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take me part 552...edited.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/3/2022 9:56 pm
take me part 552...edited.

Malinka and Sofi walked me to the house. I wanted to chop wood but they wouldn't let me. I was so going to get hurt. We took off our boots and walked inside as everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us. I turned to leave as Jake and Emily pounced on me because they had missed me. All this crap was interfering with what was most important to me, and now I had to deal with this new thing here. !!! "Da'!" They hugged and squeezed me. "Da', we are in the past. These women are our family?" I nodded even though I wasn't sure about Emily, but I was giving up trying to keep all this straight. I had enough to do to keep they balls in the air, and now I had balls in the past. They were making breakfast, and bonding which made me smile and reminded me of family reunions when I was young and my family met family at a lake house in Canada, and we spent a week with people we didn't know...until we left. The girls were all looking at me, which was either bad or good, as Aya walked up. This wasn't going to be go good. She hugged me, and bit my neck as hard as Sara but for a different reasons.

"I need to go home and be Gerel, Danael. I know you are keeping me safe, keeping us safe, but I need her with me." I was getting ready to speak when Annie and Sara walked up.

"Love, we will get you home, but let's have breakfast and hear what Daniel has to say. Aydar is with her, and no it's not ideal but they tried to kill me, us, so they will try and kill you too. The only reason I am alive is because of my family. We have to do this right Aya because we are merging three of the oldest clans. Clans that are so old that they lead to the beginning of us. I know, we know, how you feel, none of us wanted to be here, but so far it's pretty amazing. This is our line, Aya. We will talk with Daniel after breakfast and figure things out, and if you still want to go then one, or two, of us will go with you, sweets." Aya hugged us. Everyone was here and they so happy it made me smile. I grabbed Jake and told him to meet me outside as I put my boots on and went around back. Breakfast takes a long time when you have to haul wood and water.

Jake came outside with Emily. "Grab the buckets and follow me." We walked to the spring as they told me how much they liked it here. I doubted that would last when they had to live like this day in and day out, but who knows. I could, and Sara and Annie, certainly Taiko. We all knew hardship in various forms, and dealt with them. I didn't want them to just yet because they had too much living to do.

"I want to show you where the well is because while you are here it'll be your job to bring water since there is no tap. This is not an easy life. You'll also need to help with the wood and help Malinka and Sofi with the barn. Oh, we have wolves here, too, but they are friends." They stared at me. "I know it's a lot to process but you are the youngest so it'll be easier for you to deal with change, at least I hope so otherwise I'm fucked with everyone else." They stared at me.

"Da', is everything OK?"

"More or less, but there is a lot going on, and trouble seems to follow me. For now, things are fine. This is going to be the site of the new home for Irina, Malinka, and Sofi because it's closer to the spring, which over there. There are others but I haven't been able to map them yet because getting this done is key, as you will find out water is heavy," and that was when I felt movement and growled out of reflex. "The spring is close, follow me." They filled buckets and headed back to the house. ", I need you to chop wood until I get back. I have something I need to do. Tell you moms I won't be long." He nodded as I kissed them and walked into the woods.

They didn't understand but they accepted it, which was more than I could ask for as I walked into the woods. I didn't need to shift because I had the senses of the bear just not the lumbering, and I liked that. I knew where he was and I could feel his fear as I walked straight toward him. He didn't realize that he was surrounded by wolves as I kept getting closer to him. He was getting ready to run. so I spoke to him in his language.

"I wouldn't run if I were you because you are surrounded by wolves." They howled. "They wont hurt you unless I ask them to and all I want is to talk, so stay where you are." He stopped, and peed himself. I couldn't blame him because multiple wolves howling that close, when you can't see them, can have that effect. I walked up and squatted down. "I'm Daniel. Why are you on my land?"

He stared at me. "What is your name?" He stared at me. "We mean you no harm but you are on our land, without an invitation, and I want to know why. What is your name?" I knew he was scared because he peed himself, but he was here, watching. He was obviously from around here so whoever was targeting this land was smart enough to use locals and that said a lot. "What's your name?"


"I'm Daniel," as I extended my hand which he shook. "Why are you on my land Elias?' He stared at me. Wolf walked out and growled as he screamed. "This is wolf and he's not alone. He won't hurt you unless I ask him to, and I don't want you to get hurt. Why are you here Elias?" I was repeating everything and speaking slowly because he was young and scared.

"They told me to watch the house and then tell them what I saw."

'When do meet them, and where?" Silence. "They aren't worth getting eaten alive by wolves, Elias."

"There is a place where people can eat in town, and get ale. He was going to meet me. I just want to go home. I don't want anymore of this. Please."

It' a little late for that, Elias, because I need to know who these people are."

"You'll know them instantly because they think they are better us, and act like it."

"All the them, Elias, you are coming with me and then showing up later so you can sit at their table, after that you are free to go and we'll give you some silver for your journey. There will likely be a , or two, as well, when this is over. It's your choice, Elias." He stared at me, and Wolf.

"I'll do whatever I have to get out this and go on my way."

"Good, now tell me everything." I thanked the wolves as Elias and I walked home, and he told me what he knew.

Claw51478 75M
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1/4/2022 7:01 am

These people must be the Duke's people. Wanting to know who Daniel is, where Daniels people are getting the silver to purchase everything..

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