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take me part 571...edited  

dadigan 60M  
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1/11/2022 8:58 pm
take me part 571...edited

I grabbed wood from the porch and walked inside as everyone stopped talking and watched as I walked to the fire place. Spring was coming but it was still cold. "Jake, you and Em get more wood for here and the kitchen, and help Haagerstadt when you go back. Don't tickle Anna, trust me." They all laughed because they all knew what happened. Aya and Gerel walked up and fell into me as I hugged them and kissed their heads. "Let's sit so you can tell me your plans." They both bit me, and then nodded, as we walked back to the table and Irina put a bowl of soup, or stew, in front of with milk, and bread. I had so much to research before I came back here. Everyone went back to talking except Aya and Gerel. They just hugged me until I finished eating. I had two bowls and bread and Malinka walked up and kissed my cheek as she picked up my bowl.

"Chloe dropped you like a sack of flour." There was a moment of silence until everyone burst into laughter and Chloe and Irina brought all of us tea. She wasn't lying, and I could take the ribbing. Fighting half our clan as we take over things seemed like a problem. I couldn't fault that thinking except that the people they were dealing with were not always the most reasonable, but they did know how to trade.

"They won't let Istanbul go easily, not for Ankara." I looked at Gerel. "Your people have been trading for a millennia and they won't trade easily with you even if they respect you as the leader of the clan. Times have changed, but not so much there. Aydar needs to make the pact. I wish I had a map but from my memory what you want, and are offering them seems wise, especially since you want the Himalaya's and Mongolia." They stared at me. "What? It's where your lines started. Aydar knows how to lie very well and he will keep doing it. My instinct is to end him, and everyone working with him, but I don't want to be Marnine simply because I can. I've already killed enough people. We've already killed enough people protecting our families. You won't get what you want by being reasonable, even with your brother. Are you familiar with the phrase, 'good cop, bad cop?'" They stared at me as I filled them in on the concept. I would let Aydar have something, and keep him alive because of Gerel and Aya, but I was damn sure going to take a pound a flesh in the process.

"Tell me your ideas, please." Aya and Gerel told me basically what Chloe told me but I kept looking at Sara and Ama. I listened as I drank my tea. I was trying to keep an open mind but I wanted to go to Hammish's barn, gut Aydar and feed him to the pigs and let his family wonder what happened, and which of them was next. I wanted to do the same with Aya's cousin Hannah, but I kept silent and listened.

"So you are the crazy person, this 'bad cop,' and Aya and I are the reasonable ones, the 'good cops.' Yes?"


"And are you going to hurt my brother in this?"

"Yes." No one spoke, they just watched us.




"What Aya and I said is what we want, Danael. Their greed and lust for power is to the south and the east because they are arrogant and think you take things by force. That area is a vipers nest which we would gladly be done with. I am fine with you hurting my brother so that he knows what for he did but allow him to function. You have my permission to be the bad cop."

I looked Aya and she nodded. " They don't get any hold in Constantinople, period! I won't allow it, even for Gerel. I don't want them having a place in Ankara but I would rather have the Monasteries in the Himalaya's, and the Steppes. Don't brutalize him too much because we still need trade to flow....that has never changed." I nodded but I was going to give them crumbs in Turkey because I knew what they understood, and respected. I didn't like it, but I could do it. They want what was south and east even though they didn't control it. Gerel was right to be done with that because you can only fight on so many fronts and we didn't know how many we had waiting for us. We hadn't even made it back home to Denver yet. It broke my heart to even consider giving Aydar anything because of the location and what the history was, the history I could remember.... the things we had saved in the cave. It especially hurt to give them access to Iran, to Persia. We were separate from geo-politics, but no one in this world now was separate from it. It's why I was fine giving what Gerel and Aya discussed, because Aydar, and his family and people, thought it meant they had control of it. That land had been fought over since before their Christ. If we could give them something they wanted, and not have to deal with them, then I was fine with that. I was still going to hurt Aydar, and the others who tried to kidnap Gerel and kill Aya. I would get names, or I would take teeth.

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