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take me part 549...edited (I'm so sick of this site.)  

dadigan 60M  
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1/2/2022 6:00 pm
take me part 549...edited (I'm so sick of this site.)

I was tired but I also felt bad about Sara, even though I had to do what I did. The threat wasn't over and I probably should have kept Lashin alive longer to question him, but he would have lied. He was no longer the man I knew. I needed to meet with Dreka. Lashin desecrated a sacred place but I only destroyed his personal chamber. I couldn't trust any of them, sadly. I hoped that seeing men frozen solid would have the same impact that it did in St. Petersburg. There were still too many unknowns but I was hoping everyone here would bond, as they seemed to be doing, and be willing to stay because it was safe, at least safer, while I figured out what our threats were.

I wasn't going to waste the time here, especially since I was persona non grata and Hammish and I had too much to do, and I had even more thoughts for things, so it was probably best that most everyone would be mad at me tomorrow. I needed to go back and check on Norway, and also Gotland. I figured Sara and I could split that and maybe she'd stop being mad at me sooner rather than later. I fell asleep thinking about sea salt, pine tar, trees, and barrels, before I fell into a deep sleep. I wasn't sure how long I was asleep before i was back in my cave on Iceland and opened my eyes to a foxed staring at, unpleased.

"Hello Gaia." She was silent...great. "Does my body rest during these excursions?" She got and walked out. Alrighty then, this was going be fun.

"Your body is healing, Danael, I always see to that so you needn't concern yourself. Would you mind telling me what you are doing because I am growing concerned with both you and Sara, the others are progressing as they should, but not you two, and I am unsure why that is, and what your intentions are. You power is growing faster than it should, faster than Marnine's...and hers grew too fast. I wanted to hear from you."

We walked toward the ocean, well, I lumbered but I was lost in the smells, and the wind, and just being here because it was my true home. Gaia walked with me in silence, observing my love of this place, a love that was ancient, yet new. "I'm not sure what to tell you Gaia. Sara and I, are Sara and I, we are just trying to keep our families safe."

"Yet you destroyed monks that have been on that spot, protected, for millennia." I growled as I turned and stared at her. She took two steps back.

"Dreka taught me there, Gaia, and you know that. NEVER call my love for that place into question again. I knew Lashin, he taught Tashi. Something infected them, just like something infected Marnine. This is not my problem Gaia.... I just fixed it for the time being, and I will keep doing the same if anyone comes after my families, or the clans. Period." I turned and headed to the ocean as she followed.

"Fair enough, Dragon, but you ended that Monastery because you killed all of them."

"They had a dark witch. They were using dark magic. Yes, I ended all of them, as it should be...YES?"


"I didn't destroy the Monastery..."

"Their knowledge is lost to us..."

"Aisha and I took the scrolls, and manuscripts, along with all the jewelry and gems. I melted the gold but it's still there. We'll keep the rest safe on the island until you can find other monks. It's not the only Monastery, Gaia, nor is Lashin the only teacher. What is time to monks who don't die, mostly?" I kept smelling as I walked.

"Why did you kill him so quickly?" I stopped and lied down as Gaia curled in front of . I never knew if she was truly concerned, or if she was testing . I figured it was the latter.

"You can't bargain with the dark Gaia, you should know that better than anyone. It didn't work when I tried to stop it, and it didn't work when Marnine embraced it and the people suffered. Our people won't suffer like that again, and I don't care who I have to fight." I got up and walked along the shore smelling the sand, and the water, and the kelp. Gaia walked next to me in silence until I at was at Marnine's. Jesus Christ, I was never getting any sleep. I was no longer the bear, but I smelled so I walked to the energy falls, stripped and stepped in it so I could cleanse myself of what I did. Hopefully, it would take the smell of the bear with it. I turned and Marnine was smiling at me, wrapped in a shawl.

"This is an unexpected, but most welcome, gift. I haven't seen you naked in eons, Druk" Shit. I walked out of the falls, kissed her, and started putting my clothes on as Roan and Ingrid walked up, smiling and looking. Holy crap. "You've been a naughty Dragon, again, but it was the right thing to do. They had turned, like I did." I nodded. "Come inside, love, and spend time with us, I am making yeasty things now and we can catch up.... that Sara is a handful." I smiled and nodded as we walked back to the, now house, they had outgrown the cottage. No one could say that Gaia wasn't generous with her . Marnine and Roan took my hands and Ingrid took Roan's as we walked back.

Roan and Ingrid sat me in front of the fire and got me milk as they bombarded me with questions about Annie, and everything. I felt that it was innocent and they truly missed everyone, which if that was the case, I would be forever thankful to Gaia for. I told them we were fine but that I needed to know about them so I could share it with everyone when I saw them. They both took turns but went a mile a minute telling me about what was going on. Ingrid showed me how much better her arm was, and they both showed me their scars, and how they were disappearing, and how much better they could walk. They had no hatred toward me but I still felt the weight of what I had done. It was obvious that they were in love, truly in love, and no longer just as a way to get power. Marnine called us to the kitchen. We walked in as Ingrid said...

"Gaia isn't sure if she can fix things so I can I have a baby, but Roan can have one. There has to be a price to be paid, and we walked in for cinnamon rolls, breads, tea, and milk, which I smelled.

"You have a goat?" I had no idea how long we spent talking, and laughing. I liked all of them in spite of my reservations. I needed to check with Bethany about the progress of the buildings, and also with Gaia about how she felt they were progressing. I drank the rest of my milk, and opened my eyes in darkness in the hay loft. There was the faintest grey to the East. I climbed down, wrapped the blankets around me, and trodged through mud to Irina's to check on the barn, and the wood.

cjg045 69M  
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1/3/2022 8:30 pm

Here I am again Daniel, Reading & rereading so I don't miss any details. The womenfolk are an omnipresent force in these stories. I'm wrapping my head around all of this as i read each chapter. I must close now as I'm to get up at 5am for work. Tomorrow is another day that I will try to read again & again. Stay well my friend, JOE

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