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take me part 532.... edited  

dadigan 60M  
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12/23/2021 4:13 pm
take me part 532.... edited

Halle and Aydar were having a wonderful time talking about coffee and I got the sense that Halle was smitten with him. I prefered no grounds in my coffee so I never cared it much and then Aya walked in looking around and followed by Annie trying keep up, along with Yoshi's men. The guys seated up front stood and headed toward them. Annie glared at them and growled which made them stop as Yoshi's students stood between them. They sensed it would be a mistake and sat back down. Aydar was walking around the counter when I stood in front of because I didn't have a fucking clue what was going on. Aya touched my shoulder.

"It's OK Daniel, this is Gerel's brother." She walked around me and hugged him. "What are doing here Aydar? You could have gotten hurt, worse after what's already happened." Annie walked up and looked at me as confused as I was. We sat down and Aya introduced us. Hanne brought us coffee and tea.

"There are rumors that some of my extended family would see you dead. Gerel asked me come. I just sorry I arrived too late but I see you are in competent hands Aya." He looked at me Annie. I should have called but I wanted observe first. One of the men up front was here when those men tried to kill you. He was going to stop them but Danael and Anryd were too quick, and brutally effective, so he remained unnoticed. The vast majority of my family do not hold this view, I can assure you of that sister. Gerel is protected and I wanted to make sure you were. I now know that you are, much to my relief." They chatted, and caught up as Annie and I listened. I was trying to figure out if I trusted him and I figured she was doing the same. I needed way more information before I got into the conversation, or trusted him, so I just ate my shortbread, drank my tea and, enjoyed them catching up. It was obvious they had known each other for a long time and cared for each other. It was still pretty shitty timing with me needing to spend time in the past. I was starting to think I had bitten off more than I could chew.

"Aydar looked at me, "I apologize for not approaching you directly Danael but you did that for us and it worked out better than I expected, and I met Hanne, another lover of fine coffee."

"Please don't take this the wrong way Aydar, but I think Turkish coffee is likely an acquired taste which I don't have." He laughed and grabbed my arm.

"That is true brother, that is true, but perhaps what you had wasn't prepared properly. When all of you come to Bucharest I will take you to Turkey, to my family's home and show how we've made it centuries, if not longer." I nodded as Hanne brought him another cup and refilled our pots. "And you dear lady, if you can take the time to get away you are more than welcome. Aya can show you Bucharest and I can show you Constantinople, or Istanbul as it is called now. Sadly, both Turkey or Iran, which was Persia, are no longer viewed in the context of history, only the last hundred years and by the actions of their leaders. Both civilizations were remarkable. Aya, Gerel, and I, along with our families, would be honored." She smiled and blushed as she went back to make orders. It was getting busy because the storm was getting worse.

Annie said, "We should go home because it gets dark quickly. We can continue this over dinner. Your men are welcome, but they will be guarded until we feel comfortable. I mean no disrespect Aydar but we have dealt with a lot of strange things and we weren't expecting another, and neither was Aya." He nodded.

"Of course, Annie, there is no disrespect in being cautious and protecting your family. We would be most thankful because I wasn't looking forward to the drive back to Oslo in this. We finished and Hanne waved off us paying. Aydar and Yoshi's men, while not friendly weren't hostile and had been talking while they drank their coffee. I walked back to the shelter and Lacie came out to thank us again.

"This is my cell phone number. I'm not always inside in case Jakob calls but I always have my cell." I smiled and nodded as I followed the rest of them home. I hoped that what Aydar was saying was true because I didn't need another ball in the air.

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