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take me part 590... edited, again  

dadigan 60M  
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1/19/2022 9:36 pm
take me part 590... edited, again

"Will you please stop hitting me. Holy crap, it's me," and that's when Malinka and Sofi fell onto and bit me as Irina laughed and put her stick down. I needed either Airi, or Kana here to teach these people how to fight and I needed to speak with Yoshi about a blade smith, which would be fun to watch. Hopefully I was overreacting. I stood and hugged them along with Aisha.

"After breakfast you can go to Hammish and Ilsa's because Hammish needs help with a deer and Daniel said he'd do your chores while Irina and I catch up." She looked at me and smiled, "What, you're still my dragon. You get water and I'll chop wood. Girls, help your mom with breakfast. It's cold outside. I kissed Irina and said hi as she hugged me, poured me milk, and pointed to the door as i shook my head and walked out. It was still snowing but not as hard. I hated spring snowstorms, especially in the sixteenth century. I headed to the spring as Aisha whistled and I turned.

"Are we still going to see Dreka?"

"I'm not sure. We can talk later. I'm thinking about what the witch said about being wise. Chop extra wood and if I'm not back in a half an hour come look for me. I turned as we both laughed. I trudged through the snow as Wolf did the and came beside me. "You hate winter snows as much I do?" He growled and was silent.

"Is another dragon coming, Danael?" I told him that I didn't know and was trying to figure out and then told him my dream. "This Dragon in your dream, is he the the leader of the dragons, or another like you?"

"I don't know, brother. I'm hoping I misunderstood." He nodded.

"I know this witch we went to your dream. She helped me as a pup when I got hurt, but she scares us because of her power. I think it would be wise to do as she said and learn from her. Your power and abilities are growing at least weekly, if not daily, all of the pack sees it. You are already a dragon, with magic, do you think this Dreka will teach you that which could harm him, even if he is old? The old are often the most stubborn." I nodded as I found the capstone to the spring and started fill the two buckets. 'We will stand by you however we must, but it's easier to drink from the stream." He yipped.

"And when it freezes?"

"We friends with axes." He howled and trotted away as two wolves rubbed against me, their version of counting coup I supposed. I walked back the house and stomped as the door opened and I walked inside to the water barrel. I lifted the lid as Aisha walked up and looked at me, and then looked inside.

"See if they a stiff brush of some kind, and either vinegar, or salt. If not then find a strong piece of wood and make a scraping edge get the slime off the sides, as much as you can. Keep the water in these buckets. I'll take the other two and fill them and be back. Use the water in the barrel. If they both vinegar and salt then mix some of each, not too much because both are precious but 'll clean off the slime on the sides and bottom. Dump the water away from anything that grows something and scrape as much as you can. We can use coals burn off the rest after we dry ..' She nodded and smiled as I went back into the snow.

"Ladies, I need to show you something important, and probably Hammish and Ilsa and everyone in town, along with your coven so I'm going to need your help, loves." I grabbed the buckets and headed back to the spring both smiling and shaking my head. They didn't know but I was amazed as many humans survived as had. I got water, put the capstone on, spread snow around it, and walked back to the house. I knocked snow off myself, opened the door and walked in to breakfast and merriment. Sofi and Malinka were taking turns sticking themselves halfway into the barrel, laughing, as they scraped and scrubbed. Irina and Aisha were drinking tea at the table, laughing, as I walked up. needs the internet a good time. Irina stood, hugged me, and grabbed my balls as she kissed me.

"Thank you for that, Danael. Aisha told us and we'll spread the word." I took the water to the counter. Use some of the silver, or trade, next time you go to the village and get extra salt, sugare, or honey, and vinegar. You won't need to mix too much vinegar and salt if you clean the barrels when the water runs low after one several fillings. When starts get a green tint then clean them, and do the with the animals, just rinse the barrel, or whatever, out before before you refill them." She smiled and handed me porridge bread and honey as I kissed her.

We sat watching them. "They are having so much fun and don't even realize it's work." Irina wrapped her arm through mine and put her head against my arm. She was SO like Chloe it uncanny.

"That's because it's not work them yet but they will be bickering in two days...trust me. "Aisha looked at me and smiled.

"You're doing the barn but I'll take the girls Hammish help with the deer and so they can show off about how smart they are. Don't use all of your strength. It's still snowing. Come on girls, leave that and we can finish it later. Dry off and get into warmer clothes. Daniel is doing your chores today." They screamed and and ran at me before getting dressed. They all would been too in Denver but they weren't in the late fifteen hundreds. I had an odd life. Malinka and Sofi ran the barn get the wagon and hitch the mule and they headed Hammish and Ilsa's help them and say hi as I went the new bed make love with Irina. It could been a worse life.

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