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take me part 557...edited  

dadigan 60M  
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1/5/2022 5:12 pm
take me part 557...edited

I walked the wagon out of the barn and Elias tied the other mule to the back and thankfully the girls kept everyone else inside. Ilsa and Hammish said goodbye to Elias. She walked up to me and stared into my eyes. She didn't need to say anything and I nodded. I hugged Hammish as Annie and Taiiko climbed onto the seat as Elias and I sat on the back and we headed to town. Elias kept turning around and looking at them.

"Why aren't we driving the mule?"

"Because they are more than capable of doing it and they're pregnant, and the seat has springs so it's less painful for them. You'll learn very quickly, Elias, that the women in this family are far stronger, and capable, than you could imagine. You need to learn that because any of them could destroy you." He stared at me as I laughed.

"Is that all you're bringing Daniel," as he pointed to my walking stick? I nodded. 'They have swords."

"I'll take my chances with a stick of hickory that has a knob on the end. I'm not interested in getting into a sword fight and if I bring one then their egos would be charged and make it more likely they would want to fight. Bringing a walking stick is less of a threat even though I could do equal damage, if not more. It's better not to be aggressive with those who acted aggressively. It takes them off guard." He nodded. "You need to think about what you are going to say because stress makes people speak more than they should, and you will be stressed. Tell them what you saw from the woods, which would be limited.... more people, men and women, dogs, be vague. You really don't have much to say given where you were, tell them the truth that we all went about chores, and then get paid and leave." He nodded as the wagon stopped and the girls turned around.

"We're close to town Elias. You should get on the mule and ride ahead of us but don't look back and wait for us to tie the wagon before you go in. Daniel will come in after us." He nodded and hopped off. "How's you bum mister?"

"I'll survive." They laughed because I knew they were both thinking about Sara's purple dildo. I created a bunch of monsters. Taiiko guided the mule into town. I got off before and walked in separately as a wanderer. Elias went in first, followed by Taiiko and Annie. It was unusual for two women to be alone but people knew there were witches around so all they did was stare as they sat down, watching Elias intently. He was already becoming part of the family. I walked in and went to the bar and ordered mead as I turned and looked at the room. Everyone was looking at me, too, because I was a stranger and looked it with my cloak and stick. I watched Elias, without watching Elias, but I listened. He did exactly what I had told him to do but these men were arrogant, and they were pricks, and they wanted more information than Elias had. I paid for the mead and walked toward an empty table close to them when one of the men slapped Elias across the face. I growled inside as I was walking past. He did it again and I stopped, setting my mead on their table as they looked at me.

"Where I come from we don't treat young people like that, sir, kindly stop." They laughed as he slapped Elias, hard and smiled as I rammed the end of my stick into his left foot, crushing the bones on the top of it, and grabbed his right hand as it was getting ready to strike again, and broke his thumb. I grabbed his hair and slammed his faced into the table, breaking his nose and maybe a few teeth, mainly because I was pissed. It all happened so quickly that no one moved. His friend was starting to get up when I slammed the knob end of my stick on his sword hand, breaking it, and pushed him back into his chair. The thing about violence, with most people, is that it is unexpected because most people aren't violent. Arrogant people, like these two men, never dream anyone will confront them, let alone hurt them. It's a hard lesson to learn but they were lucky they were alive because next time they would either be wolf food, or pig food. I reached inside the first mans' cape and took out a pouch, along with papers. I kept the papers and threw the pouch onto the table in front of of Elias.

"Take that boy and leave and choose who you associate yourself with more wisely." He stared at me. "I won't say it again. Leave." I reached into the other mans' cape and took his pouch as well and threw it on the bar. "Food and drink for as long as it lasts on these kind sirs, put the word out. I knew it was full of silver by the weight, and I could feel Taiiko and Annie ordering food when the barmaid walked up. I sat down and drank my mead as they came to terms with their pain, and the fact that they were defenseless. I was sure that Taiiko, Kana, and Airi, along with any of Yoshi's students, were close to as proficient with their non-dominate hand. They glared at me as they dealt with their pain and I read the papers.

"I don't take kindly to men beating either women or , or men that obviously can't defend themselves. Both of you are lucky, because if this happened away from others, I'd likely have killed you and left you for the wolves. Thank you for your generosity, by the way, and who is Fredericke?" They stared me with hate in their eyes and I knew at some point they would have to die but I wanted to get as much information as I could before that happened. I could feel two men walk inside and move toward me as Annie and Taiiko quietly got up and followed them as both men pulled knives and walked up behind me. Taiiko and Annie did the same, grabbed their hair, pulled backward, and stuck a knife against their carotid arteries.

"Drop the knives, empty your pockets, and put it on the table." I stared at the men in front of me, observing them, They didn't know what to make of it, which I was fine with. Annie and Taiiko hit both men, hard, in the back of the head and knocked them out. They removed their weapons, and then removed the weapons of the men seated and checked all of their pockets. Taiiko tied the men on the ground and they took everything outside before walking back in to finish the venison stew. Bowls were placed in front of us and I started to eat.

"Please, it's very good. It was your silver after all." I smiled as I ordered mead for them. "Who is Fredericke?" They started to eat, which was smart since they no longer had any silver. Annie got up and walked outside. There were two horses that didn't belong. She took the bags and covered them in the wagon. No one paide her any mind because word had spread that there was free food and drink as long as it lasted and the people in town were rushing inside. The horses were gorgeous, and well bred, and if these idiots persisted then they would be ours. She untied them, slapped their butts and sent them running down the road. I kept reading the papers as I ate.

"You can read?" I looked at him as they both started to eat with their left hands. I motioned for the barmaid and asked for more stew and bread. It was only fair considering the number of people coming in. I figured at least the lead man understood what was happening, and I doubted the silver was theirs anyway.

"Yes, and given the type of document this is, with a seal, I assume he is someone with some standing. What is your name, sir?" He stared at me as he ate.

"Pyotr." I smiled.

"I have a friend with the same name. It's a strong name." He looked at me and nodded as we ate and more stew and mead was brought. "It was your silver. Why is this Fredericke interested in my land, Pyotr.?" He looked up at me and put his spoon down. I was intrigued because he wasn't scared.

"Your land?" I nodded. "How so?"

"I am fencing it in, and as I understand it that grants me ownership that I can claim."

"It's not all fenced in." he went back to eating. "Thank you for th extra bowl because this superb." I nodded.

"How would you know, Pyotr?" He stared at me and smiled.

"You aren't dumb, or unobservant. I'm guessing you followed the boy here." I nodded. "Hmmmm."

"I have friends that watch over the property when I need to be away on business, and they told me about you walking the fence line, and watching the house. I want to make something crystal clear to you, any one of your men who steps foot on my property, again, will die. Period." He started eating as the other man glared at me. I pushed to Taiiko and Annie for them to leave, which of course they didn't want too but I said NOW. They got up and walked to the bar, left a tip, and said something to the owner who looked our way and nodded as they walked out.

"Are those your women?" He kept eating as we danced.

"Those are my friends."

"Some wealthy people want the land that you claim. They would pay you handsomely for it, more than anyone else would." I put my spoon down and looked at him.

"People like you think that money is the most important thing, and think everyone believes that too. I don't, because I don't need it. That land, this town and valley, are under my protection starting now because I can see where this is going." You could hear a pin drop. "I will defend what is mine, and I consider all of this mine even if I don't own all it....it's under my protection now." He kept eating and smiled.

"And do you have an army to defend it, sir?" I wiped my mouth as I stood and got ready to leave.

"I do, but not in the way you mean. My suggestion is to quash your ego and move onto someplace else. Have a nice walk to wherever you are going." Annie and Taiiko found the horses eating by the side of the road and took them to Hammish and told them what happened after Elias left. They had gone as I was leaving.

"I truly don't want to hurt you again, but I will, and I will end you, and whoever else I have to, even though I'd rather be left alone. Have a good evening, gentlemen." I went to the counter and put some silver down for a tip and walked outside. I went behind the building and shifted to the bear as I merged into the trees, and waited. They finished eating, and drinking...which smart ....walked outside and cursed because their horses were gone, and they had no silver. I knew I had made enemies. They rode two to a because the other two men still had theirs. It would be an uncomfortable and long journey. I needed to deal with Aya, and her family, quickly, because I needed to be here. I was hoping life would get less complicated. It wasn't. They went the opposite way from Irina's. I followed them for a mile, cut across the road and headed home through the woods. I was sleeping in the barn because it too cold to bathe in the creek. I needed to figure out how I could make a wooden tub. There were plenty of pines for sap to water proof it. I wanted to make barrels too but I needed to find oak. I had SO much to do, but I lumbered and enjoyed being the bear as I smelled new scents.

Claw51478 75M
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1/5/2022 9:34 pm

Interesting , so , who is Fredericke?? Is he the Duke, or some other Nobleman, or just some rich person.
The 2 gals did pretty good.
Daniel made more friends in town by his statements as to their protection, and of course, the free food and drink.

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