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take me part 535...edited  

dadigan 60M  
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12/24/2021 5:26 pm
take me part 535...edited

I got milk as Annie and Taiiko checked on Klara and Annika. "I've known Aydar and Gerel for most of my life. She and I were in school before I moved to a school in Switzerland, that's where I met Anryd. You can trust him, Love." I looked at her as I drank my mil I never one to shy away from getting punched.

"What I said to him the truth, sweets. I don't trust him, but I don't distrust him. I'm like Switzerland. She smiled as she shook her head and kissed me. "I hope you're right, Aya, because I like him, and all of you do, but I have benefit of being removed and I'm going to use that because I love you, but he's the one who said members of his family might be trying to you. We'll know more when my friend Deats gets back with us and we can go from there, in the meantime I would like it if you would act like he might not actually be telling you the truth and be cognizant of him and his men. What I'd really like is if all three of would to go Japan but I know you won't." She smiled and lowered her eyes.

"I'll attention, Daniel. I promise and if he does have anything to do with this then I will him myself."

"Men don't like giving up power, especially to women...and they live in Turkey." She stared at me as that sank in. She the one who said, "you'll notice it all men..." after they tried to her.

"Are you coming to bed, Love?" I nodded as I held up my mil Aya smiled and went upstairs. I finished it and pushed outward all around us, nothing. I cleaned my glass and went upstairs as I smiled at what Annika left. I wanted to take her back but I didn't think Klara would allow it. The girls were already asleep and scrunched together. I made a fire and got into bed as I drifted off. I tired.

The dream, or vision, started as it always did, I standing in the Highland's of my Da's people in Scotland as the mist building. It a New Moon. I looked North and then to the West and I in Denver at Sara's at the party from a few months ago. They were all having fun and laughing but I couldn't hear them and the girls weren't there. I walked around to the front yard. It dusk but they were all standing on the yard across the street. Sara turned to , concerned, and pointed across the street. There were multiple rows of people that seemed endless. I walked in front the girls and looked at them, then turned and looked out as they all started to walk toward us. I turned again to look at the girls before I shifted and ran across the street only this time Annie did the same. I woke drenched in sweat and pushed. FUCK! I got dressed and tapped Taiiko. She opened her eyes and nodded as she rolled away, got dressed, and grabbed her weapons. Annie and Aya were sound asleep in each other's arms. We both smiled as we walked out and I closed the door.

"Do we all do that?" I smiled and nodded.

"It's pretty darn cute." I smiled and nodded as we walked into the kitchen. "What?"

"I'm not sure yet but something. Don't let anyone leave...period, and don't let Aydar, or his men in just in case. You can let me in." She smiled and kissed me.

"Maybe, mister. You smell when you're the bear. Be careful." I nodded, put my boots on, and the knives and cape, and went out. I pushed and there something. Shit. I couldn't say I surprised because if going to someone, or kidnap them, this is when I would do it. The thing that confused me , just like in town, these weren't professionals, at least not like Deat and I knew the term. There were only three and they were heading down the driveway. I shook my head and shifted into the bear and went around them. The problem I had that the wind diminished my smell. I watched the men walking to the house more confused then ever. I didn't to them but I also wasn't about to let them walk up at two am in the middle of blizzard. I pounced on all of them and knocked them unconscious as the arrow hit in the back by my shoulder and I fell and waited. I felt the thump as the person jumped from a tree. I had forgotten to look up. If the wind hadn't been so strong I would have smelled him.

I waited and then spun around and ran at him as he sent another. I dodge but it still hit me in the chest and I stumble as he grabbed another arrow. I pushed myself up and ran as he was getting ready to pull the bow back and Fenrir grabbed his left arm and bit. The bow, and his hand lay in the snow as he screamed into a blizzard. Fenrir growled, grabbed him by the shoulder and flung him over me and into the snow by the others. I pushed myself up and grunted as he howled and twelve wolves showed up. Four stayed with the men and the other eight went on patrol.

"You're hurt." I grunted as I started to limp on three legs back to the barn. I made it inside, collapsed, and grunted. Fenrir pawed Ama's door and howled. Taiiko opened it and yelled for Annie she came running, mostly dressed, followed by Aya. Annie was putting on her boots.

"He's in the barn....take you phone. Aya, love, you're staying here and that's not a request. Please sit." Aya glared at Taiiko but did it, as Annie followed Fenrir to the barn. The wolves were dragging the four men inside as she got there and slide up to me. Annie pushed to Fenrir asking what happened.

"He missed one in a tree with a bow because of the wind but that man will never use a bow again."

"Are they dead?"

"No, unconscious. He could have killed them easily but just hit them, but they might be injured because bears are powerful." Annie called our vet and worked on the man that Fenrir dealt with. She stopped the bleeding, the cold helped, cleaned the wound, poured hyrdogen peroxide on it and bandaged it as the truck pulled up. They looked at each other. There were only two arrows but the heads were broad, and jagged. I was unconscious but she gave me a local anyway and made incisions so the arrow could come out easier. She packed the wounds and shave around them, poured Betadine on them and stitched them closed as Annie helped her. I shifted as Drakon and the pups were going crazy and Annie was going through the men's pockets. Dead bodies were always easier but I hadn't seen a until I got shot from behind. Fenrir said they would keep patrolling.

"Thank you, Fenrir. You are a good friend. I've called the Sheriff so let them through." He nodded as I opened my eyes and grunted.


"It's not serious but it's going to hurt for awhile. I nodded. She gave some pills for sleep. I could deal with pain.

"Thank you again, we need to put you on retainer." She laughed.

"It's probably be cheaper." She hugged Annie as I let the pups out.

"What are you doing, Daniel?"

"They're upset and concerned." They all cuddled around me with Drakon in the middle as we petted them and told them it was O They went out to pee and Annie gave each of them a biscuit as they went back into their stall and went back to sleep as the Sheriff pulled up and walked into the barn.

"The ambulances are on the way. What happened? I told him, mostly, and explained about the man that lost his hand. The deputies went back and found it, and the bow and arrow. The packed it in snow and gave it to EMS as they drove off. Annie had taken photo's of their ID's and handed them to the Sheriff, or equivalent. "We'll look into these men but they were on your land, at two am, during a blizzard. I can't see how they were up to anything else other than no good. I'm glad you're OK, Daniel. It's a good thing you have an attentive vet." We all laughed as they drove away. Fenrir walked up and bumped me.

"Thank you, brother." He licked my hand and Annie's, went outside and ran to the front as Annie helped me inside. Aya stared at me and hugged me before I sat down. Klara put a glass of milk in front of me, which I downed and then pulled out the IV. They all stared at me as Taiiko grabbed the first aid kit. I told them about the dream, and then pushing, and how odd the men seemed and then getting hit with the arrows. Thankfully Anna didn't wake up. I got up and said I tired.

"Please don't leave. I need to sleep." They all nodded. "Thank you." They helped me upstairs and into my sweats and t-shirt and said we'd have to wash the sheets as I nodded and we all laughed. I took one of the pills and climbed onto the bed as they pulled the covers over and kissed me. Aya sat next next to me.

"If this is related to me Daniel, I'm so sorry." I smiled and stuck my tongue as I went into a dreamless sleep.

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