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take me part 559....edited  

dadigan 60M  
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1/5/2022 9:47 pm
take me part 559....edited

I wanted to be inside with my family but they knew, like me, that I would be outside because I didn't know these men, at least not yet, even though I knew I would have to deal with them. People with power have taken what they wanted, throughout time. I destroyed people I held dear in the monastery because they were the ones who should have never succumbed to the temptation of power, but they did. These men were far more base and would do whatever it took to get what they needed to. I wasn't going to fight the men coming at us on the ground, the wolves would handle that, and the animals in the woods would be thankful the food. I figured we had some time and that was when Elias walked up the path. Fuck as I woke up and went outside. I pushed, but there was nothing for as far as it went, and it went a long way..

"What are you doing here, Elias?" The girls all walked out to barn and stood around me even though I smelled because this was about family. The came out too and stood to the back and watched.

"I needed to say thank you and that I'll pay you back for what you gave me." The girls hugged each other but you could hear a pin drop. "It doesn't matter how long it takes but I will pay you back for what you have given me." I stared at him as I decided how to address this.. Sara touched the small of my back which told me I needed to do this here.

"What do you think I gave you, Elias?"

"Parents, a family....all of you. I've never had that but I'll make it right and that was when the girls stepped forward. Sara first.

She held his hand and kissed it. "Elias, family simply is. You can't buy it because you can't buy love. You are family because you are family, period." She hugged him as he stared at me and Aya walked up. I thought that he should get used to it.

"I'm Aya and I am alone here, like you, but I am also not alone, like you. These people embrace all who come to them with good intent. In my world, people think they can buy their way into many things, but that is built on sand and will collapse. Look at these people, Elias, are we built upon sand?" He shook his head no as Aya kissed his cheek. "Choose wisely, ."

He looked at me. "Why do you think you owe me something, because Hammish and Ilsa have fallen in love with you. Like Sara said, you can't buy love, Elias. It just happens and we have no control over it."

"I owe you for the access to that, Daniel. I was spying on you for men that mean you harm, and will be back, and you welcomed me into your home, and fed me, and now this. I owe you for that." Sara and Annie were standing next to me and I looked at them. They both shrugged. Great. I could feel Ilsa riding up as Chloe and Taiiko walked toward her to fill her in.

"Elias, family doesn't owe family...at least not ours. We work together, help each other, help those we can, and we share so we all have what we need. We are like Wolf's pack... we take care of own, but our 'own' encompasses more. You don't owe anything, to anyone, certainly not me. If you owe anything to anyone, then it's Gaia and Ilsa can teach you about that. Did you you come here through the woods like I said?"

He looked at me and nodded... "and the wolves?" He smiled.

"They nudged me where I should go." Annie walked up, come with me but say your sorry to your Ma' first," as she pointed at Ilsa who was walking up, worried. Ilsa hugged him, and squeezed, hard.

"Go with Annie because it's good that you know these woods and her, and the wolves, can help you. I'll meet you at home." She kissed him as Annie led him into the woods and the wolves yipped. She stared at me as I hugged her. "I thought he went into the barn, then I thought he followed Hammish. Wolf came up and stared me so I followed him here. What is going on?"

"Ilsa, he's never had a real family but he'll be fine because our family has already embraced him. It's what makes us unusual. I don't understand it but opening our collective heart is not hard for us, it just means there are a lot of us... and then there is life, on different levels." She smiled, nodded, and kissed me.

Thank you for bringing us a , Dragon." She turned and walked back to her mule, got on and rode home. Emily came up and kissed me and said,

"Dad, you smell really bad. I love you, but I'm going inside." Everyone else nodded and left. Drakon turned around walked to his stall as I followed. I opened it and he curled up and he fell asleep within a minute..

"I sure wish I could do that all the time." I made sure the doors were closed and walked into my stall, again, lied down and smiled because of how happy Hammish, and especially Ilsa, were with Elias. I prayed I did the right thing as I fell asleep and woke up in my cave.

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