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take me part 566...edited?  

dadigan 60M  
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1/7/2022 8:18 pm
take me part 566...edited?

Klara sat next me and Anna as Aya and Haagerstadt were talking about hunting. I had no idea why but I knew what we were going be schlepping through mist at some point. Klara kissed me.

"I'm sorry. If we knew you were coming I would had Ama show me how bake rye bread, but we do snow ice cream for dessert with our pies." I looked at Klara, and then Annika as everyone else was silent, and watching me.

"It wasn't yellow, was it?" They looked, at me, confused. Klara asked what I was talking about. 'The snow. If it was yellow then if it I don't any ice cream."

"DAD!!!!!!" They both me as everyone else laughed and Ama served stew and warm bread. "That's terrible, Da.'" I smiled as I kissed her. I missed being on Iceland, even with all of the crap we dealt with. I pushed Sara and asked how things were and she said her, Chloe, and Annie were cooking because everyone else was learning their letters and numbers, and they were going read "Alice in Wonderland" in front of the fire after dinner, so basically things were OK. Thankfully. I hugged Anna and we ate. I helped with the dishes, as I always did. Haag said goodnight. He walked up and almost crushed me goodnight as he went his room. Ama looked at me and smiled.

"He misses Jake and Emily." She laughed.

"He does, but he misses you too, lunkhead." He considers you his brother. He'll never say , but he does. Haag is a beast of a man, but he is a man. You are both. He feels a kinship with you because of that." I stared at her, slack jawed.

"So I'm dealing with a Siren, a lustful water dragon, and a Haagerstadt?" Ama laughed and nodded. "And I thought talking with Dreka was odd." I went the bookshelf and looked and saw what I wanted. I hadn't read in decades, and hadn't heard read me since my dad read at Christmas when my brothers and I were . a short book, which was good, because I was tired and I figured Aya was too. I pulled Jonathon Livingston Seagull off the shelf and sat in front of the fire. Klara got us pie and ice cream as Ama went to get Haag. We ate our pie and ice cream, and had tea as Haagerstadt scrunched himself on the couch with a very large mug of milk, butter, and cinnamon. I read...

" was a morning and the new sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea...." They all listened intently as we ate our pie, both Haagerstadt and Annika would fall asleep against me before I finished, and 's not a long book. I did the when my Da' read me. Ama was smiling and Klara and Aya had tears in their eyes as they woke Haag and Anna.

"What happened?"

"You'll read for yourselves." I hugged Haag, and kissed and hugged Annika, and said goodnight as Aya and I went bed. We showered, and bathed each other and dressed for bed. We slept as a couple, ensconced in each other, but I knew Aya needed the . but didn't mean she didn't love me. She loved did, adored me, and would likely with me again, but we would never each other. Making love with me was for a purpose that hurt her heart because of Gerel but was necessary for her life, and now ours. She still slept in my arms as we prepared for Bucharest.

I woke in darkness and wolf-bears, that were also men, were coming after me, and I was trapped against a ledge with no knives, and no bow, as they advanced.... but I wasn't afraid, which seemed odd. I looked at them as they approached, snarling, snapping their jaws scare me. I wasn't scared. I walked toward them as they snarled and growled and bit air. I walked through them as I put my hands to my side and walked out of the canyon I was in with them following. We came out and I stopped as they all stood around me, silently...waiting. I looked to the east and put my hands out as they all rubbed against them, and we walked.

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