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take me part 572...edited, and expanded some, to be edited again  

dadigan 60  
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1/12/2022 12:15 am
take me part 572...edited, and expanded some, to be edited again

I wanted to stay as everyone was enjoying each other after what had happened. It wasn't like they hadn't dealt with extreme things before, even Jake and Emily, and Malinka and Sofi, but it was our life. Sadly, it had been our lives for far too long. It was going to our to be our lives for a while longer because I was going to protect my family, period. Chloe, Emily, and Jake said their goodbye's and ended up at me as I smiled with tears in my eyes.

"Don't tickle your sister! Don't even try." They all laughed but Emily and Jake were crying when they ran into me. "I know you don't want to leave and how much you love it here, but Annika is alone, in a new place, with abilities she is trying to understand, and your Ma' has similar abilities, and Anna could really use a big brother and sister right about now.... and maybe you can keep Haag safe?" They laughed and wiped their eyes, and noses, as they nodded. Chloe called the mist, inside the house.....Jesus Christ how did they know all of this stuff.... and stared at me. She walked up and kissed me, deeply.

"Remember, mister, Sara gave you to me. Don't kill anyone." She bit my neck, hard, turned, grabbed Emily and Jake's hands, and walked into the mist. I was sure none of them would fall. Sara walked up and hugged me as everyone was quiet. I was strong, but I was only so strong and I was bending.

"Annika needs Chloe love, like Elisabeth needed you and know needs Karin. I thought you were insane getting involved with a Siren, but I was wrong and Karin and I have become friends. I'm not sure how you seem to know what you know, but you do...except for walking through the mist. Jesus, it's not that hard for Christ sake. You can speak most languages, and speak with animals, but you can't walk from point A to point B." I smiled and wiped my tears as I kissed her. I didn't say anything, and no one stopped me, as I put my boots on, and cloak, and took my walking stick and walked to the door as Taiiko walked up and hugged me, and stared at me.

"I chose you for a reason Daniel-san, and my grandfather accepted for a reason, don't make us regret that decision." I bowed, said 'Hai,' and kissed her as I walked to Hammish and Ilsa's to deal with Aydar. I hated this shit because I had too much to do, in too many places. GODDAMMIT!!!!! I walked and could feel wolves following me. I pushed and told them I was fine. They yipped and ran away as I walked and thought. I needed to read Aydar before I dealt with him because I couldn't grasp why he would try and kill the woman his sister loved. I walked into the yard and the dogs barked as Hammish and Ilsa came outside.

"It's me." Ilsa went back inside as Hammish walked up. "Can you bring him out here, brother?" He nodded and went into the barn and dragged Aydar outside and pushed him on his knees. "Tell Ilsa I'm sorry but I'll be back." I shifted into the dragon, screeched because I was pissed, grabbed Aydar and flew to Tibet, at least what i remember Tibet to be, what I almost destroyed. I dropped him in the courtyard and knew he would never walk well again, as he stared at frozen bodies. I screeched again and monks walked out with incense. They left him and took me inside to a hot bath. These Monasteries held some many that I could comprehend, and I had been here for a long time. I wasn't exactly sure how I fit into their culture. I wasn't the spiritual leader, and was no way involved governing and politics, but I was revered and they knew me... loved me, which felt odd since I could barely remember much of anything.

"When did you arrive?" I asked.

"When you ended them." I stepped into the bath and soaked.


"The other Monasteries are not like these monks were, Dragon. You exorcised an evil in this place but you need to finish it" I sunk into hot water, nodded, and sighed as Aydar shivered outside, in pain. "We are bringing the best..." I stopped him because this the most prestigious Monastery of all of them in the mountains, and there were many, and I knew what he was going to say. I was glad Gerel knew to keep this land.

"I want you to bring me the top female student, and the oldest female teacher." He looked at me. "Now, please, and please see to the man in the courtyard. Keep him tied but heal him as best as you can. May I get some Yak milk, please?" He nodded and walked away as I soaked. I opened my eyes as a lovely young woman walked up to me with a pitcher of milk and set it down as she started to get undressed. I reached for her hand and told her no but asked if she would be kind enough to pour me a glass of milk while we waited. She smiled and nodded.

"What is your name?" She looked at me confused as she handed me milk.

"Ceba." I nodded.

"I'm Danael. Thank you, please stay there. I was in water and she wasn't young for the time, but I didn't care because I didn't need anyone else. My heart still heart because of Chloe and the going to Iceland. "How long have you in the Monasteries, Ceba?"

"For as long as I can remember, sire."

"Danael. I'm informal Ceba." She nodded. "What is your role?"

"Like all of us I have many. I do what needs to be done. We train to fight, but I read and transcribe the most ancient scrolls before they are lost to time." I nodded.

"Probably the important role here. I would like to see them sometime." She nodded.

"Of course Dragon, have you come back to you us, Danael?" I was quiet.

"Apparently so, Ceba." She smiled. I was waiting on the monks because they knew the mist like I did and I was curious how long it would take them to do what I asked and I could feel them coming as I stood and asked Ceba for a robe. She smiled and gave me a fresh robe as we walked to the main hall.

"There is evil here, Danel. I look at all frozen bodies." I nodded." The monk I sent to find women students, and the most qualified teachers walked up as I bowed. He was petrified but asked who I was.

"I am Druk." I shifted, looked at him, and shifted back. He stared at me, smiled, and bowed, which I totally didn't like, and introduced me to Dalha. She stared at me as I looked at her. The girls and young women came in as we looked at other each. They filled the courtyard around the frozen bodies as Aydar watched before they took him away.

"Why am I here, dragon?" I liked her immediately but I was silent as I looked at Aydar.

"Do have a sister that is good with herbs and healing?" Dalha stared at me and nodded in silence.

"Do you know the mist?" She nodded. "Open it and bring her here, and her people here, now, please. We will deal with their things later." She stared at me and did it as they all started to walk through the mist, confused. "Please make them feel welcome because this is their new home, as it is yours." I looked at Ceba.

"I need you to help me...to help this place. I will remove the bad magic but I need your help." She nodded as women kept walking through the mist. I walked through the grounds and sent everyone frozen, home. Dalha walked up to me...

"The man that is tied can we treat his injuries?" I nodded. "Can we untie him?"

"No." You need to trust me on that Dalha." She nodded. I will come back and talk with you but I need to bring someone." She nodded because she knew how I was. "You know magic?" She stared at me and nodded. "Use it if you must, Dalha, this is now your Monastery." She looked at me, nodded and gathered the girls, and women as I removed what had been so they could start anew. "We will resupply whatever you need. For now, if you need anything then you push to me and I will make it so. This place needs a lot, which is why you are here, and why these young women are here. Keep them in the chambers as I fix things. They don't need to know what happened here." Dalha looked at me. "I can glimpse the greatness of this place in the past. I intend to make like that again, only with you, and your students, in care of it."

"These are my girls, my students?" I smiled, and nodded. "Then you can leave, dragon. I know Gerel from eons ago. I know my role, and the purpose of this place, just because we are women doesn't mean we can't fight. Go home dragon. Bring her back to us." I stared at them. SHIT. I always seemed to gravitate to the strongest possible women.

"Can you help him?" She stared at me and I understood because her thoughts sid we should kill him for what he attempted. "I know, but can you?"

"Not like he was because you dropped him to high, but he'll walk again, with sticks." I nodded.

"Focus on that as I fix the mess." Dalha nodded as I removed the things they didn't need, except for one frozen man in the courtyard. I had no idea who it was. Sadly, it didn't matter They just needed a reminder.

"I will bring you them but I wanted to prepare first. This Monastery is now yours to oversee Dalha. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, touch me. Things are changing and it won't be easy now, just like it wasn't easy then, but now I am annoyed." Dalha smiled and nodded. I went to change, said goodbye to Ceba, shifted and flew home to everyone waiting for me. I walked inside "What?"

Gerel and Aya didn't walk up to me, it was everyone else we had to deal with that annoyed me. I looked at Aya and Gerel. "Your people are waiting for you at the main Monastery, along with Aydar." I looked at Sara and Ama, and they nodded as they knew they had misjudged me. Taiiko walked up and kissed me before sitting back down. "Ayard will mend but I'm not done with him." I walked outside to hel the wolves.

Claw51478 75
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1/12/2022 4:00 am

Good move to populate the Monastery with women, to bring Ava and Gerell there. I think Dalha will teach Ava and Gerell the powers which they each inherited, but do not know they have.

Adar, well, I think he will be taught that Gerell is the leader of the Clan, he will see her power and, just maybe, he will concede to her and will survive and prosper, never to attempt to undermine her leadership. He has seen the power and wisdom of the Dragon

OlderPete58 63  
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1/12/2022 5:38 am

Great story again and agree with Claw, a lesson has been given, let's hope it is learned.

And the Monastery has a new order...

Daniel was quite restrained in all of this.

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