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take me part 568...edited. Short ones for a bit.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/10/2022 5:34 pm
take me part 568...edited. Short ones for a bit.

Taiiko nudged, and then kissed as I opened my eyes and looked her. "Do you still have a headache?" She nodded as she laid her head on my chest.

"Do you think Chloe is more powerful than Sara? She pulled a dragon of the air, Daniel." I kissed her head and said I knew as she pinched and laughed as we walked from behind the curtain to a full table with Chloe smiling us as if nothing unusual happened. Aya was beside herself as she ran up to us dragging Gerel, She pounced on as she bit my shoulder and kissed and then kissed Taiiko.

"Thank you both, this is my heart. This is Gerel." Gerel kissed us on both cheeks, smiling, and said hi." "We are still trying to find who is behind what happened. Luckily the ones dead are the ones who were directly trying to hurt, or kidnap, Gerel. Chloe just incapacitated the others and my parents and Aydar are questioning the rest as they come around. Sara and Ama are there trying to find what is going on." I stopped Aya.

"Sweets, let's leave all of that alone and enjoy meeting, and being with, Gerel. sure it's not easy to adjust to suddenly get thrown into the fifteenth century. We'll figure things and then we can take you both someplace safe that isn't here and more convenient in terms of amenities, but let's wait until we hear from Ama and Sara and just enjoy being a family." Aya nodded and smiled as Sofi walked up and stole Gerel as they walked outside.

"Sofi and Gerel bonded instantly and Sofi adores her. She's taking Gerel to meet Drakon and Wolf." I stared at her in disbelief. "Sofi?" Aya nodded and smiled. "What is happening with this family?" We sat at the table as Chloe hugged both Taiiko and I.

" sorry but Ama and Sara said once we were all gone that I should lock the mist and we stayed until they showed up. They didn't mention what I should do with an angry dragon and rider who wanted to reek havoc so I improvised." Taiiko and I looked at her as Taiiko smiled and kissed her hand.

"I'll say, sister. just glad you are on our side." Chloe kissed both of us and sighed.

"I thought you'd be mad," as she sat between us, " but it just kinda happened." I told her about Annika and what she did to and Haagerstadt. Chloe stared . "Jake, Emily, pack your things and say goodbye to everyone. We are leaving after dinner."

"Mom, what about the writing lessons?"

"Em, there are plenty of people here who can help and we need to go to Iceland, now go pack." That didn't take long but I certainly wasn't worried about them because of Chloe. I was still trying to figure out how her magic worked on , but Aya was SO relieved, and happy that Gerel was there. It was obvious they loved each other but that wasn't uncommon in this family because all of us loved each other to our marrow; it's why Taiiko and I were going to go through time before Chloe stopped us. No one fucks with our families, not anymore. Irina kissed me and Taiiko as I looked up from my thoughts, and then poured us tea. I smiled and held her hand. I would be lucky to have any of them in my life because they were all of my league, but all of them. I exhaled in disbelief.

"Where's Malinka, love?"

"She's with Hammish. He got back when you were gone. Malinka wanted to check the woods after what happened with all of those men and Hammish went with her since you weren't here." She wasn't angry, and there was no animosity, but it still stung as Taiiko squeezed my hand. "They went with some of the wolves because Malinka is as welcome with them as you are, maybe more so mister." I smiled and nodded because I already knew that which was why I was surprised that Sofi was taking Gerel to meet Wolf. We all drank tea and ate sweet bread and enjoyed each other as the door opened and Sara and Ama walked in, unexpectedly. We all smiled as we looked at them and then stopped.

"What?" I asked. They closed the door and walked inside.

"Where is Gerel?"

cjg045 69M  
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1/10/2022 8:36 pm

So many balls left up in the air, Daniel. I'm trying to make sense of it all. Maybe after i read up on this a few more times I'll get it. thank you Sir.

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