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take me part 579...edited, again.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/15/2022 4:39 pm
take me part 579...edited, again.

I sniffed and open my eyes, adjusting to the darkness of the cave and the grey starting to build in the east. "Walk with me bear." Gaia walked outside and headed to the ocean as I stretched and lumbered after her, and yawned because I was still tired and had a lot to do in many places. We walked in silence for a long time, which was fine with me because I liked the smells here. I needed to ask Ama if I could build a cottage here because I would be happy to have a place, like my cave, that I could stay in when I wasn't the bear. A place to read, and think, and ponder. I had a lot I needed to ponder.

"You, Jake, and Emily can start building a cottage here if you like. It's a wise choice given the past and your ambitions." I stared at her. I was losing my sense of propriety with both her and Ama and I stopped walking, and sat, which bears don't do all that often. Gaia walked up and sat too. "What, Bear?"

"Ama said that I was becoming arrogant, and then you make a somewhat snide comment about 'my' ambitions. Why, Gaia?" She stared at me.

"Your power, and abilities, are growing faster than even Sara's and you decide to do things without seeking counsel..."

"With you, and Ama?"

"... yes, but we have been around for far longer, Danael and..."

"And what Gaia? I mean neither of you disrespect but I have not gotten a lot of advice....from any of you. since my life changed. I don't doubt that you were helping me, all of us, but I have been mostly left to figure things out on my own. Marnine gives me insight, and now you both are criticizing me because I am learning my way and doing what I feel is right. I'm the farthest thing from arrogant, but choices need to be made, and I am learning things quickly, and sense things, and know others. Who else will do it?" Silence. I got up and walked over the top her because I was pissed. I knew I would pay a price but I was annoyed. Gaia touched my left leg as I passed and flung me a hundred yards into the ocean. I landed with a large splash and swam back to shore, walked out, shook, shifted, and laughed.

"At least I don't need to take a shower." She shook her head, turned, and kept walking. "What?'

"The reason we've let you deal with things..."


"... things, alone, was to see how you would handle them."

"And Sara?"

"Sara is different. A lot, most, of the things that she needs to do in the future she doesn't know. You've been a Dragon, off and on, for a very long time even though this Dragon is young. The things Sara needs to do she needs help with, guidance. You need to figure out how to stop falling out of the mist." We both laughed. "It's true that we haven't guided you much but there is only so much guidance we are allowed to offer. Dreka wanted to be sure, and Joseph aids him so is bound to his wishes."

"You are beginning to do things that we would have done, that was why Ama said you were getting arrogant."

"Like what Gaia? Like making an alliance with the wolves? Like taking Marnine to you? Like keeping my family safe?" I was angry, again, and sat on the sand as Gaia lied in front of me. "How can I possibly be arrogant when I am barely able to keep all the balls in the air? The balls don't stop Gaia, but we've done OK so far. Do I doubt that you had a plan in that, no, of course not, but doing what I have to do because something is presented to me is not arrogance. It's life." I stood and kept walking, loving that it was getting greyer and dawn was coming because I missed my family.

"And the monks, and Aydar, and now Karin, and soon her friends. What of that?" I was silent as I walked.

"It hurt my heart to end those monks, but they were too powerful to let them live. I lived there so who else, Gaia? Would you have killed them....Dreka? They came after my family, as did Aydar and, frankly, the only reason he is alive is because of the girls. They wanted me to keep them safe and didn't want me to kill him if I didn't have to. Aisha and I got shot in St. Petersburg doing the same thing because of that in case you have forgotten."

"I haven't forgotten, Dragon."

"I think my actions have been sound, and right, even with Karin and her friends..."

"... the Elves in your stories are not the Elves that were banished to the seas and you are giving twelve of them access to the land once again."

"How long ago were they banished?"

"Before modern times."

"And they are the same Elves, they don't reproduce together, like us?" Gaia was silent. "Karin said that she was forgetting how to use her legs..... that's wrong Gaia. Period. I wanted to release all of her friends, but I just released their legs out of respect to you and Ama. Everything I have done is counterintuitive, but that's who I am, apparently. I have more pregnant women in my life then is sane, and I will likely have more before things shift. I have a family in two different times, and that will probably change. I died saving someone who's descendant I married. I made alliances with wolves throughout time...and I'm a fucking dragon."

I understand the threat, but I also love Karin, and she loves me. I don't know why. Times change Gaia. It's not right that they are kept like that. I will make an alliance with them, through Karin, and Lisbeth, and trade for the riches under the oceans while I ponder how to deal with this.... unless you and Dreka want to help me. If you can give me any idea's on how to get art work, and manuscripts, out of cave that can only be accessed under the water, I would appreciate it, same thing with dealing with Annika."

We were back at my cave. "Find out what cave Karin is speaking about and I'll get them out but the rest is up to you. I agree about saving things that should be saved. If you want the gold then you need get it. Dreka and I are curious how you handle Karin and we'll go from there, same with Annika. We will keep you from going off the rails. They don't know it yet, but they waiting to have breakfast with you, Danael," and the fox was gone. I walked home as dawn was breaking.

cjg045 69M  
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1/15/2022 9:47 pm

Daniels got his butt in hot water with Gaia, but he's working on handling things from there on. I'm reading & rereading the chapters so I don't miss anything. Thank you , Daniel. JOE

OlderPete58 63M  
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1/16/2022 5:52 am

Great story line again.

I think Daneal is learning and they are surprised at how fast he is growing into his position. Being who they are Gaia and Dreka will move with him and start to guide him mopre as he is proving himself to them in many ways.

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