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take me part 578...edited and tweaked, hopefully  

dadigan 60M  
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1/15/2022 12:41 am
take me part 578...edited and tweaked, hopefully

I rolled on to Gotland as Elisabeth, ''lisbeth' pounced on me as her Da, which was a start. I squeezed her tight and kissed her cheek as we got up. Stay here and I'll be right back. " She looked at me. "Trust me love, if you can't trust your Da, then what the fuck." She laughed, and nodded. "I'll be right back." I walked up to Karin who was looking me." She popped up to be kissed, which I did, because she was cute..

"I need to amend our last trade." She growled and the water started to boil. "Stop, and listen to me because it'll be a good a trade, I think." She stared at me.


"Before I tell you I'd like to know what happens if you aren't in the ocean?" Karin stared at me and looked away. A terrible choice. We either live free in the ocean, or bound to the land. What if I can give you a third option, Karin? Would that be of value to you?" She jumped and dove, and jumped higher before she splashed me.

"What's your trade, dragon?"

"Am I wrong in thinking that you are in love with ''lisbeth?" She submerged and came up with red coral. "Did you pick that?"

"No, it's lying on the bottom I started noticing things because of you. Are you toying with me?" Karin started to cry. Jesus Christ.

"No, I'm trying to work it out, and I think I can..."

"No you can't, Danael. I either choose one or the other. It's our curse." I nodded.

"Will you give you me a minute?" She nodded. "How many close friends do you have?'

'Eleven, why?" I didn't tell her because she wouldn't believe me." Do they want walk to on land as well." Karin stared at me. She nodded. What if you could be in the sea, and on the land?"

"Could we have with humans, and live as humans but teach our about the the oceans, like the olden times?" I looked a her and held up a finger for her to wait as i went to speak with Gaia.

"What are doing?" I made a deal with a Siren, and she fancy's Elisabeth and Elisabeth likes her, and needs that Love, and it's one less thing for me. BUT, I want to give her eleven friends, her 'Elven' friends, the same gift. I would release all of them from their bonds but I am bound to you as I am Dreka." Gaia howled as lightning struck close enough for me to feel it.

"Apparently not Dragon, but you may not know what you are dealing with. I am curious how you knew they were Elves, and how you plan to deal with eleven Elves who can walk?"

"I'm not sure Gaia, but I haven't been sure of anything since I met Sara."

"Dreka and I agree that your impulse with Elisabeth is important, and she needs someone she can love, but you would be unwise to release all of them at once. We are curious what you do Dragon." I opened my eyes as Elisabeth walked up and Karin looked at me. She hopped out and gave her the red coral as ''lisbeth leaned to kiss her. I could feel everyone watching me, from everywhere, because I wanted to let ALL of the Elves lose from their bonds. I wasn't sure I could, but I could Karin and go from there. Elisabeth looked at me. "I need you to go into town, Love, but not for long." She stared at me.

"You wanted to be my Da.

"You want me to drop you in the ocean again?" She shook her head." "Good, go back to town, now ." Elisabeth pounced on me, bit me, and walked back to town as Karin watched her. I wasn't sure if she mad, or happy.

"Please give me a hand. I promised you what you wanted, but I will not have sex with you because...."

"I did want that dragon but I am in love with your , and I think she loves me but we are only in the water and I want to be on the land with her also." I took her hand and placed my other hand on Gaia, and pushed into the sea through Karin as her friends watched. I hoped this worked. I wasn't sure only that it needed to. Karin looked at me, scared. "Why are you scared?

"I have never walked, and we are losing our memory of walking." I roared as I shifted and churned the oceans, all of them, and pulled from both Gaia and Dreka. I could feel them shake their heads because I was young and didn't realize her friends would shift too. I thought it would just be Karin. Crap. They all stared at me, unsure what to do.

"Can they feel their legs?" This created a whole other set of problems for me, but I wasn't going to be able to fix with that, now?"


"I can't bring them out now, but they'll begin to remember who they are and you will be able to help them. Yes?" Karin stared at me and said Aye!" I stared at her as I smiled,

"Give me your hand lass and step up, the rest of your friends will, too, in time, but not now. Step out of the water, love because someone is waiting to meet you in town." Karin did the unthinkable for a Siren and she walked out of her ocean in order to find the person she loved. She stared at me as she pounced, and bit me, because they always do that to me for some reason, but I'd take it. We walked into town as Airi saw us, and all the people in town were watching. Lisbeth saw Karin, ran at her, and pounced. She didn't shift and they were on the ground, kissing, before they laughed and walked back to her room.

It was a gift that Lisbeth would never know about but it saved me from dealing with Karin because I couldn't out trade her and she would eventually want me. This way they both got to be together. I knew it wasn't over, and I wanted Karin and Elisabeth to have time together, but this was from over because I unlocked the memories of eleven Elves, and they wouldn't wait long. You can't make deals with Sirens without counter deals, so I needed counter deals worthy of their freedom, and I was hoping Lisbeth and Karin would help me because I was going to need more gold. I watched them walk into town as Sara walked up.

"Was I wrong?" Sara stared at me, sadly, and said she had no idea. She probably did but she didn't say. She joined us in town for a feast and celebration because their dragon was no longer angry. We didn't see Elisabeth and Karin, but we ate the fish they brought them, and the town howled at that and celebrated. We were moving toward spring. Sara walked up, looked at me, and kissed me.

"You can't micromanage everything, Daniel, even though you think you can. It's too much for me, and too much for Chloe. It's too much for Annika......

"I woke up in the dark, smelling a fox.

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