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take me part 565....edited.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/7/2022 6:13 pm
take me part 565....edited.

I looked at the mist, and then at Aya. "We're probably going to roll so prepare yourself." I wasn't thinking about what Sara said regarding walking out of a darkened room. I was thinking about her saying 'man needing to be scared again.' Aya and rolled into Iceland as Annika walked out, and screamed, as she jumped on us. Haagerstadt smiled and walked away as Ama and Klara stood in the doorway, smiling. Klara said.

"Help them up, Anna. They are need help because they are clumsy." Anna laughed and helped us up.

"You're here," as she plowed into me, and then Aya.

"I thought it would be another month before you came here. I'm sorry, Love." I kissed her head. We are here for today but we'll come back very soon and there is some place I to take you and your mom.... a special place.... but I need to talk with Grandma Ama." Annika nodded.

"Did you know there is a special cave here, Da', and a fox that can speak?'

"No way, Missy, you're making that up."

"Nunnuuuhhh. It's true because I walk with the fox everyday." I looked at Ama.

"Well now you're going to have to come with us to Denver so the girls can introduce to Bob."

"Who's Bob?"

"Bob is our friend who is also a fox who lives in my backyard. I'm sure you'll be instant friends." Anna jumped on me and bit my arm as I carried her inside. They all caught up on what going on as I said I'd be back, and no one noticed. I walked outside smiling, and shaking my head. It wasn't hard to track Haag. "You need help?" He threw the ax at me, end over end. I dodged and grabbed it, but Jesus.

"Are you out of your mind?" He smiled.

"You're not dead, or hurt. We need wood. It's good seeing you. I miss Jake and Emily." I nodded.

"Haag, don't throw anything at me again, OK?" He smiled, and nodded. "I have to meet Aya's family, and friends, but when we're done I'll bring Jake and Emily back, and whoever else wants to be here. We are kind of in flux at the moment." He nodded.

"I'll take care of the animals, you chop wood, deal?" I nodded as he walked off. I did what Yoshi taught me and just chopped wood as the light was starting to fade. Ama walked out as I only had a few logs to chop.

"You met Dreka in his Lair. I can't remember anyone who had that honor." I stared at her.

"There were eggs, Ama.... more than I could count. She nodded.

"Dragon's never truly die, Danael. It seems he found his successor.I'm sorry you had to destroy the people of your monastery." I nodded as I split the last log. Come in after you stack this for us, and thank you." I nodded as I stacked. I walked in and turned on the tap and the water grew warm as I looked up and smiled.

"We are very lucky, Anna." I washed and turned into the tickle monster as I chased her all around the house until I cornered her by the fireplace and she stood her ground.

"I don't want to hurt you tickle monster, but I will." I should have listened. I growled, in play, and took two steps forward, tickling the air, as her eyes rolled into her head and she spoke in a language I had never heard. Her eyes came back and she said no as she pushed and sent me flying across the room, and into the wall. She was mortified and slid into me. I held her and told her it was fine....I was fine.She hugged me, and bit me, until Klara came and got her. I looked at Ama and knew why she was walking with a fox. Holy crap.

Haagerstadt burst in, right on cue and sat at the table....an empty table. I got up, walked over, and sat next to him. "Are you hungry, Haag?' He nodded as we all laughed.

"Did miss send you into the wall?" I nodded. "She's something else but Gaia is working with her. My suggestion is to not try and tickle her. I laughed as Aya sat down and I introduced her to Haag. Anna climbed on my lap and hugged me.

"I'm sorry, Da'. I'm learning how to use it. I squeezed her and kissed her as I thought about Elizabeth.

"Don't ever be sorry for who you are, Love. You'll learn to become that with our help. We'll can deal with bruises." She nodded as I went to wood to the fire and the girls brought food.

cjg045 69M  
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1/7/2022 8:23 pm

Another chapter for me to read / reread, Daniel. Things are moving along with the women back in time, Annie , Sara & Taliko will help them along in their learning. The land should be progressing along nicely, if only the a-holes would cease trying to take it. Until the next writing , stay well my friend, JOE

OlderPete58 63M  
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1/8/2022 1:31 am

You have been busy Daniel.

Ama knows he met Dreka and that he is to be Dreka's heir and lead with his magic powers, powers that he still needs to fathom...

Annika is special too his feelings when he found her were correct he should nurture her especially as she seems to be learning so quickly that she has powers to I wonder what she will shift too?

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