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take me part 584...was  

dadigan 60M  
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1/16/2022 10:44 pm
take me part 584...was

I was losing track of the balls but the was still groing. I stood up without getting pounced on as Annie and Taiiko walked up. I looked at them. "How did you get here?"

"Sara showed us how to use the mist, and we needed to be here."

"Do you roll out?" They looked at me, laughed, and walked away as they motioned for me to follow them. What the . "How is everyone?"

"They're fine, love, don't worry. We explained what was going on. Once we meet the people we need meet, and see family, Sara and I are going back in time. We're all going be busy, mister." I nodded.

"How's Lisbeth?"

"We haven't seen them, but...." they pointed the strait and Karin's friends."

"Can you stay here help them?" They nodded. "Show me where they are, please." They took me to Elisabeth's room and I pounded because I had other places to go. Lisbeth opened the door and jumped on me, naked. "Both of you get dressed and meet me outside in five minutes." I walked back outside as Annie and Taiiko looked at me.

"What are you doing?"

"Something either really smart, or really stupid. We're going to need clothes and places for eleven people to stay." Annie walked off because she was use to dealing with these types of sudden things, and they were related through Ama. Karin and Elisabeth walked up and stared at me.

"How do you like your legs?" Karin smiled and said a lot. "Good, because both of you are going to be busy. Follow me." I walked back to the straight where Karin's friends where waiting, and looking at us. It hurt my heart. "You both learn how focus on other people, care for other people, think about other people. Yeah?" They nodded. I knelt down as they all stared at me, and Karin. "Hold hands." They did as I took the hand of the first in line, put my hand on the ground, pulled from both Dreka and Gaia, even though I didn't think I needed too, and pushed as the seas churned and I let go. was easier for them because they were already using their legs. wasn't fair, or nice, for them watch Karin and I wanted an alliance. Annie walked up the women from the town with blankets, and robes. "Well, come on, get out and start using your legs again." I was sure Ama would be pissed but it was unkind for them to just watch Karin.

"Come sisters." Karin and Lisbeth reached for them and helped them out as the town came out. "Come, it's safe. These are good humans." They climbed onto the shore, probably for the first time ever, and stumbled as we all helped them learn to walk. What was amazing were the numbers of people running down to help them. I helped the last of one out of the water as she fell into me as Annie walked up with a blanket.

"You are Karin's friend, the dragon?" I nodded. She hugged me. "Please release all of us." Annie looked at me as they took them into town to get warm and start to figure things out. Taiiko hugged me.

"You a kind spirit, Dragon. It's why the forest likes you. We'll deal with them, get them settled and come Ama's." I nodded. "'ll be nice all of you with us. I know grandfather will be happy see you." I nodded. "We'll see you soon, love." I opened the mist and fell into Ama's front door, which they opened, annd I fell inside. Sara stared me.

"Why is this so hard?" I got up and walked over to Emily.

" you been through the mist?" She nodded. "Do you fall?" She shook her head as she smiled. "Stumble?" She said no. Crap. "I need you go the Youtube and find the song Starting Over." She nodded as Sara walked up. " Aya and put on speaker." I called Annie. "Are you all together?" She said yes. "Put your phone on speaker. Emily clicked on Starting Over, by Chris Stapleton. Haag walked in because of dinner and the song came on as I looked at them. You could hear a pin a drop as the song played.

"Play again, Em." She did. Can you all here hear me? They all said yes. We are heading for the bumpy patch but if we stick together we can get through this. None of us are going to like but we need do . We a time see people we love, and miss. 's not what I want, but what I want doesn't matter. If we stay together then we can weather anything. If we splinter then we die. We'll see you soon." They said goodbye through tears as Anna ran at me, and leapt.

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