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take me part 576...edited.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/14/2022 5:21 pm
take me part 576...edited.

Bethany held my hand, and kissed it. We had known each other since we were college. "Tough day?" I looked her and smiled. We were like siblings even though we fooled around a little in college, because that's you do. It just never seemed right to either of us. We didn't have anything problem getting each other off but we never fucked. It ended before we graduated and my dad hired her to take over as the business, and family, accountant-in-training. She was family, and had been ever since, and I was starting to realize that my Ma and Da hired her for all of us, but they really hired her for me, and this, so that I someone I could trust, that knew me before all of what had happened in our lives, because that is a rare gift. Being able to tell someone they being an asshole, no matter how much power they wield, is a rare gift.

"Tough months, love, and they aren't getting easier." She asked me to tell her about Gerel as we drove to her, and Christine's, apartment. "I will but tell me about you and Christine because I have too many balls in the air." She smiled, squeezed my hand, and nodded.

"She hopped one the planes leaving to Canada and stopped at Iceland. She wants to be there to help Chloe, and everyone else." I nodded. "Annika is a handful and Chris's time ran out, at work, even though they want her to come back and are throwing money, and perks, at her, so we'll see. But her is staying in the house with Anna, and she's already hurt Haag, twice, and you, not badly but she's concerned and wants to help as a mom."

"She want's to be involved in the charity end of what we are discussing so I can focus on the business. It's a no brainer but we need to get things lined up because there are a lot of balls in the air and winter is heading to close. We can do damage control until spring and then go full bore." I smiled, and nodded. Both my parents always told me, and reiterated it over, and over, again telling me that I might not be Picasso, or da'Vinci, but I did good quality work in whatever I did.... and I had a sense about people. I could choose good people. They were right about that.

"I think she is going to agree to another six months, maybe year, and just work her ass off, which I sort of understand," as we both laughed. She wants to set aside as much as she can for Emily and jake's future." I looked at her as she smiled. "I know, but she's a single mom and it's important," I nodded, "and they could use the help in Iceland with Annika. I assume you won't be staying long." I nodded and told her I wanted to sleep in my cave. Annika wanted to be a rider and it was looking like she was. I needed to talk with Klara and she wasn't going to happy any way this played out. "Are you hungry?" I smiled and nodded as she shook her head. "Good, because we've been busy. We focused on the top, and the bottom, because that's where the money is. We didn't stop the in between but these projects need something to show, and boy did they do it. I'm excited for you to see it during the day because it really has come along way. Before Annie left, she and I met with two people who walked into my dingy office, without an appointment, and endeared themselves to me. He gave me his plan and told me what he wanted to do. I was impressed with them, and their Chutzpah, and I called Annie so we could meet him the following day." I stared at her as she smiled.

"You will like them Daniel. He and his fiance are pregnant. They are almost 30 and he moved here from Sweden after she told him about we were doing. He flew out immediately." I said wow! "Annie and I said the same thing but wait until you see his place. Half is done.... reasonably priced breakfasts, and then sandwiches, soups, and salads, and take out bread, meat, and cheese for lunch." I stared her. "I know, right, and they are almost thirty. They found people in the alleys that they are starting to hire, but because it's been so brutal he started doing soup and breads, and they have cheese, and sausages, and cold meats, but they've been making a different family type meal from various places from around the region. He's a good cook, and they are smart, which is good for us, but Annie and I think they are more. She is more focused on helping but every time I go in for lunch, she is watching everything." I said like you, as she punched me and smiled. "Both of their moms are here to help, which is either good or bad, but the ideas we discussed about this place are starting to come to life and I wanted to introduce you to them, and we can get soup and bread before you leave. I nodded.

"What about the woman with the small place down the alley?" I stared at her and grunted.

"I know love but she is stubborn like you and your family." I nodded. Take me there, please." She nodded. It was closed but the light was still on as I knocked.

"We're closed," She said in Polish. I pounded has I told her, in Polish, that I needed to talk with her. She almost ripped the door open because she was so mad and started screaming at us as Bethany took a step back because she had a meat cleaver. She knew how to swear, that was for sure, and then she looked at me and smiled.

"Babushka." She started crying and hugged me.

"Dragon, you've come back." Bethany said hi and we switched to English. "Come, come because it's still cold. I only have potato soup, sausage, and bread but have warm Koltaczki and tea. There is more than enough. I looked at her. "Stop Dragon and sit, you can chastise me after we eat." I hugged her and kissed her head as Bethany and I asked where plates and bowls were. We ate and caught up, mostly about the alleys because they were important to all of us.

"This nice woman, and the other, told me they'd see to it that I could be on a corner so that my food could get the recognition it deserves once again. I was tempted but I like this alley. It's my home. It's lot's of people's home above what use to be shop. Please don't change that, Dragon. Marnine did what she did to me, but in an odd sense I'm happier because I no longer need recognition. I'd just rather cook good, simple, food from my homeland, and teach young people who want to cook.

"If you could have anything here, in this alley, what would you want?" She at me, and Bethany. I would like fifteen tables, a new kitchen and to have the place spruced up...the whole alley... and,"

"Babushka?" She looked at me with tears in her eyes. She wiped as she looked at both of us.

"I want a lot. We nodded. I want this aleyto be inviting, and safe, and well light. I want the cobblestones restored. The people who live here are old like me, and most of us don't have , or our aren't interested in the knowledge we carry. I want a large kitchen that multiple places could use, but I mostly want ovens to bake numerous things in, and a place that I can cater events and teach young people.... give young a job so that they have something they can be proud of. I had that and want to share it." She was on a roll, which I was glad for because this was we had talked about doing with the clans. "A full bakery, that was my love. I can teach people to cook, and too bake, but baking takes more skill given the food I would teach...and since I am dreaming. I would like a larger place to live, above me, on the corner overlooking the street so I can look out, smile, and enjoy my krupnik in the evening, and my tea in the morning. That's what I want, Dragon."

"This would make you happy, Babushka?" I said it in Polsih but Bethany understood. She helped up her index finger.

"The entire alley, Dragon, all of that would make me happy." I spoke English again so Bethany could understand.

I looked at Bethany, she smiled, and nodded. "It'll be done, you have our word, on all of it. I have things to do tomorrow but I'll back and we'll discuss plans for you, your friends, and the alley, and we'll just going from there farther back. Please meet with your neighbors, and friends here and have them figure out what they need to pass on their craft, or art, and also to stay here. We are going to be building a large community center in town, in many towns of the clans, to do just such a thing on a larger scale, but I am partial to apprenticeships. As far as the flat goes...." I looked at Bethany?

"There is someone looking at it but they only left a message so that corner is yours, Babushka. I'll meet with you and the builder so you can tell him what you want." She stared at us with tears welling, but this is what I wanted and it had to start to with someone and neither Bethany, or I, or Christine for that matter, had living grandmothers. Marnine almost devastated these clans, and this was only one of many grandmothers we needed to help, and one of many alleys.

"Can I afford it?" Bethany hugged her.

"The rent will be reasonable for people and the cost of updates won't factor in. We have engineers, and others, looking at the best ways to provide heat to all units, and possibly light, so you would probably be paying less than you are now, for a bigger, and nicer place. We have a fund we have take because of Marnine and it's safeguarded. We are using that, and the wealth that the clans have amassed to help the people for a change, none of us are Marnine...NONE of us. " We would rather know our elders, and our , and everyone in the middle because how could a piece of gold compare to that." She broke down and cried because her life, and the lives of her family and friends, had not been like that. The lives in all of Europe and Russia had not been easy for them for a long time, some things were changing but not enough. Bethany and I did the dishes as she made tea and took plates for Koltaczki's, which were amazing so she was definitely getting a bakery. I had a whole cave of gold, and I was going to have a talk with Marnine about what she took them over a millennia. I would get it back

We hugged each and Bethany and I walked to the car. "Are we onboard with this sweets?" Bethany looked at me and overlapped her first two fingers and nodded as she kissedme, "Good. I walked her to the car, kissed her, and told I'd leave from but would be back tomorrow, or the day after, depending.

"Take care of the young Dragon...take care of all of them." She kissed me again as I walked back into the alley because I needed practice flying in tight places. I shifted and my wings could barely open. Shit, this was going to be interesting. I looked to my left because something was watching me. It was a cat that was lying against the wall staring at me. It got up, stretched, turned it's back, and sauntered out the alley totally unimpressed.

"I could bar-b-que you, ya' little shit." I looked up, breathed in, flew and bounced off of walls and eaves until I cleared the roof and could fly somewhat normally. Why anyone thought I could be a dragon was beyond me, but I did like flying, even if the stench was a bit much. I flew to Iceland. I'd deal with Marnine, and what she stole from these people, another time, but I had enough to do.

Claw51478 75M
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1/14/2022 8:06 pm

Good read. The Epic Saga continues, Daniel taking care of the clan members, to move them forward and to prosper.

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