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take me part 586...edited?  

dadigan 60M  
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1/17/2022 5:07 pm
take me part 586...edited?

Even with a cracked rib Haagerstadt was stronger than . We walked in as dinner was being served. It was bittersweet because we always seemed to have something looming over us, or ahead of us, and this time it was all of the people I loved. I needed to talk with Ama later, and maybe Dreka, but for now I was going to enjoy my familly. Emily and Annika walked up smiling and hugged me like they didn't have a care in the world. They wrapped their arms and staked their places on either side of as everyone else smiled. Haag sat at his end of the table, as usual, and the other end was Ama's. The girls, and Jake brought the lamb, potato's, greens, and not even sure what else. There was some cranberry and walnut thing, and the dark rye bread that I liked, and mead. Ama made a heaping plate for Haag that we all stared at.

"It's nice to know that a cracked rib doesn't affect your appetite, Haag. No wonder Ama is buying all these animals." He stuck a fork full of lamb into his mouth as everyone laughed. Why couldn't people just leave us alone. We didn't want to hurt anyone but I knew, without a doubt, that I was going to be hurting people in the not too distant future, but it wasn't now... now we were sharing a wonderful meal as a family.

"Dad, what is Akvavit?" Ama and Haag stared at me.

"It's something you should never drink," Haag nodded. Ama said,

"It's something our forebearer's made to help with the winter's, and the cold, and probably each other. It's hard alcohol from potato's or grain with herbs. I have some but your Da' is right because it's intense. I keep it for certain celebrations." Ama looked at me and smiled. " guessing your Da' had some.

"Bethany had some. Why do you think I fell into the door?" They all laughed and Sara and Chloe said because a klutz and have no clue how use the mist. We spent the next hour eating, laughing, and being a family. I got up and started to take plates to the kitchen and motioned for them to enjoy the fire. They smiled and walked to the couch and chairs as I cleaned the table. Ama tried to help.

"Go be with Klaara, Anna, and Haag, there isn't much time before we have to leave. We can talk later, or tomorrow." She smiled and kissed my cheek as Jake walked up.

"Henry taught me about doing dishes." We both laughed and nodded. "Are you OK with Em and I staying here? Ama and Haag can use the help and Em has been accepted to the University in the fall but she can start to do classes online and they'll be accepted them. She wants to be a Doc and is smart enough for it. Visiting Norway is a few hours so we can see Christine and Bethany, and everyone there, and we can visit you in Japan." I nodded.

", I would rather we all lived in houses on a big piece of property, like your mom, but life doesn't work like that and what I want doesn't matter because it's your lives. However, I do want you both to come to Denver and see everyone.... Sam and Maggie's rugrats are missing you, sure." He nodded. "I love this place, Jake, so I can understand why you'd want to stay, and you can visit anytime you want, just Aunt Tina, or get anyone other than to show you how to use the mist." He laughed as we cleaned and washed like we did Henry's. Jake went and scrunched between Emily and Annika on the couch as Haag told them tales about Vikings. I hung up the towels, grabbed my cloak, and walked outside to a fox staring .

"Are you stalking , Gaia?' She laughed as we walked. How are you with not taking over Dreka's role?" I stared her.

"Why is everyone so focused on that? I was kinda looking forward to learning things but I've been doing OK through trial and error. My parents taught that there is no such thing as a mistake, that it's just something that didn't work and you can take it off of the list. I never wanted to be Dreka. I want to keep my family safe."

"Most humans would choose power, and riches, Danael, and Dreka has both."

"Can he teach me how to walk of the mist without falling, skidding, or rolling?" She laughed again, which was endearing because watching a fox laughing is priceless. " not Marnine, Gaia, I don't care about his power, or wealth, other than to wonder why he doesn't use it to help people. I have access to a cave that has gold in it that I could take at my leisure, and I have sirens as friends, and Elisabeth, but I would be perfectly content in Denver building caskets, or here building a stone cottage, or Japan learning how to make swords, or in the past figuring out how to make a waterwheel. All of you seem to think I have these grand ambitions, I don't. There are things I'd like to do, but I was raised to be simple, to be humble, thankful, and to give. I had good parents, and I attention. I have too many things to do instead of wondering about Dreka." Gaia was quiet as we walked up the driveway in the half moon's light.

"So, you released the other Elves." She kept walking as I looked at her.

"I did, because it wasn't right for them to watch their sister, their friend, be happy on land, but also in the sea. It hurt my heart, Gaia, and my heart hurts enough." She was silent for a bit. "And what happens when all the others realize what you have done? I don't doubt that there good Elves....Karin is lovely, loving, but they aren't all like that. Do you think they will be safe in the oceans again, or Elisabeth?" We bound them to the sea for a reason Danael, they had too much power, and too much greed."

"And how long ago was this, Gaia?"

"A very long time, Dragon...before your time."

"How long do we for the sins of ancestors?" There is never salvation, or redemption? It's Sirens....Elves. We'll work with them but I suspect they will be more interested on being able to walk. I have some ideas, and since not bound by Dreka locking us down to certain places, I can work with them. creating alliances for a reason I don't understand Gaia."

"You don't understand what the Elves turned into. Marnine was nice compared to them at their worst. The rot starts at the top, and Elves live for millennia, be careful Dragon." She nipped my boot, and ran off as I looked at the and passed .

cjg045 69M  
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1/17/2022 8:29 pm

Here we are with another dilema, to many balls in the air & not enough time. I'm enjoying the reading Daniel, though I must reread each chapter a few times to not forget things. Thank you, JOE

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