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take me part 574.... edited, again,  

dadigan 60M  
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1/12/2022 6:25 pm
take me part 574.... edited, again,

Aisha showed them how to hold on, how anticipate my movements, which was easier since I wasn't fighting anyone, and told them to pop their ears as we got ready to shift time and space. They did and both screamed as we came out just west of the Monastery. Aya screamed, "THAT WAS SO FUCKING COOL!!!!"" as Aisha laughed and we landed in the courtyard. Aisha patted my side, as she always did when we rode, and got off as Aya and Gerel hugged me and scratched my chin before I shifted. Dahla walked up smiling.

"Sister, is that your Dragon?" Aisha smiled and shook her head.

"Druk is no one's Dragon but we can borrow him so we can start training riders again." They hugged each other as Aya and Gerel walked up, followed by me. Dahla bowed, along with her aides. They looked at Aisha, confused. Aisha laughed because none of us had a clue.

"This is yours... all of yours Gerel, and Aya now. You are the descendants of what kept these going. They've been waiting for you to come back, for eons. Druk cleansed this place of the rot that was here." Aya turned and looked at the man frozen. "A reminder, Aya, because monks are human.' She nodded. Gerel reached for Dahla's hand as she bowed.

"Please don't bow Dahla, Aya and I are not like that. My brother is here?" Dahla looked at me.

"You can tell them anything. I have no secrets, Dahla." She nodded.

"Danael blended us with our sisters that heal, and set bones. We are also mostly all women which the person who thought he would run this place didn't like at all, but we made things clear and they went to our old monastery. We've been bringing things here since you left Dragon."

"Your brother is injured, but fine. He will never walk normally as long as he is here because he would need extensive surgery which we obviously can't do. We can help him but he would be in pain for the rest of his life." Gerel looked at me.

"We'd like to see him." Dahla nodded and led them inside as Ceba walked up smiling.

"You're back, Dragon." Aisha chuckled. "Who is this?'

"I like her." I glared at Aisha as she laughed.

"This is the burr under my saddle, Ceba. Her name Aisha." Ceba smiled and extended her hand. "Can you show us what scrolls, and manuscripts, you have brought here so far, please?" She nodded as we walked inside and then down.

"We are bringing everything through this Monastery in cycles. Once we translate the scrolls, which we do in duplicate, then we take the original into a salt cave to try and preserve them for as long as possible. We have dozens of people working on this but everything that was here is gone. except gold and silver, but it's melted together. We are working on that. It's just down here."

"All of the scrolls, and manuscripts from here are safe, Ceba. I took them when I ended these monks. They're safe and I can bring them back at anytime." She smiled, and nodded, as she opened the door to multiple people transcribing scrolls that were probably older than all of my lives. They all looked up and stared me, which I hated. Aisha smiled and hugged me.

"You're their dragon. They know their dragon regardless of time, Danael." I bowed and walked out. God I hated that.

"I'd like you to do something for me, Ceba. I'd like you to push to me if something is wrong here. I don't want to deal with this place again, like I had too. I'd rather resolve things before that happens." She nodded. "Please take us to the man that's hurts." She nodded. We walked in and Gerel was livid, hitting Aydar in the face as Aya stopped anyone from interfering. Gerel looked at me.

"After they finish, I want him sent back to Bucharest so he can get him surgery." We stared at each other, and I nodded. "Please show us around Dahla.

"Is she always like that?"

"I just met her because her brother, him, was trying to kidnap her after trying to kill Aya, the woman Gerel loves." They both stared me until Aisha said,

"Family's are fucking insane." We both nodded as Ceba took us to the kitchen.

OlderPete58 64M  
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1/14/2022 2:33 pm

There is more to Ceba than this shows at present and Aisha knows.

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