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take me part 587.....edited  

dadigan 60M  
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1/17/2022 7:17 pm
take me part 587.....edited

I looked around as I got up. I wasn't in Iceland, that was for sure. There was nothing but rocks and sand as far I could see, but this place seemed familiar. I looked for mountains but didn't see any. I could feel the thump of hooves. I reached for my sword, but it wasn't there, nor were my axes. I reached for my knives, none, but the thump grew louder. I looked around but there was no where I could run to, no where I could hide. I tried to shift into the dragon, nothing. The bear, nothing. I tried to shift into a cheetah, on a lark, nothing, but the thumping got louder. I picked up two rocks and waited for my fate. I should have thought about the girls, my , my unborn , and all of the other numerous things we take for granted... but I didn't. I wondered if these were the best rocks as the horses rode up and circled me. I looked around and they all had bows so I was dead, regardless. I dropped the rocks and looked at them as they spoke to me in a language i didn't know yet, but I listened.

There were two in charge, brothers, and they were discussing me,I assumed, as I started to understand. "He's a coward. Look at him, he dropped his rocks as soon as he saw us. We should him and leave him for the jackals and the birds." His brother stared him.

"He's no coward and you would learn that if you fought him, even if he had rocks. I'd likely not have a brother, brother. He's surrounded and we all have bows. How do you fight that with rocks? Why? He is waiting to see what we do" The older brother got off his and took his water bag as he walked up to , unafraid. I didn't move. He handed the water as I nodded and drank.

"Can you understand ? Do you know our language?" I was going to shrug but I didn't, I drank instead and handed him back the skin.

"I can understand enough. I am Druk and I don't want to hurt you, or your people." He laughed as he reached his arm and I took it.

"That is good, Druk. My brother thinks you are a coward. I think you are wise man. A warrior of a kind I have never met. I, for one, would not want to fight you even if all you were rocks, especially not then. Walk with me Druk. I am Dreka, and these are my lands as simple as they are." We walked past the circle of horses. "Give him your food bag rider." The rider handed me his food. "Why are you here Druk?" I reached inside the bag because I suddenly realized I was famished and grabbed dried meat and some bread. I looked at him before I ate.

" not sure Dreka. This might be a dream as I took a bite of meat and Dreka cut my arm with his knife as I growled.

"Do they bleed in dreams where you come from, Druk?" I wiped the blood on my finger and tasted it. "Eat Druk, we have many miles for you to walk unless you want to be tied on a horses' ass." I growled again. "I didn't think so. Eat and drink my new friend, and fear not because you have the Khan's protection. I am intrigued by you because you understood our language so quickly. You will be safe...I give my word and when we get back to camp you will be treated as a guest and we can truly talk." I nodded as I ate and we began to walk to their camp.

I opened my eyes as they were shaking me. " cold." Thankfully I wore my cloak. Sara and Chloe helped .

"You're worse than Haagerstadt when it comes to getting into trouble. Why we keep either of you around is beyond me. Jake, you and Em run to the house and put wood on the fire and water on for tea." They told their ma ok as they ran off. Ama was staring at me but didn't say anything. We walked inside as Haag was finishing his second dessert.

"You're a marvel, Haag." He laughed as we walked to the couch. " fine, but thank you."

Sara said, "Then why were you lying unconscious in the driveway when it's degrees outside? You need a keeper."

"I didn't plan to pass to out, sweets. I was talking with Gaia, she left and I passed out and was having the weirdest dream." Ama asked about it so I told them because it seemed real. Silence as they looked each other.

"What happened?"

"I don't know because you woke up but he said was Dreka and was the Khan, and we were going to his camp." Ama walked outside to the ridge as I drank butter tea.

OlderPete58 63M  
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1/18/2022 2:36 pm

Ama knows more than she is letting on!

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