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take me part 539...edited  

dadigan 60M  
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12/26/2021 5:32 pm
take me part 539...edited

"What did you think? " Sara smiled as she finished her cup while Annie slid her cup to her. We all laughed. Annie said,

"I don't dislike it but Sara obviously likes it more than me, thank you for sharing that with us. Have you tried fermented shark?" Sara almost spit out her sip and then laughed with Annie and

"It's an inside joke, butter tea is way better than fermented shar"

"I would imagine it would be but do they eat this here?" I nodded.

"Yes, for much the same reason. Our people have eaten it for millennia just as your people have drunk this tea. We are all different, yet all the same." He smiled and nodded. "How are you and your students? We have had multiple groups of people try and attack us for various reasons. Daniel is highly protective, which had been good. I'm curious why he didn't realize that you were friends, Tash" She cut straight to the point but in a very polite way. Tashi smiled and looked at me.

"You have chosen wisely Dru As to your questions Anryd. We will be fine by tomorrow. We are able to heal ourselves and no bones were broken. It still hurt and rendered us unconscious for a time but we can use that to aid ourselves, which we did. Thank you for asking, and for your kindness by letting us stay in your home. It will make things easier. As to why Dru...Danael... didn't realize who we were it because he didn't know. Danael's memories go back only since he can remember during this life, with flashes of previous ones. Danael never knew me, Druk knew me and he hasn't been the dragon for very long. The Dragon has not come back often in recent times. We weren't surprised, but we were taken off guard when we realized. It's a long story but one that I will gladly share with you. Our astrologers, and mystics, are still trying to understand why Druk decided to appear now. As far as your question in the police station, we know about you because you are all bonded with Danael, with Dru Annie and Sara were almost spellbound. I trying to keep my head from exploding because so many images were flooding in.

Halle brought our meal. We all got the same thing on her recommendation which Farikal - lamb and cabbage stew with boiled potato's and also rye bread with butter. Halle made it like a traditional stew so it thicker but this what people had eaten for generations in Norway. We all thanked her as Tashi bowed his head and took my hand. I already reaching for Annie's without thinking as my past flooding into my present. Blessing, prayer, offering, silence, holding hands, singing.... they were all the same thing. He took a bite and immediately smiled.

"This is so much better than the sandwiches we were given in jail." We laughed, and nodded, as we ate. Tashi excused himself and walked to his students and came bac "They are most pleased. We have lamb, and chicken dishes, but they are more heavily spiced. This is sublime. Annie nodded, and smiled. I could see her suspicions melting away.

"Where were we...ah yes , how we know about your family, and Aya's. We'll leave Aya for another time but you didn't just bond with Danael, you bonded with Druk, and even though they are the same being they were separate until Danael became the Dragon. The reason we stopped you earlier because he beginning to integrate the two. He still is." I nodded as I ate in silence and tried not to go insane. Annie and Sara ate like they were watching the best movie ever...totally oblivious to the food.

"Our calendar's are vastly different so trying to determine dates is pointless but Druk predates the time that Danael went to find a stone in the Himalaya's and met a princess. Her name Jungney. She Tibetan but Tibet, I'm using the term you know, a vast place then and rivaled China but the Mongol's didn't care about violence and took what they wanted. Those at the lower elevations were often raided, which not uncommon anywhere during those times, and sadly still isn't. Jungney taken in a raiding party. The Khan took a fancy to her and made her a concubine. It's a long story but it not an accident that your Danael met her in the northern regions of what Tibet long ago."

"Sara stopped eating. Druk the father of her baby?" Annie nodded.

"No, Druk high in the mountains at that time training as the dragon's successor. Druk never met Jungney, but around the time that we were going to begin our training at the monastery, our lives are longer, Druk, and who you would call a noble woman now, even though the terms have vastly different meanings, fell in love and the inevitable happened, as you know all to well." They both chuckled and looked at me. I don't know her name, but...."

"Her name Gawa, it means joy. I can see it, and feel it. It wonderful, and brutal. Her family found out and took her away and I never saw again, but her friend told me later that she healthy and had a . We had a . I hadn't taken my vows yet so I still able to get into the monastery and learn, train, but...." I silent as I started to eat again, some things shouldn't be relived.

"So..... Druk Jungney's great----grandfather?" Tashi swallowed and nodded. "Then who the father, Tashi?"

"No one knows, at least I don't. We think it someone where she taken. The Khan wouldn't have wanted her if she wasn't beautiful, but no one knows. Whoever it was must have her loved, and had some status, because he was able to get out, and back to the mountains."

"But you said Daniel knew her when he was for a stone for Karin...how is that possible, Tashi? How can both Druk, and Daniel know the same women when neither had met her at that time." Annie stared at me, and then at Tashi, who smiled. She put her her spoon down as Halle brought us more hot water and tea.

"Halle, this superb. Thank you, and thank you for letting us make the butter tea. It made us feel like we were home."

"Before you go can you write down the traditional recipe for it. I like collecting them and offering them here." He nodded as Annie staring a hole in me. I didn't realize it at the time but when my memories started unlocking, our powers and abilities started to unlock as well....everyone's.

"You started our lines. Gawa our beginning, blending, and shifting, through eons. You started all of this and it taken away from you, like your parents were taken, and like your brother's left you. It's why you risk so much to protect us, and keep us safe." Sara smiled as she ate. "You were the dragon who had the first rider, that's why you met her as the dragon, and yourself on that mountain. That's why Gaia told you that you had to keep her safe, and get her to the Norsemen, that's why you lost one of your lives doing that, because if you didn't succeed then all of this would be different. Druk wasn't ready to help her then." She looked at Tash

"That is all true Annie. Druk completing his training, as They were different, but similar. A Dragon's magic is harder to learn, even harder to master, and few can move through it without succumbing to it's power. A dragon needs a rider and Jungney met a dragon, it just wasn't the one she would learn to fly with. Dreka taught Druk and Gaia taught Gawa."

"What does Druk mean in Tibetan?" Annie stared at him and touched her belly, our .

"Same as Dreka in old Norse, Dragon."

Annie grabbed her coat, and walked outside and into the snow as I watched her leave, again.

"She'll be fine. It's a lot to take in. Keep eating because it's too good for it to get cold. We'll be bac"

cjg045 69M  
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12/26/2021 7:40 pm

Daniel your past is coming to you now, but how was the man in the tree related to all of this? I guess if I read this a few more times it will make more sense. Thanks , Daniel. I hope you had a great Christmas, JOE

OlderPete58 64M  
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12/27/2021 1:28 am

That past will be interesting and somehow complicated I feel.

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