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take me part 588... edited and tweaked a bit, again.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/17/2022 10:19 pm
take me part 588... edited and tweaked a bit, again.

I had too much to do, and too many places to be, in two different times and now I was having visions of Dreka, before he was a dragon. I chalked that up to the hard stuff. We had bread pudding and then I dozed off on the couch as Haag finished a story about Viking glory, which was why it didn't matter if they won, or they lost, because it was glory on both ends. I was tired, very tired, but Ama hadn't come in. Everyone headed for bed as I grabbed my cup and walked up to the ridge. Ama and Gaia were talking as I walked up. They looked at me as Gaia sat, and didn't smile.

"This is important, Danael, you said there was nothing around you but sand and rocks. Is that true?'

"Nothing else." Ama and Gaia looked at each other, arguing. "What?" Ama spoke.

"We think you are remembering your ancient past, before either of your dragons and that's not going to be pleasant...not because of you, because you can take pain, it won't be pleasant because of the ones you couldn't save.

"Like now."

"Like now" I growled and began to shift as Gaia bound me. "You can't beat Dreka, even as old as he his, even if you think you need to, you can't. He's too powerful." I stared at them.

"Where does he stay?"

"In caves in the mountains of Tibet."

"And where are you, Gaia, Ama? Where's Marnine? Is he stronger than you, or all of us combined? How does he have this much power?" They stared at me in silence.

"You seem to let the worst out and then ring your hands as if there is nothing that can be done. Anna and I stopped Marnine as a bear and lion. You're Gaia, bring his cave down, bury his treasure, but get those girls out, and he will have no place vent but here. I have a rider, and I went unconscious"

They looked at me and laughed. "Love, Dreka would destroy you in five minutes and then yawn." Gaia nodded. There"'s no doubt that you are brave, dragon, but you are young and Dreka has fought many dragons...."

"So has Aisha, if I'm not mistaken. I don't want you to do it now, but it will happen because he seems to the one trying to destroy my family, and I won't stand for that. I don't care how big he is. I'll take care of my family." They looked at me, and nodded as I shifted without mist and went back to Irina. I didn't fall, which was nice, but it was different, empty, like it was real but not real. Wolf walked up. "What happened?"

Another dragon came, with men, and bound the people."

"My family?" He stared at me and howled in anguish because it was his family too. 'How long have I been gone?"

"Most of a season, maybe longer. They tried but how do you fight a dragon. They felt that you abandoned them." I nodded.

"Are any of the witches alive?"


"Hammish and Ilsa?" He lowered his head.

"Men aren't like wolves, or bears.... maybe dragons because there was no mercy." I nodded and asked him to take me to the witch. He stared at me. "She scares us.'

"Take me brother, you'll be fine." Wolf and I walked into the forest and up the mountain to a cave, a nice cave. I walked around as wolf yipped and a woman walked out, stared, and sent a bolt of energy at me. I grabbed it my left hand and sent into Gaia with my right as I stood and said stop. She stopped and then walked forward.

"I mean you no harm, sister, ...."

"I know who are dragon. Where were you when you could have helped these people, my people...my sisters. Force needs force, dragon."

"Tell me what happened, sister." She made us tea as I looked around. She told me about the dragon Dreka sent looking for a girl and the havoc he rained down upon them when she wasn't here.

"And the people here?" She was quiet

"They all fought, with the wolves, it's hard to fight a dragon, and soldiers, at the same time without another dragon."

I woke up on the couch, with wool over me, as the fire was dying. Everyone was asleep as I put more wood on the fire, stoked the coals, and went back to sleep. I wasn't sure what was real and what wasn't but I needed to talk Ama about many things, but especially traveling without the mist.

OlderPete58 63M  
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1/18/2022 3:20 am

Dreka is playing games and does not wish to give up his powers.

Anna must be kept away from him.

Oh Daniel what a turn of events, you certainly know how to complicate matters.

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