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take me part 544...edited.  

dadigan 60M  
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12/27/2021 8:29 pm
take me part 544...edited.

I walked out of the barn and looked to the East. Fuck. I walked to the house and pushed for Fenrir and the girls. I walked into the kitchen as the girls walked up. "Pack...all of you. Now. The , and Klara. They are looking for us because you are the threat. They will leave the rest alone. They aren't like the others, at least not yet. They are trying to maintain the past. I need more silver Annie." Annika ran in with Jake and Emily. "Anna, I need you to help your brother and sister, and you need to be quick about it." They stared at me concerned. I need you get your mom, and pack warm clothes that you can fit in what you can carry in a back pack....think underwear and socks. Hurry, love." She nodded.

"Their intent isn't me, it's our . Aya having twins set something in motion. I need you to get ready. It's not urgent but they are coming because they know Tashi failed. I need to deal with that. Pack a bag but minimal. I'll figure something out but I need to go." I called the mist and walked onto Gotland, and didn't fall. I smiled as Elisabeth plowed into me and we went rolling three times. She ended up sitting on top of me.

"How do you do that?"

"I feel you coming because I miss you."

"Would you please get up?' She nodded and kissed me. She grabbed my hand as we walked backed to town. "I hear that you are excellent at catching fish." Elisabeth smiled, and nodded as she blushed. "Don't blush, love, your skills will save this community during hard times, and probably the entire island." She hugged me. I need to talk with Kana and Airi." She smiled and ran. She was a dragon, but she was a also a sixteen year old girl on an isolated island. Kana and Airi walked out smiling and stopped. I walked up.

"What?" Elisabeth listened but didn't understand.

"Airi, I need you to stay here and help Elisabeth....teach her about boys." She smiled. I looked at Kana. "I need you now. Pack you things." She nodded. I poured some milk and finished as Kana walked out with a bag over her back. We hugged Airi and Elisabeth when I heard Karin calling. Shit. I'll be back as I ran to the shore.

"Hi Karin, I have a lot going on at the moment, sweets. Can this wait?"

"I found a cave with things that you would like. It's not underwater and there are those things with pages and other pretty things. The water is rising in that cave,more than it should." I bent down and kissed her as Elisabeth knocked me into the water.

"You like her more than me?" Jesus Christ.

"Elisabeth, you are sixteen. I am fine kissing you, especially if you'll stop knocking me in the water. Fuck." I climbed out as Airi and Kana were laughing and taking her back to town. Karin looked me.

"You love her." I nodded.

"It depends on the definition of love."

"You care about her."

"I do. It's not easy being a dragon. I can't imagine what it's like for a sixteen year old girl." She stared at me.

"Can I teach her about the ocean...please? I know them better than anyone which is how I found the cave with those things with bound papers, and the pretty images. I can help her learn about the ocean better than you can." I was silent because I was about to make a bargain with a Siren, and I had a few other things going on.

"What do you want?" She clapped.

"For the things in the cave, I want four special stones from the area you live, and you can have everything. For Elisabeth, I want you to use your magic and let me walk on land for a day and meet my other sisters. I will teach the young dragon in the ocean, you teach her on land." I extended my hand as she jumped in and out of the water. "You're the best, mister."

"Does the cave have access from land?" She shook her head. "Paper and water don't mix well love, but let me think. I'll also have to figure out about you walking on land, but I will. I promise. Please teach Elisabeth." She smiled, jumped up, and kissed me.

"I will. If you have a bag that doesn't take in water then my friends, and I, can get it to the surface in under a minute, if we work together. We are powerful when we do and my closest friends loved those stone flowers you gave us. They would help me, but they would want something." I nodded, and smiled.

"I'll figure something out Karin, but help Elisabeth, please." She nodded and slipped back into the sea as Kana walked out.

"I said goodbye to Airi. She's with Elisabeth." I twisted my hand and the mist appeared. She looked at me and smiled. This was getting easier. I rolled four times through the middle of the of the barn as Kana walked out. "Shit!" I looked up and Sara and Taiiko were looking at me and shaking their heads.

"Can we talk?" I nodded. "Hi, Love. Welcome home, how are ....."

"I'm fine, thanks." I got up as Drakon and the horde walked past me. "Seriously?" Jakob let them in their stall, and laughed.

"You, and the wolves, created a monster." We both laughed because he was right.

"The wolves are going to be around more. We are part of their pack and they won't hurt any of us. Limited your time in town. People are looking for us and I'm taking the girls away. They have no reason to hurt anyone else, but bring Lacie here just in case." He nodded. I walked out as I saw darkness moving to us from the East. I looked at Sara because Taiiko took Kana and was preparing her. She smiled and shrugged.

"Are they ready?" Sara nodded. "I don't know enough about the dragon yet. Do you know how long it'll be until come to look for us?'

"Twenty four hours, maybe longer. They are hesitant of you, as they should be, but they are determined."

"Get them all ready, and my bags. I'll be back, I promise." I pulled on Gaia and opened the mist as I walked back in time.

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