This was her worst nightmare. We all cleaned and bathed. I closed the door, walked and pushed, nothing. We went to go to sleep and Malinka and Sofi were curled together when we walked in.

"They are so cute." Irina nodded. We got into bed and fell asleep with the three of us sleeping in a mesh. I woke up because I felt hands on me, both Chloe and Irina, were getting me hard. It worked as they took turns sharing what they had done. I didn't mind one sucking my cock, and one sucking balls. I just missed Sara with her purple dildo. I no idea how long we made love, but it was multiple times, over many hours. I woke afterward and pushed. Nothing. The girls did what they do at home and slept in a bunch....Chloe joined right in. I got out of bed, dressed, drank some milk, and went the barn on the animals.

It was still early. I closed the barn, shifted, and flew. I searched for threats.... were none. I searched for land, and trees, and rivers....there were many and my brain was ticking away with possibilities.. I searched for the deer and they were still in the same place. I had a dilemma...do I help humans over wolves because they didn't" have as many deer as we did in the future. Fuck. I flew for a long time. Nothing. Great! SHIT. I flew and I took more deer than I wanted. I hoped I left enough for them to recover. I dropped deer at Hammish, and at the wolves.. Malinka would be mad. I landed back at the house and woke Malinka and Sofi.

"Go to Hammish and help him. They both got up and did what I asked as i climbed back into bed.

"You stink." I nodded as I fell asleep. I woke up at dawn with two beautiful, naked women lying next to me. Chloe opened her eyes. "You still stink." I nodded as she put me inside of her and we made love as Irina slept and we kissed. We turned and Irina was looking at us. Chloe reached for her and they both kissed, which got me hard.

Chloe grabbed me, and squeezed as she put me into Irina, and I pushed. They were already pregnant, but it was a strong line to make sure these women kept moving forward. It was not unusual for Irina, but it was for Chloe...and me. Irina and Chloe were likely related....many generations in the future. I got up as they snuggled.

I dealt with the fires as Irina and Chloe walked in. Do you have what you need, Irina?" She nodded. "Hammish?"

"We gave him most of what you gave us." I nodded. I'll be back, and stay longer. Chloe looked at Irina. "Tell Hammish that I'll be back, and give my love the girls." The mist opened and we fell on the drive. We looked up at the stars.

"You alive?"




"That all happened, right." I nodded. "Get up because you and I are going fuck for the rest of the night. We made love for the rest of the night, and while she didn't have Sara's purple dildo, she had our glass one. We used it more than once.

I woke up and Chloe was snuggled next to me. I smiled as I walked into the kitchen. Time and space sucks." I looked up at her, as she walked in bleary eyed and nodded. "Help me make breakfast." I poured coffee and stepped into a new realm.

OlderPete58 64M  
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12/16/2021 2:52 pm

Daniel is really settling to his new status and powers.

As for the past he is 500 years back and he is sorting Marnine in the future..

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