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take me part 569.... edited, again, and updated some  

dadigan 60M  
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1/10/2022 10:57 pm
take me part 569.... edited, again, and updated some


"We need Gerel, Daniel." Irina nodded and ran crying as Chloe ran after her. I stared them them as Sara's eyes filled with tears.

"WHAT?," I roared. Taiiko and Aya both grabbed a hand and told to stop as Irina and Chloe came inside with Sofi and Gerel laughing. They looked so much alike it was unbelievable, like Chloe and Irina, and Sara and Malinka. It was amazing but maybe I was the who could see it because I was a dragon, but it melted my heart. Gerel went running to Aya.

"Love, they have wolves as friends and I met Wolf, their leader and he spoke to me, and Sofi...can you imagine that?" She kissed Aya and then truly looked at her. "What's wrong, Aya?' She turned and looked me as I pointed to Ama and Sara. Gerel turned, confused, as Sara and Ama looked at her with sadness in their eyes. "What?" Silence. Irina and Chloe made tea and made everyone sit so we were a less notable. You could hear a pin drop and our heart's were on a razor's edge as Sara reached for Aya and hugged her.

"Let's sit in front of the fire, loves." Chloe and Irina brought them tea and we they left us alone, even though they could hear everything. When there is no privacy, the hint of it is all the respect you can offer. It's been like that since we lived in caves. Sara held their faces because it was going to be hard.

"Gerel, your brother was trying to Aya. Norway didn't work and took him by surprise but he fooled us until we took Aya someplace he couldn't find and he got desperate and they came after you." Both Aya and Gerel stared at her with tears streaming down their cheeks, shaking their heads. "It gets worse, Loves. sorry. Your cousin Hanna was involved, Aya." they both dropped to the ground and stared up as Taiiko, Chloe and I dropped to the ground as well and held them as they cried and we all looked Ama and Sara.

"They weren't trying to keep Aya from being bound, they were trying to keep you and Gerel from being together in hopes that it would cause your parents, Aya, to forbid it. The eastern provinces of your territories do not like Aya and Gerel loving each other." I growled as Chloe grabbed because she knew what I wanted to do. Both Aya and Gerel were in tears as i stood.

"Where are they?" Sara stared at and I knew she was reading as Ama watched. "Where are they, Love?"'

"Ankara, but Joseph is still searching exactly where." I stared at her. "They're scared because they didn't think we would know, or act as quickly as we did.... or be as effective. They didn't understand the bond you have with Aya and the bond we all have, and they didn't know the strength of the bond between Aya and Gerel." Sara knelt and touched both of them as they were crying, as we were all crying. "We thought you would be safe with your brother, Gerel, and you, Aya, with your family." Aya and Gerel stood up and screamed into the air, with tears in theirs eyes as they looked at me.

"Do you know where my brother is, Sara?" She nodded. "I want the location because that line runs through me and I am descended from the Mongols, and they will know that before this week is over." Gerel looked at me and Taiiko. "I need a Dragon, and your rider," as Taiiko looked at me. There was a knock on the door as Aisha walked in.

"Miss me?" Everyone laughed the laugh that happens after funerals, but the release was welcome. "Did I miss anything?" None of us her any mind because we all knew, that she knew, as Sara and Ama stood up. Ama spoke.

"Gerel, your line is the oldest, and the most complicated because of where it is located. It has always been hard, and it still is, but the clans work outside of that because we have been around for so long, but yours is challenging. It's not the one, but it is the hardest. Sara and I think they wanted you even though most of your land is part Aya's because of passage of time and merging of families. It's both interesting, and complicated."

Gerel looked at me. "Am I still heir to my grandmother's land, Ama?" She smiled and nodded. " Are the monasteries still our control, and the mountain valleys they reside in?" Everyone looked .

"They are Gerel."

"And the Steppes? How are conditions there?" Ama told her they were better then they had ever been, but the people still struggled like they did throughout the clans. I was starting to 'grok' our purpose. It wasn't to lead our people, it was to help our people. Life advanced too quickly and while the clans kept up with business and technology, our core was still based our the clans, the community... the people, and a lot of the people were suffering but we had to fix the rot within our own family because we could progress. "I want to go there Dragon." I knelt and bowed head. I didn't intend to do it but I had no control.

"Can you bring my brother here?" We all growled but Ama said yes and that Joseph was looking for him. "Please bring him. Is Aya's family OK with us being together?" Ama nodded. "Please bring my brother to , Ama and then have Joseph send word to Aya's parents that we are fine and will see them soon." She nodded and walked outside. We were astounded. Gerel reached for Aya. " sorry, love but I need to tell you a story about a princess who fled a Mongol warlord who...." Aya put her hand to Gerel's lips.

"Who fled with the help of a Dragon, and who saved her fighting Vikings like a bear." Gerel stared her in complete shock. "We still tell the story of the woman from the East who gave birth and then stayed to merge our people. We need to think about what we do, Love." Gerel nodded. I spoke because while I knew where this was going and we all needed a break especially after all of the shit we'd been through.

"How about we go say thank you to the wolves, and scratch their ears, because they helped safe us and we can deal with this later, and that was when Ama walked back in with Aydar, Gerel's brother.

Claw51478 75M
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1/11/2022 4:58 am

Oh ! Oh! Another big twist in this Epic Saga. Ava and Gerel, have the same Great-------- Grandmother. They are Mongolian Royalty . Interesting to see how this plays out.

OlderPete58 63M  
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1/11/2022 5:43 am

Now why are we not surprised about Aydar.

And the Mongol lineage back to the princess I wonder what Gerel will say when she realises it was Daniel.!

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