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take me part 533..... edited, but these will shorter for a bit.  

dadigan 60M  
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12/23/2021 7:46 pm
take me part 533..... edited, but these will shorter for a bit.

I parked the truck and walked up to Annie. "I'll deal with the trucks. I'd rather have you inside with Taiiko just in case. I'll check in with Jakob and I wanted to see how Eba, Klara, and Annika are."She smiled.

"You aren't looking another wife are you mister?" I rolled my eyes. She laughed and kissed . "Invite them to dinner, or pie." I nodded again. "I see why we all fell in love with you Dragon, don't worry." I backed the truck and trailer into the hay barn and parked the older one by the main one as I walked in. They were finishing up with the animals. The dogs were sacked out. I smiled as Jakob walked up.

"Tough day?" He nodded.

"It's hard fighting snow." We both laughed.

"You have a girlfriend?" He shook his head no as I handed him Lacie's cell number. "You could if you wanted one. You're the contact for the shelter now and when I told her that she got a big smile on her face. My suggestion is to go talk with her in person about what the shelter needs over coffee, I'm just saying. Also, do we have hook knives and sharpening gear we can spare. " He smiled. "I'm not sure about the knives but I'll check. I nodded and went to Ama's house because I needed to talk with Annika. They hadn't eaten and were all happy not to cook. Anna hugged . "Do you have extra pencils, erasers, and either notebooks or binder paper. If so can you leave some on the table for me?" She nodded and asked why. "I have some people I care about and I want to teach them to write, and later to read." She nodded as I kissed her cheek. "I'll see you in the main house, sweets." Christ this storm was a pain in the ass. Fenrir walked up.

"Friends?" I told him I wasn't sure yet but that one was Aya's family and we were on guard. He nodded.

"Is you pack your OK?" He said yes. "I think we'll be fine tonight so your wolves can hunker down."

"It's good training for the younger ones. Your warrior's have been training with us, which is smart. It's also smart for us to deal with weather like this when it's here because it heightens our awareness." I nodded. "We'll take turns patrolling and if anyone is dumb enough to be out in this, and makes it past us then I don't envy them." I said thanks as I went into the kitchen and shook the snow off. I kissed Emma's head.

"Sorry for the unexpected guests, and Eba, Klara and Annika are coming too." She smiled and said good. "I don't see enough of them and Klara and Anna will be leaving soon. It won't be easy on Eba." "I know Emma, leaving isn't easy on any of us." She turned and looked at me and went back to making mashed potato's

"We'll have plenty. I made a large ham earlier and it's easy enough to make side dishes. Planning." I smiled and went into the family room. Aydar's men and Yoshi's students were playing dominoes. I looked at Taiiko. She smiled and shrugged as I shook my head. I shuddered to think what Yoshi would do. Aydar and the girls were laughing and completely at ease. I guess it was my job to worry. Annie got up and walked over.

"Stop worrying, Love, they're fine, neither Taiiko or I sense any ill intent. They aren't connected with the other men..."

"Except it's his family that is trying to her." She nodded. I went to sit with them as they chatted but I was listening, and trying to get a sense of Aydar. I didn't like that I was leaving tomorrow, but Aya was happy.

OlderPete58 64M  
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12/24/2021 5:44 am

Daniel is scheming and a match maker.

Another good read thank you.

Claw51478 75M
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12/24/2021 11:18 am

You go Pete, I seen it, just did not pick up on those 2 things. That's what a good leader does, sits back, watches, listens, then eventually, comes to a conclusion.

Then action may or may not be taken. We shall see what transpires . .

But, I wonder about Aya's Mongols side of family are doing. They have to be reckoned with also. Aya is the rightful Heir.

As always, the Epic Saga continues, peeks our interest as to the future.

A good read.

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