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take me part 564...edited and expanded.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/7/2022 1:04 pm
take me part 564...edited and expanded.

Sara walked out and handed me a towel. "Did you show them, mister?" I smiled as I hugged Annie.

"I didn't need to because she bored." I kissed Annie's head and went to the stream, again, grumbling, because none of the women who could shift smelled like I did. Drakon followed me and Wolf met us at the stream.

"Those were bad men." I nodded. I will make sure the wolves that helped understand that so we don't end up in a fight with all humans. Those men, and men like them this valley, don't they?" I nodded and told him they wouldn't stop. He walked away in silence as I got undressed and froze myself again. I cleaning my clothes when I felt Irina walk up. I rinsed and set them on a rock and started drying myself. She had clean clothes for me and smiling.


"Your balls are gone." She laughed as I put on fresh clothes.

"These women, and Jake, are descendants of ours?" I nodded and told her in time. "Thank you for bringing them here so we can know each other. You choose strong women just like you did here." She kissed me and took my hand as Drakon ran ahead of us to the house. I wouldn't change being in love with so many women, but it definitely bittersweet.

"The cellar is good. Did Hammish say when the masons would start?"

"Some weeks after the Solstice celebration. There are men digging a cellar for the barn as well, and men are cutting trees for lumber and also for fence posts. There is also the building in town, and the wagons. We will be employing most of the town through the fall. Can you accommodate that much?" Is it too much all at once, love?" I thinking we needed to do more because I wanted to make barrels, and a tub for baths, and figure out a way to bring water from the spring to the new house, and also to the barn until we could dig a well. I also wanted to figure out a design for the pastures so we could bring others in and give them a chance to have a homestead, and a wood shed so we could store lumber..... That's what going through my mind but what I ...

"It's a lot but we can for it. It always take a great deal of effort to begin something but they need jobs, and we need the help. It'll be fine, sweets." Irina hugged me as we walked. I sure hoped they didn't have their babies all at once but I had enough to think about. "Please talk with Ilsa, and the coven, about jobs and training we can do to help the women in town and the surrounding area. I to raise cattle and goats, but also sheep and hay. Seems to me that women are especially suited to caring for animals." She pinched me because she understood dry humor. "I'd also like to get more weavers. Women are just as capable as men, maybe more so at some things." She stared at me.

"The men here aren't going to like that, Danael. Most men here don't powerful women like you and Hammish." I smiled.

"Would they have a choice since we'll be paying their wages?" She stopped, smiled, and kissed me. I haven't seen anything that leads me to think that men haven't always been dense but the one thing they understand are coins in their pockets, or savings for their family and two people making silver, or copper, is better than one." Which reminded me to get some copper since it wasn't very expensive and Hammish could melt it. I needed to get a noteboo We walked to the house, as Drakon ran into the woods. I needed to show Irina, Malinka, and Sofi how to practice letters and numbers before I left but I knew Emily and Jake would help. We needed to do the same with Hammish, Ilsa, and Elias but also the coven. I had a lot to do in too many places, all at once. I going to teach my family how to read, and write, in multiple languages since Gaia gave me that ability. Speaking it would take longer but maybe Dreka could help with that. We walked inside as I got my pack and call everyone to the table.

I smiled as I saw the stickers on the notebooks from Annika and knew what I had to do as I took out notebooks and paper, pencils and erasers and sharpeners. Ilsa, Elias and Taiiko walked in. Taiiko kissed me as she watched like everyone else. I got up so Ilsa could sit as she hugged Elias. "I need to leave with Aya for a bit so I can meet her family and we can bring Gerel back here. I'm not sure how time will work it out but there is plenty to do, and more importantly, there are places to explore and people to meet around here. We bought time today, and it gave the town weapons and armor. You can discuss it but I think it would be wise to teach them how to fight, with weapons."

"More importantly to me," I looked and Jake and Emily, "and I'd like your help, is to start teaching our family and friends how write letters and numbers and words. They know how to spea They know what a tree is, show them how to write that. Show them how to write their names. Curiosity will keep you busy. We can deal with reading later, but there are books in my pack so that you can read to them while Aya are gone. This is one of the points where our family built upon and ultimately expanded from. It's not the first, and obviously isn't the last. This time is pivotal, though. It's why I wanted all of here, and why I want to bring the others. This valley, and the places Hammish and I find, will lead us forward, but we need to read, and write, and understand because it's a time knowledge that will only grow and for our family, for our clans to survive, and thrive, we will need to be on the leading edge of that moving forward."

They all stared me, in silence. I still hated when they stared at me. I'd rather get bitten. Emily and Jake started showing them about pencils, and erasers, and notebook, and then letters and numbers as I kissed all of them and that I would see them soon. Aya and I said goodbye to everyone except Sara. We sat on the bed as Sara took out what she brought from the cave. Aya and I were mesmerized. I loved these things and she obviously did too. The first thing a sketch from Michelangelo, which odd because he hadn't been dead long were we where.

"I thought your parents would like this. There is also jewelry you can choose from but since Gerel's parents have passed, and she has her brother, Aydar, I spent the bulk of my time in the caves for him and I found these. They all come with Gaia's blessing. She put a simple dagger on the bed, and a manuscript. I didn't need to touch them to know they had power and significance, but I did. I didn't tell them where the dagger came from but I told Sara that she chose wisely. She smiled, proudly, and clapped. We opened the book carefully and I etched in my brain that we needed to that everything of paper out of the cave and preserve the, transcribe them. The pages were works of art and I tears in my eyes as I looked up.

"I can't read it yet but I don't think it's a Qu'ran. It's stunning though, Sara. We wrapped the book in cloth and put everything into my pack, along with my knives. I grabbed my walking stick and we walked out and said goodbye before walking outside. Thankfully everyone centered at the table helping those who couldn't to learn to read. I'd take that six days to Sunday, and twice then, any day rather than a goodbye. I opened the mist as Sara hugged Aya, and then me.

"Just walk out like you were walking out of a darkened room, trust the mist. I nodded as we walked into it.

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1/7/2022 2:39 pm

Daniel needs to get diagrams on how to make all these things, ( barrels, tubs, the Water wheel and mill ) and show Hammish and some of the other guys , how to make them with wood. If there is not a Blacksmith shop in town, he will also have to show them how to set up a shop and furnace to make the tools needed for all these projects.
Just a thought

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