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take me part 595...edited?  

dadigan 60M  
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1/24/2022 5:11 pm
take me part 595...edited?

I walked out of the woods as Jake and Emily walked out of the barn and we stared each other for half a second before Em bolted toward me and launched. She bite my neck muscle, looked up , smiled and said, "hi." I laughed because what other response was . I put her down as Jake walked up and hugged me.

"What, no running?" He smiled and shook his head. "What are you doing here, and how did you get here.... and did you fall of the mist?' They both rolled their eyes. Emily said,
"Dad, you are the one falls out of the mist. We all think 's because you usually smell like the dragon, or the bear. Mom came back and we talked and she said we needed be here until we figured things out and Ama and Haag agreed. Mom left and we finished helping and Ama opened the mist for for us. Mom said bring paper and pencils and the bag you had hidden under the bed." Jake lifted . "She also said we a new brother and he's getting a new , is that even a thing?" I told them, as we walked to the fire, about Hammish and Ilsa adopting him and how he had been abandoned and the ceremony is meant to build a bond as a family but that was already being done. They both nodded as Hammish turned, smiled, and gave them both a bear.

"Uncle Hammish, we can't breath." He laughed.

"This is my and you'll learn his when they do. This is Emily and Jake. They are family from a different place. They are your brother and sister." He nodded and hugged them. "Take them in Ilsa because this a welcome surprise." He nodded as they walked off.

"Jake," he turned. "Give the bag Aisha and tell her I said give her." He nodded. This was disconcerting because I was already beginning feel uneasy but had no idea why and now Chloe had them bring the bag that had all of my bladed, and training, weapons. Hammish handed me a glass of mead and some pheasant, which was amazing. "Is that a cranberry?" He smiled and nodded. He was in another world because he was so happy. "Can we take a quick walk the barn?" He said yes and asked his friend watch the meat.

"What is my friend?"

"I/we want do something for your but I wanted speak with you and Ilsa first, I'll leave Ilsa you." He laughed and slapped me on my back. He was like Haggerstadt. My was like that, fricking blacksmiths. I pointed the deer hanging in the barn. We more than we need, and Wolf said they are fine, which I'm not sure I believe, but I want give the oldest half deer your after he gets his so that he can introduce himself Wolf, his mate, and his pack, properly.." was rare see Hammish tear up. "I spoke with Wolf about having one of the females teach Malinka and Sofi about the forest, animals, tracking... man... and being in a pack. Malinka and Sofi limited time but they already know a lot. I thought it would be valuable for him as well but I want him present himself Wolf with a . Wolf knows my thought but I want your understand the importance of friendships, and alliances, even if they seem odd. Hammish stared at me before giving me a bear hug.

"I will speak with Ilsa but she'll agree as I do you, thank you brother. I'll come back and help you break this down for the wolves." I told him that I would do it and to stay with his friends, and guests. He nodded, shook my arm, and walked to the house as Aisha walked up. Holy crap.

"Are we going to war, mister?" They always seemed to be mad at me and I was pretty sure Aisha had either died, and transcended it, or had lived a REALLY long time. "You mind filling me in?" I shrugged, which was the exact wrong to do as she screamed and pounced, tackling me and biting me on my back as I laughed and kept hitting the ground saying, "No mas!" She stopped as we both laughed and helped each up to see Sara, Annie, and Chloe...thank God Janey and Alison weren't . They stared at us arms folded.

"Is something you want tell us about?" We both laughed and Aisha told them about the bag. They smiled, and nodded.

"I told Jake to bring just in case. We are all uneasy." I nodded. "We all need talk tomorrow, you too Aisha since are family. We spoke with the witch about Annika, and the things going on with us, and our extended family's, and Aya, and you....and Dreka."

"Sounds like a long conversation." They all smiled and shook their heads.

"How you do understatement so well is beyond us, but yeah, it's a lot. We didn't want to interfere with tonight because it's a huge deal, and we wanted as many of us here as as possible." I nodded.

"I need to finish this so if you'll excuse me, ladies." They, of course, asked what I was doing and then all got tears in their eyes as they came up and kissed me, Sara was the last.

"That's good, Daniel. You are a natural at this." I asked about Elisabeth and Karin, and the Sirens.

"Elisabeth and Karin are wonderful, totally in love and Elisabeth is totally different. She's nice, pleasant, happy, smiling. The town loves their dragon and she loves her town. Ama did well with that tidbit." I smiled. "The others are having a harder time because they didn't knowing you like Karin, and they don't know how be out of water yet. The town is trying to help, and the sirens are learning the language, the water is all they ever knew."

"They should be able to be in both."

"They can, love, your magic was fine. I no idea how you could do that, none if us do, but that's not the problem, mister." I nodded

"I'll go after I stop feeling uneasy." She smiled, nodded and kissed me as she went back to the house. I pushed outward from us to try and keep whatever was coming away until after the ceremony. Everyone else was oblivious as I finished cutting up the meat and and washed up, again.

"We are uneasy, brother." I washed in the sands of the stream and nodded.

"So am I, but I don't why."

"Your dream?" I looked at him.

"I hope not, brother."

"We patrols on the road, and the back, and on both sides just in case. Our pack has expanded because we begun welcoming lone wolves among us and showing them our ways, most stay but some don't. We've been observing your family, and 's ways, and incorporating them into our pack." I smiled.

"Brother, don't use us a guide for humans." He laughed and butted me.

"You are half human, which is why we get along as we do. What word is that you use for family?'


"Yes, your clan is very similar to our pack but you different wisdom that we don't just like we skills that you don't. We learn from each other." I knelt and Wolf put his head on my chest as I scratched his neck, shoulders, and ears while he laughed. I'll push you if we see, or sense, something." I told him thank you as he trotted off. I pushed and didn't feel anything except unease but nothing specific. I walked to the house as Sara, Chloe, Klaara and Annika were walking with the old witch, Abieta. She walked up to me and stared at me stronger than anyone ever had, even my Ma, as she took my hands..

"I spoken with Ama, and Gaia, and they both said that you want build stone huts. Is that true, Dragon?" I nodded. "Good, then you can start with me ." She pointed her staff Klaara and Annika. "They can be your helpers." I looked at her.

"Babcia, I many pregnant women attend ." She laughed.

"We all know, dragon. You thrown things into a tizzy. Trust me Dragon. I expect to see all of you in a month." She laughed, turned, and vanished.. I looked at Sara and Chloe but they just shrugged and went back inside. Jesus Christ. I shook my head and went inside. as well. was organized chaos. The fried rabbit, and Hammishs' grilled the trout was and brought it in. It was waiting, like the pheasant, which were draped in moist clothes, as were was the other meat. They were arranged around the hearths, along with the breads and veg. Each had moist clothes draping them and were just close enough keep them . These were not dumb people, which I already knew. The rabbit stew was done, but the roosters took longer so it was on a rolling boil. It was a lot of food. I asked if I could help. Ilsa shook her so I poured some milk and started to walk outside. I wanted people to think I was drinking with them, without drinking with them. Aisha looked at me and smiled. I walked over.

"Where's my bag?" She took my hand and closed the blankets and pointed. I put my knife belt on under my cloak and took out the sword Yoshi gave me. "Take this and leave yours here because these are the weapons are, besides us. If is something, and 's bad, you'll want this." How do you kill a dragon?"

"As a dragon, or a human?"


"As dragons, you fight until the strongest, or smartest wins, but 's devastating for both. As humans, 's luck but the best way is the brain, either the base of the skull where the spine meets, or at the base of the throat and the chin. The first goes down, and the other goes up but are scales so 's not easy.... that's why you want Yoshi's blade." I nodded and walked outside as Aisha followed. "Do you know something?"

"No, but I had that dream and everyone is feeling uneasy..."


"....and you aren't flying with me." She almost went ballistic.

"Stop, Aisha. I don't a rider, Ama said so. I just need learn how a rider. If is a dragon, which I'm not sure is, then I'd be better off on my own since I am going by my gut, and instinct." She wasn't pleased but she nodded because I was right. "Aside from the girls, and Hammish, you are the true warrior. You impressed Taiiko, Kana, and Airi." She stared .

"I did?'"

"I nodded. If my dream comes pass I need you on the ground because I will bring the other dragon down, but might come you and Yoshi's blade, and won't break." She hugged me because she knew I was right with this one. "I hope it doesn't come pass." Everyone walked outside. Hammish had torches placed around the fire, which was great for the wolves so they could get closer because they were very curious about the ceremony and I was sure I would a long conversation with Wolf later. Hammish spoke.

"Everyone, please gather around the fire and take a glass of mead. Ilsa and I thank you for coming the naming ceremony for our . We are honored by the attendance on such a night, and for the gifts after such a hard winter. As most of you know, Ilsa and I couldn't , until this man showed up in our lives. He has no parents, and we no ...no , and that is important carry forward what the parents built; what the parent learned in life. Gaia brought us together and we wanted our family, friends, and neighbors to be present.

Ilsa and I thought long on this because a is an important thing for anyone. My people were Norse, and Rus, and Ilsa's people were from the German lands. We tried find a that merged the two but also fit this man, even though we just begun know him, no easy task, believe me." Everyone laughed as they sipped their mead. " was my lovely wife that remembered a from when she was , and an orphan as well, that we knew. I will leave the rest Ilsa. More mead." Everyone yelled because they had already plenty but was cold, and was a celebration. Ilsa kissed Hammish in such a gentle way that everyone cheered without being able stop themselves.

"Like my new , I never knew my parents. I was adopted by the Romani, Gypsies, but my parents, and new family, loved me as their own just like my family here loves our new like our own. Blood can never compare Love." Everyone clapped. "They named me Ilsa which is why I told Hammish that we had to a naming ceremony." Everyone laughed. "Hammish's lineage, and mine, share a that we both knew, a that is good, and strong, and fits our new ." You could hear a pin drop. Hammish spoke.

"Stand up and come us." He had tears streaming down his cheeks, along with everyone, as he walked up and joined his parents. They took hands. "Your new , if you choose, is Alfher." You could hear the inhalation of breath. "Your Ma's people that for a , and my people the but with a different spelling. It is a good , a strong ." Ilsa looked him.

"They both mean 'Elf warrior. Elves had great wisdom and knowledge, and were amazing warriors, and while neither of us want you be a warrior, we think you that spirit if the way you went after your Uncle is an indication." Everyone laughed because are no secrets in a town as as their's..

"That is the your ma' and I chosen for you, if you accept then all will know you as Alfher." He hugged them both, and kissed them, turned, and said,

"I am Alfher, of Hammish and of Ilsa." He looked the woods before he looked back us, as I smiled. "Thank you for coming and honoring my parents, my family, and me. Let's feast." Everyone cheered as I looked the girls. They all started go inside as we looked at each other.

"Holy Crap, how old is he?" Sara said a older than Annika. " are these people?" All their friends followed Hammish, Ilsa, and Alfher inside eat as I pushed and looked up. Nothing. Wolf nudged me as the girls listened.

"'s a powerful , and is fitting, but power can go two ways. You and the big man need temper him because he is untrained. is wise what you are doing with your gift but I am sending another wolf with Utta with help them. His Ater. They will likely mate but is not their time yet. My friend, you will need temper this , hard, in order turn him into a man befitting his new ." He butted me and yipped at the girls as he ran off.

Annie asked, "do you talk like this all of the time, and how can we understand ?" I smiled as I kissed her and walked them the house enjoy our family and friends. What an odd life. I wished I could shake the sense of unease I left as we walked inside and Hammish bear hugged each of us in succession.

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1/24/2022 9:17 pm

Another great chapter in the life of Daniel & all of his women. The unease that is felt around is what I commented on previously, Something is coming to dinner. Until next chapter, stay well my friend. JOE

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