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take me part 567...edited. OK, I feel better. Thanks. Enjoy  

dadigan 60M  
319 posts
1/9/2022 8:59 pm
take me part 567...edited. OK, I feel better. Thanks. Enjoy

(I can't get this one of my mind so interrupting binging watching).

I got of bed, showered, and got ready, as I walked downstairs for milk, but the light was already on. As I was walking, I couldn't get of my mind, that even though the dream I had didn't seem bad, it was. I walked into the kitchen as Ama and Sara were staring at . "What?" I heard the ungodly screech as Aya ran looking for and almost plowed over.

"Something is wrong with Gerel, Daniel. Something bad. We have to leave now!" I nodded

"Get dressed, love. Quickly. Don't pack." Sara, or Ama opened the mist in the kitchen, which I didn't even know was a thing...crap, I was so the loop.... and Taiiko and Chloe walked through as I stared them, and of course neither faltered. Taiiko went to the cupboard leading to the root cellar. She handed weapons to Chloe who took a belt with knives. She handed two short swords, knives, and two guns, with extra mags, and a vest, as she smiled. Both Sara and Chloe stared but neither were smiling. I took everything and suited up. Aya came flying downstairs as Ama stopped her and gave her milk to drink, with something in it. She drank it in four gulps and plowed into me as she looked Taiiko and Chloe. Taiiko handed her a shotgun with the handle cut off and carved down, along with a belt, because she was use to this in her country, and it would bring her comfort since she had no power the moment.

"My sense was that you were familiar with this." Aya nodded as Taiiko handed her knives, and a pistol with mags, just in case. I looked at Sara and she looked scared again. I went up and hugged her as she whispered in my ear...

"When you get to Gerel, you bring them back to us, and then you and Taiiko can deal with them. Understood?" I nodded. "Go." Sara shifted the mist to were we needed to go and we walked into a room full of screams. Chloe pulled Aya behind her and bound her to the floor as Taiiko and I ran in different directions and did our jobs. I could feel Chloe as Taiiko and I killed the people that were tying to get to Gerel, but Chloe was totally calm as she searched for her. She saw Gerel with men trying to tie her. The men exhaled as Chloe squeezed their chests, and they never breathed again. This was hard for Chloe, but this was also family. Chloe pulled Gerel to Aya, opened the mist, pushed them through, and became angry as Sara screamed no.

"Taiiko and I woke to Chloe nudging us as she pushed us through the mist, and walked in behind us before she closed, and locked it....everyone slide except me, at least from the smiles and stories. I was beginning to think they enjoyed watching me roll. I stood up, growled, along with Taiiko who jumped on my back as I shifted and we flew back to finish it. Chloe's eye's went white like Annika's as she reached for us, just as I was getting ready to shift time as the dragon, and pulled us into the field, where we rolled, a lot. She walked up and touched our faces, smiling.

" sorry loves....I can't let you leave, not even you dragon. Sara and Ama will deal with it. We got the person we needed, the rest doesn't matter right now." Taiiko and I both passed .

OlderPete58 63M  
243 posts
1/9/2022 9:41 pm

I hope you are not feeling to badDaniel, I thought we would have to wait for this but thank you it's interesting Chloe is full of surprises and get stronger.

cjg045 69M  
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1/10/2022 5:20 am

Excellent read Daniel, The mist is getting worked overtime but the women are all together now. Whomever was after Gerel may follow to where Aya & Gerel are now but that will be their ending.

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