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take me part 541...edited.  

dadigan 60M  
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12/26/2021 11:01 pm
take me part 541...edited.

Fenrir nudged me until I came ....thank god for wool. "Don't leave brother." He nodded as I walked into the house. I took off my cape and shook off the snow as Emily and Anika ran up to me as I pushing.... nothing. wasn't right. I squeezed both of them into me, kissed their heads, and tickled their ribs, as they both screamed. One of them was eighteen, and the other twelve, both my adopted daughters, and both reacting the way. I suppose getting tickled does that. I let them go and they both pounced on me, and bit my shoulders.

"That wasn't funny, Da'." The work crew was waving and leaving as Jake walked up and hugged me.

"It was kinda funny. I want you guys stay here. I need talk with Klara and Eba...OK?" They nodded as i walked up Emma, Klara, and Eba.

"I need you two take the home, now, and please don't ask questions. The wolves are out but they won't hurt you. Bolt the doors, I don't think is a threat anyone other than me but don't let anyone in besides us. Emma, please take what you need and go upstairs. I'll deal with the dishes, and the kitchen." She stared at me, nodded, made a plate, grabbed some wine, and a glass, and went up the back stairs as I made a plate, calmed myself, and walked into the dining room.

" he is." Everyone was happy and having a good as I smiled and sat down.

"You wouldn't wanted me sitting here if I didn't shower." I was so confused because I remembered Tashi. I was remembering all of it, well, most of it. I got up and added wood the fire. I could feel Tashi searching me as I walked back the table, smiling, and started eat.

"Emma made you eat too?" I nodded

"I wasn't about to say no to her meatloaf, because she kinda scares me." The girls all burst out laughing and nodded. I could still feel Tashi searching but I had no opening for him so he joined in the merriment. made no sense ruin a wonderful meal, even though my heart was breaking. Tashi's students were getting up excuse themselves.

"No, please stay." They looked at Tashi, and I knew they were. They wanted go upstairs so they could feed him power unseen. 'd been a long time since I used magic. They went leave...

'I said stay!" They sat back down as everyone stared at me. I could feel the girls pushing into me as I looked at Tashi, and smiled. Sorry, 's been a long few days, brother." He smiled and nodded. "As Annie and I were flying after feeding the deer, I started thinking, because was quiet, and I was wondering why you would walk down my driveway, unannounced, after I had the dream I had that night. never made sense me and then I saw you and my past came flooding back me." Tashi was unsure what was going on but smiled and nodded. I looked at his 'students' and I knew Sara already had understood, and the others were waiting to see what happened. We were getting better at linking with each other, even Aya.

"Here's the thing Tashi, when I apologized for hurting you said that, "you fared better than the archer," or something like that," I could feel him pulling power, and building magic... "and then you said that you didn't expect me being a bear. I'm curious about that old friend. How could you know that when both the archer, and the bear, were behind you?" His 'students' were casting spells that were ineffective at best. Sara walked up to them, touched their foreheads, and they collapsed, as she glared at Tashi. Annie growled and moved next to me.

"Why, Tashi?" Silence. I could still feel him building something.

"You no idea what you are doing Druk. You got her pregnant in the beginning, and then you came back save her line, but wasn't the you that that I knew because Druk was high in the mountains. He was always more diligent than me. We still don't know how you were able do ."

"You were helping the Mongols?"

"I was trying find out was going be in power." I stared at him as my eyes filled with tears and Annie touched me.

"You are unlocking things that shouldn't be touched, Druk...." He tried to cast some spell and I sent it back to him. He froze, staring at me as Annie and I walked up.

"Tashi, you are breaking my heart." I released him from his magic as he gasped.

"How did you do that?"

"Tell me about the archer, Tashi" He stared at me. "Now."

" We didn't expect you as a bear. I suspect he was trying to keep us safe after you knocked us unconscious. We also didn't expect you would align yourselves with wolves." I shook my head because this wasn't the person I knew, but it had been a long time. "It's easy for you Druk. You get to come and go while the rest of us endure this unending wheel. "I lowered my head because he had no clue when Annie walked up him and grabbed his throat.

"You no idea because you are so lost in your own envy, and greed." She squeezed. " are you working for?" We'll find out. If you don't tell us I'll let go, but then your death will be...unpleasant. ?" She let go.

"Lashin, but is so much more than that. You no hint of what you are fighting. Do you think we are acting alone? You're fools." I walked up and put my hand on Annie's shoulder as she walked away.

"Brother, you are going align with women, after all of your lives?" I lowered my head and stuck my hand just below his ribs, at his solar plexus, and pulled his soul out as his body dropped. I wrapped it in energy and sent it on it's way home. Tashi was my friend, my brother, at one time. I exhaled and shook my head as Sara did the with novices, and looked at me. I had no idea what was happening. Annie walked outside and called Fenrir as I lifted my Tashi and walked outside as the girls carried the other two out. I was still holding Tashi as I looked at Fenrir and could see sadness in his eyes for the first time.

"Can you deal with them, brother?" He nodded in silence. "Thank you. I walked into the field and put Tashi's body down as I shifted into the dragon and roared in agony. I grabbed him as gently as I could and flew north, where no one lived and landed. I looked at him as the dragon and incinerated my friend's body turning him to ash. I roared, and flew away. I landed close to my cave, but by the ocean. I looked North and tears were streaming down my face as a fox walked up and sat with me. She didn't say a word. I wiped my eyes, and nose, scratched her ears, shifted, and flew back to Norway.

I landed, and shifted, as Fenrir walked up and bumped me. I scratched his ears too as he howled and trotted away. are some things that can be dealt with alone. They can't be fixed with hugs, and well wishes, or kind words...the hole is too deep. Fenrir understood, and so did Sara because she was waiting for me on the porch, wrapped in wool. She didn't say a word, took my hand and lead me to the main house and into Aya's room. She undressed me, and herself, and she washed me, and dried me. We got into bed, naked, and I curled into her and cried until I fell asleep. I woke alone, but I had clothes, which was a plus. was still grey. I just hoped I hadn't lost a day.

OlderPete58 64M  
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12/27/2021 1:45 am

So Daniel has opened to his true power and friends from the past are not what seem there is no surprise there people want power.

Daniel is now using magic to and realising he has the ability to become even more powerful as a wizard there is still a lot to find out and who is Lashin.

There will be more trouble but they are now more powerful and and ready and Sara knows much more.

Another great read thank you.

Claw51478 75M
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12/27/2021 5:12 am

Ole Pete has it right.

The Epic Saga is beginning to take another Great Turn, into the past and I think, will also be into the Future.

Those after Daniel, I think, are against women, period. Especially those Daniel has chosen, or they have chosen Daniel. These powerful men do not like or want such an alliance of Daniel and these particular women from mating and the extreme power they will have. ( they are afraid of the Male Domination being destroyed and the emergence of women coming into Power. )

slow2cum4u2 78M  
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12/27/2021 1:29 pm

I love the twists and turns that this story has taken!
I am looking forward to future developments.

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