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take me part 560....edited.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/6/2022 12:44 pm
take me part 560....edited.

I opened my eyes and was looking at fox staring at me. Gaia got up and walked outside as I did the same. I sure wished I could get frequent flyer miles for this but since the family owned planes, I guess it didn't matter. It was cold so I was still the bear and walked out, stretching. "Walk with me Danael." I nudged her with my nose and she laughed. If you've never seen a fox laugh, it's pretty funny. You visited Marnine." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, I don't dislike them and I feel bad for what I did to Roan and Ingrid. Thank you for healing them." She stopped and looked at me and then kept walking to the sea. I would be quite content to live here but that wasn't going to happen, at least I had my cave.

"They tried to kill you, almost succeeded, and the people you hold dear, but you would offer them mercy and forgiveness. Why is that Dragon?" I was busy smelling the snow, and the ground underneath. I looked at her.

"They aren't the same women as the ones I had to fight. They've changed and I think people should be allowed to pay for what they have done and move forward. It doesn't mean I trust them, Gaia." I sniffed the ground again because I missed being the bear. "I have enough to deal with as it is, I don't need the burden of anger and hatred on top of it. It's common sense especially since everywhere I go trouble seems to find me."

"You're speaking of the men looking at your land." I grunted as we walked. I wanted to walk in the ocean. "You like history, yes?" I nodded. "Do you know where your family is located in the past?"

"Roughly, north of what is now St. Petersburg I think."

"And you know what is coming?" I nodded because Russia was going to become progressively unpleasant during the next century, and beyond. "Why stay?" I stopped and sat as I looked at her.

"It's my home, and family, and where else would be better? Perhaps Italy but life is hard everywhere unless you are wealthy. As much as I would love to show my family the Renaissance first hand, they aren't city people, and what of Hammish, Ilsa, and now Elias? I have been thinking about all of this but we still have time for Hammish and I to build wealth in that time so I can secure other places before we need them for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren. It seems that I will be the one constant, well, we will be the constant through our family moving forward. Maybe that is why I make caskets.... I'm going to bury a lot of people I love." Gaia kept walking.

"You know these men won't stop, right?"

"I know but I wanted to give them a chance. I won't be so kind the next time I see them. I'd rather be left alone to enjoy my family but men like those can't understand that. Their lust for power, and greed, is too powerful." We walked, well, Gaia walked to the ocean. I ran and went swimming and then running in the surf as Gaia watched me and laughed. I walked up to her and lied down in the wet sand. "That was fun." She nodded.

"You need to go," and I opened my eyes listening to Drakon snore. I got up and went outside. It was still dark so I was figuring maybe three but I wasn't tired. I pushed but the there nothing around as far as the town. It wouldn't stay like that but I didn't know how long that would take. I hoped long enough for me to deal with Aya's family, and whatever that threat was, along with whatever monks remained that meant us harm. I grabbed my cape started to walk as Drakon caught up. A half door on a stall won't keep a wolf in for long. I scratched his ears as he went running ahead, smelling everything like I just had as the bear.

OlderPete58 63M  
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1/6/2022 2:51 pm

You have been busy Daniel with the last few episodes today and they are getting very interesting there is no rest for Daniel in the past or the future and he has a lot coming his way but because there is a future he must have succeeded.

He just has to work out what he done in the past from the future to ensure it happens, and keep everyone in the family safe.

Looking at history and the area he is in will he interact with Pyotr the the Great and the Russian empire and the Swedes.

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