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take me part 558...edited  

dadigan 60M  
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1/5/2022 8:13 pm
take me part 558...edited

I pushed toward the men and they were leaving, and angry. I should have followed and killed them but I didn't want to be that person until I had to be, even though I would need to be more times I could bear. I was glad I had the girls to help me weather it. I walked home and pushed so they knew I was OK. I told them I was going to Hammish's first. I walked into the yard as the horses went crazy. I shifted and called out. Hammish and Elias walked out. Elias walked up and hugged me.

"I thought you would get hurt but you didn't."

"Our family protects our people, and what's ours." Hammish walked up and I hugged him.

"Ilsa is making dinner but she won't let you inside smelling like that my friend. Is it handled?" I shook my head and handed him the papers I took from Pyotr.

"Can you check into these?"

"I can't read Daniel." I nodded.

"I know Hammish and I'm going to fix that, along with the the girls too, but you and Ilsa know a lot of people." He nodded.

"I know someone I trust. What are we doing with these horses. They are magnificent." You have family over the mountains you trust?" He nodded. "Are they good with horses." He smiled.

"Yes, it's where I'm getting the breeding stock for the mules."

"These horses are well bred. The need good mares, which will cost, but I'd rather have them there instead of here because those men will be back." He nodded as Elias looked at us and handed me the pouch of silver.

"This isn't mine. You should use it to buy mares." I smiled.

"Thank you, Elias." I took it and handed it Hammish as he went into the barn and I called wolf. Ilsa walked out, hugged me, and said there was no way I was coming into her home. smelling the way I did, even though she loved me. I nodded.

"What's going on? I felt it." I told her and she nodded as Hammish walked out and looked at her. She nodded as he handed her saddle bags and a pack and she walked back inside as Elias looked at us, confused.

"What's happening?" I left it to Hammish because he was now a father.

"I need to take these horses over the mountains, tonight, so no one finds them. I'll be fine because they are my people, our people now. I'll take you with me next time but I need you to stay here and help your... help Ilsa. You are part of our family now Elias, and we are thankful for that. This is your home, if you want it." Elias looked at me and at Hammish. He hugged him and said he'd watch the animals while Hammish gone as I smiled. "Go help your Ma'." Elias smiled and ran inside.

"You have what you need?" He lifted the pouch and nodded. We'll watch after them while you're gone." He nodded.

"Ilsa knows where to take the papers." I nodded.

"Make sure to tell her to keep Elias here. If they find him they will try and kill him but they don't know you. They will, in time, but we'll deal with that when it happens. It'll be awhile with two men to a ." He nodded. "Get there and get back as quick as you can but those horses are too special to waste." He nodded as Ilsa and Elias came out carrying supplies." Hammish and I loaded the horses.

"You come back to us mister. We are a family now." Hammish kissed both of them and nodded and hugged me.

"Which way?" He smiled and pointed as I nodded. Hammish got on his and led the other two away from here so that we could breed them, they were that special. Ilsa started crying and walked back inside as Elias looked at me.

"What do I do Daniel?"

"First thing you do is you stay here. Don't go to Irina's, not until we fix this. Understand?" He nodded. "If they see you, they will kill you. Second, but more importantly, this is your family now. We are as well, but Hammish and Ilsa are your Ma' and Da,' so you treat them like that even if it's strange to begin with. Love will figure things out. Ilsa is sad because Hammish left which is why you are here... to help but also be here for Ilsa. I'm sure you've imagined what having a mom, and family, would be like." He nodded. You have a family now be like what imagined until you get comfortable. It won't take long. Do you know where Irina's place is from here?" He nodded as wolf walked up and stood next to Elias, who froze.

"This is Wolf. This is Elias, Wolf, he is family. He yipped. If you want to go to Irina's, until we deal with these men, walk through the woods. The wolves won't hurt you because they are friends of ours. Our family's look out for one another, understood? " He nodded. 'It means we fight for one another Elias, if we have to." He nodded.

"Thank you, brother." Wolf looked at Elias and head butted him as he howled and ran off.

"How are you friends with wolves?" I told him I was lucky and I'd close up the barn so he he could go inside. He nodded, hugged me, and walked inside to his new mom , and new life, as I closed up the barn and shifted. I pushed and there was no threat. I could feel wolves close by as I lumbered home. I shifted back as I approached the house and could still hear music. Apple products were expensive but they were well made. I knocked and stepped off the porch as the music stopped. They opened the door and came running out and then stopped because I smelled. Annie looked me.

"Are we good?" I told yes, for now. She stared at me. I didn't want to tell them that we were going to have to fight for this land, and to keep it because I knew what was coming. "You smell, mister." I nodded.

"It's why I'm sleeping in the barn. The got it ready and Elias is with Ilsa so it worked out OK. Jake, Emily, I don't know what you have on whatever you are listening to, but only music...understood?" They nodded, sheepishly. "We are going to talk about this later." They nodded. Sara walked out with a pitcher of milk and a glass and kissed me.

"You smell really bad but I found you first, and I adore you even though we aren't the what we thought we'd be." I nodded. Go to sleep but pay attention. I don't like these men." I nodded as I said goodnight and walked to the barn as Pink Floyd started to play....at least they liked our music over the spring and summer. I pushed and there was nothing as I closed the barn and walked to my stall. I grabbed the blankets, lied down and was asleep within minutes.

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