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take me part 542...edited.  

dadigan 60M  
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12/27/2021 2:03 pm
take me part 542...edited.

I got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast but I wasn't looking forward . What happened with Tashi was a gut punch that blindsided me. I was going go back the monastery and deal with them, deal with Tashi's teacher, and the head of that order, Lashin, but I wasn't strong enough deal with all of them yet. The problem I had was one of alliances. I hadn't been for a very long time, and even when I was my training was solitary and isolated, unlike Tashi's. I had few teachers, Dreka. Dragons usually live very solitary lives which was my current life was so odd. They would know Tashi was dead and they would know I killed him and they wouldn't care that it was painless, so much for this stopping. It seems that meeting Aya escalated things but they would need be dealt with. Chloe was not going be pleased when I asked her stay here and not go the past with us. I didn't want but I had . Life was getting complicated again, as if ever ended. I walked into the kitchen and kissed my family, and Emma, and got coffee.

"What do you want for breakfast, love?"

"I'm not hungry Emma, coffee will be fine. Thank you." I put on my jacket and walked outside to the hay barn. Annie and Chloe were getting up to come after me when Sara told them to let me be.

"We can't help him. It would be like him having to kill Deats to keep us safe, that can't be fixed endured." They nodded as I walked by the pups, were playing with the two wolves, and sat on the chopping block finish my coffee. I took my jacket off and spent the next three hours chopping and stacking wood. was close lunch time when the girls walked out and handed me a glass of milk as I put the ax in the block.

"You need eat something, Daniel." I nodded and told Annie I knew, and said thanks for the milk as I hugged her. I looked at Chloe. .

"I'd like you stay here Chloe. I'm sorry but if anyone else does show up, which I doubt, you can help Annie and Taiiko. You similar powers as Sara. I know you wanted go but I can make another bed and we can go back another with the ." She kissed me and said she understood. I looked at Aya.

"Did Sara speak with you about coming back with us, Aya?" She looked at me and nodded and then walked up, hugged me, and bit my shoulder.

"We do what is in the best interest of our family, and people." I nodded and hugged her. Sara smiled as she walked up and hugged me.

"Let's a nice lunch, Emma is worried, as are the . The crew is already washing up and you don't smell, so that's a plus. I smiled and kissed her as Melissa walked up and hugged me too.

"I've missed you." I nodded. I was a lucky man and I'd be damned if I would let anyone hurt these women, or any of my family. We walked in smiling. Sulking in my pain would do no good for anyone. The girls walked into the kitchen as I washed up in the mudroom and walked into the kitchen as the work crew looked at me.

"Jesus Christ, how many meals do you people need?" They laughed as the girls brought chairs in from the dining room and we got soup and bread. Emma kissed my cheek and fed her helpers as we all sat down, scrunched together, but happy as family can be.

Claw51478 75M
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12/27/2021 3:05 pm

Good read, now he has to deal with the Tibetan Monks and their leader. Wonder how he will do this and the response from the Monks.

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