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take me part 556....edited  

dadigan 60M  
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1/5/2022 12:51 pm
take me part 556....edited

I smiled, dropped wood off and went back to get more as Hammish went to be with Ilsa and Elias. I heading to the back when the mist opened and Sara walked out....WALKED out. She saw me and smiled. "How do you do that?"

"I'm not a klutz, and I'm pregnant so I am focused on not falling." I shook my head and walked around the corner as she laughed and followed. "You provide us with a great deal of joy, sweets. You have no idea how much fun it is to watch you roll out of the mist, or get blindsided Elisabeth. She's doing amazingly well with Karin as her mentor and I think that Karin likes having a younger sister to keep her company. It's actually very endearing." I smiled and nodded. "It's a good thing that you can't breathe underwater though because we'd never get you bac" I nodded

"I'm assuming Kana and Airi had good time." She laughed and said if shit faced grins any indication then they mostly did..

"You certainly watch over your pack, mister, but do you think it's wise to bring this man here since all we about him is that he spying us?" I silent.

"He trying to make some during winter because he's alone, love, I won't fault him for that. I offered him silver to just leave and told him what would happen if he betrayed us and he's already scared of the wolves. He gave it back to me because he'd rather sleep in a stall and have a family." She looked down and nodded. "He's going to stay with Ilsa and Hammish because they can use the help and I come and go." Sara walked up and hugged me because could feel how badly that weighed on me, for all of them. "Ilsa can't have but now they have a . I think it's a good thing for everyone, at least pray that t is." Sara loaded more wood in my arms and we walked to the front. I dumped it on the porch and brushed myself off.

"Is that CCR?" I nodded. "How?" I opened the door to more dancing. Malinka and Sofi were beside themselves as they danced with Jake, Emily, and now Elias. Taiiko grabbed her bag and motioned to me and Annie. She set it on the porch and unzipped and pulled the hickory stick my grandfather gave me.

"That's mine." She smiled and nodded.

"Do you anything, Daniel?" I shook my head and showed her the knives Yoshi gave me.

"I'm fine with this. I don't to kill them if i don't have to but this staff will do that if need me." Taiiko nodded and asked Annie.

"Do you have a belt with knives?" Taiiko smiled and handed her one. "I prefer being the lion but just in case. I'm pretty good with a knife." Taiiko the one who proficient with all of these weapons and got ready for battle and covered it all with a cape. Annie and I got our capes as well and I called for Elias. We said goodbye and walked to the barn with Hammish and Ilsa, who already becoming an overprotective mama bear. We got the mule hooked to the wagon, along with one saddled for Elias to ride back when he done with his part, and said goodbye as we headed to town to figure out who these men were.

OlderPete58 63M  
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1/5/2022 2:02 pm

I think he should confiscate the iPad or what ever Jake has as taking tech back in history is bad he could change the future.

Claw51478 75M
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1/5/2022 2:08 pm

Will there be a Battle with these men??? I think they were sent by the Duke to see what is going on, who this Daniel is, that is buying these buildings and land. I think it will open the door for Daniel to meet with the Duke and come out ahead of the game.

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