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take me part 551... These are always edited, until they get here.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/3/2022 7:00 pm
take me part 551... These are always edited, until they get here.

I walked the land smelling and orienting myself . Wolf and part of his pack walked up. 's amazing how sensitive animals are everything around them. They all head butted me and yipped, except Wolf, counting coup I guessed. I was glad they were my friends as all of them ran off except Wolf and we walked. I hadn't explored this land and even though I had seen as the dragon, but I was focused on food. I was curious and wanted see the fencing because was no sense getting animals if they screwed up the fencing.

" been other men here, looking in the trees. We thought they were hunting but they came back and were looking at the fence, and the house. These weren't good men Danael. We haven't seen them since so is good that you are here."

"How long?"


"Please show me where they entered, went, and left, Wolf." I followed him into the woods north of the pastures that had been fenced. led dense woods which were close Hammish and then East. 's why I was doing what I was doing on this land.

"They came in here and walked East and then behind the house and then around other big field you fenced and left the South, a wagon was waiting with horses. We left them alone because we were curious and all they were doing was looking. We should killed them."

"No, wolf, you did the right thing, thank you, 's better know what we are dealing with and I don't want your pack become a target of human anger. Did you smell anything odd?"

"They weren't from here. The people here smell the but these men didn't. They almost smelled like some of the women in town after they bathe." I stared at him. "Men here don't use whatever is because the men here smell like water and what you use clean yourselves. These men smelled different."

"What were they wearing?"

"What your big friend wears, nicer. They were not nice men and if they come back we should kill them."

"I won't argue that brother, especially since they were looking at the house. Please show me where they went." , never ends either in the present, or the past. I followed wolf through the woods behind the house and stopped as I looked East, opposite the house. "How far back do the trees go?"

"Days, Danael., longer. 's why we settled here." . We kept walking until he led us out at the end of the property I had claimed. They were looking at for the reason I built the fence, except they were planning on taking . I needed talk with Hammish and the girls because some of us weren't leaving, which probably meant none of us were. This was going be a total cluster but I'd be damned if I would let someone come in and take what was ours. I wished they had wire so I could fence all of , including the trees. This was the last thing I needed. The sun was coming up.

"Thank you brother, you were right be wary. I think those men plan on trying take this land." He growled. "Agreed, but because of you we know about and can plan for them. Thank you. I need get back face my women." He yipped and ran back into the woods as I walked down the road to the barn. I went to the stream and stripped so I could bathe. was going be cold but at least the air temperature was above freezing. I needed figure out a tub but I was already thinking about that when I felt something and turned around. Malinka and Sofi were smiling at me as they were undressing. They were definitely pregnant. They pushed me down, which I didn't resist, and started sucking, and licking me, get me hard. Sofi sat on my cock and Malinka sat on my face, which was surprising because she was the oldest. I came in Sofi as Malinka squirted all over me and grunted. They kissed each other and ground themselves onto me as they laughed.

"We've missed you but we new beds, and clothes, and now family." They hugged me as we brushed each other off and got dressed. "You did our chores." I nodded. They kissed me, took my hands, and walked me back to the house speaking a mile a minute about everything. I was in so much trouble.

OlderPete58 64M  
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1/3/2022 9:15 pm

He has more trouble to sort and more bad people who have money and power to as they are dressed, scented and have men to do thier bidding.

Who are they Daniel needs to know.

A great read the saga goes on.

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