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take me part 540...edited.  

dadigan 60M  
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12/26/2021 8:33 pm
take me part 540...edited.

Annie felt like she losing her mind, because she in a certain sense. Sara walked up and hugged her, and squeezed. "It will get easier, sweets, soon." Annie stared at her and burst into tears but had no idea why. They walked in the snow, in silence as Tashi, his students, and I ate pie and another cup of tea.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you, brother." He smiled.

'We fared much better than the archer, and it good training. Your skill has either increased, or ours as decreased. I do know that I wasn't expecting a bear." We laughed as Annie and Sara walked in, sat down, and started eating pie. Tashi got up to go sit with his students to give us privacy. Annie said with a full mouth,

"Sit." He sat as she finished her pie. I was amazed because she ate like I did, in gulps. She poured some tea and held the pot toward Tash He nodded as Annie wiped her mouth. Sara and I looked at each other. Your people...clan, order, tribe..."


"Thank you Tashi, your order knows things that we don't, through various means, is that correct." He nodded. "And you've been doing this since before time?" He nodded again. "And you understand reincarnation?"

"Some, Annie, but we can read the signs."

"Are Daniel and I the reincarnation of Druk and Gawa?" I wasn't surprised because I was wondering that myself, but Sara was because she stared at her sister, I think because she didn't expect her to Grok that."

"Yes, but it's more involved than that." She exhaled.

"Thank Gaia...I thought I was losing my mind." I told her welcome to my life. "Did your students enjoy their meal?"

"Very much, and thank you. We can continue this conversation later." Annie nodded as she handed me back my wallet and Tashi and I went to the counter, me to and him to write down the recipe for butter tea.

"You have interesting friends." I nodded. "Is Aydar gone?"

"He had to leave quickly. I didn't speak with him, because I unconscious, but the invitation is a standing one, if you it. Our life is perpetual flux, Halle." She smiled and nodded as Tashi handed her the recipe we use to make.

"We used yak butter but any butter is fine. What Danael and I made pretty close, and using a blender is way more convenient than a whis...and quicker." I nodded because memories kept flooding into my mind. We walked back to the table as Annie got up and hugged me.

"I'm scared Daniel because things are changing so quickly." I kissed her, held her tightly, and said that I knew.

"Let's go home love." She nodded and laid her head against my chest as we walked to the SUV and headed home. I pushed as we were leaving, nothing. I glad, but not at ease, because I didn't know who the archer . We were going to be eating a lot today, it seemed, because it only five when we got back and Emma would expect us to eat her dinner. Annie, Sara, and I looked each other, smiled and exhaled as Taiiko and Chloe came out and we introduced everyone.

"Where are Aya and the ?" Chloe hugged me

"Emily is at Ama's house helping Annika with math, or something, and Jake is in the barn helping Jakob and Aya is on the phone with either Gerel, or Aydar. I smiled as I looked at everyone.

"Tashi, you can introduce me to your students later but I need leave and check on some things. I shouldn't be that long but the girls will make sure you are comfortable and we can all talk over another dinner because I'm not going to refuse Emma." He nodded as I walked into the barn to say hi to Jake but they weren't there. I walked around to the side, shifted into the dragon, and flew to check on the deer. They were moving around, which good sign but the hay gone. I flew farther north and there were still frozen carcasses, so that would buy some time, but not enough. I flew back, invisible and high so I didn't scare them and started to cull the old and very sick out of both herds...the elk and the reindeer. I dropped some to the North to try and keep the predators there, and I dropped some for the wolves. I flew home and pushed to Annie to find Jakob and get round bales ready.

I landed as she climbed on, Taiiko and Chloe were speaking with Tash We took two bales to each herd and Annie did what she had done before.... gathered the twine and spread the hay. She climbed on and I pushed to her to hold on. She did as I felt her merge on top of me and press her knees hard into my side, and we flew. It dark when we landed. The barn closed, and only Ama's porch light on as we walked into the kitchen. The crew
eating together, with Jake and Emily. Annie hugged me and started to cry. Both Jake and Emily asked why she crying.

"She's happy, and proud." You lunkheads enjoy your meal. Is there pie?" They all nodded, smiling. "Good." I kissed Annie and told I going to shower and change. She nodded as I went back to our home so I could change. I threw my clothes in the wash, put my boots on, and grabbed my cloak as I walked back to the house. I pushed but there was nothing I could feel. Fenrir walked up.

"Those are the men you stopped." I nodded. "They are friends now?"

"They were always friends but I didn't realize it because my past is just starting to come back to me. I couldn't understand why they were walking down the driveway. It started to unravel when we met them."

"And the one in the tree, the one that tried to kill you? They aren't connected?" I stared at him and everything went white as I fell into the snow.

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