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take me part 598...edited????  

dadigan 60M  
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1/26/2022 10:09 pm
take me part 598...edited????

I breathed and got ready to go into the mist when I was jerked back and thrown onto the ground. Ilsa and Klaara were staring down at me. I assumed Emily was with Chloe. I looked up and smiled, which was the exact wrong thing to do. They stared at me, screamed, and stomped off. Shit! I got up, slowly, and followed.

"Will you two please slow down. Jesus Christ, I'm hurt." They both spun around and walked at me as I back peddled. Stop. Why are you mad at me?" They glared at me, turned, and walked off!!!! "Stop. Talk with me, please. I'm not totally dense. It's obviously about Annika and Alfher." They spun back around and growled. "Fine, do what you wannnn...." They both pounced and knocked me to the ground as they bit me. I breathed, winced, growled under my breath, and basically took it. They finished, helped each other up, and walked away hugging one another.

"That's it, then? You're just going to leave me lying here, injured. Nice!" I stood up, shook my head and opened the mist, again, and stepped through quickly and tumbled into ferns as goats looked at me, while one jumped onto my chest. I looked at them and smiled because who doesn't like baby goats. "You, are going to be something else," as I go up with the goat in my arms and Marnine walked out.

"I see you've met Loki." I stared her. "I know you've already met Loki which was I named this little hellion, Loki." She kissed me on the mouth as she petted the goat. I handed it too her as she smiled. "We've all missed you love. The girls will be SO happy that you're here." I didn't mention that they had tried to kill everyone I loved. "I'm guessing that you are here for the energy falls. You are certainly putting them their paces, you little scamp. Your friend will be fine, in time. He's safe here. You think I was a handful, just wait until you deal with Dreka when he's angry, and he's very angry at you sweets."

"Am I losing my mind?" She nodded.

"More than likely, love, but on the plus side what you did for me, and the girls was the absolute best thing ever. We love it here, and we have baby goats, go figure. Can you stay a bit after you attend to whatever?" I shrugged. "Do try, love, because we all miss you. They are at the falls." I was definitely losing my mind. I turn and walked to the falls. Ama and Gaia looked me as bodies seemed to be everywhere. Ama walked up.

"You certainly know how to create a situation, I'll give you that."

"How is he, Ama?"

"Between his magic, and the falls, Arad will be fine. Two of the wolves will be fine, but one isn't doing well. A female who risked her life saving one of your people." I could feel Gaia watching me.

"Please take me to her, Ama." The she-wolf was lying comfortably on wool as I stared at Ama.

"We had to make a choice. We could help both of them, or her, but she is injured inside. I squatted and picked the wolf up wool and all.

"Open the mist to my cave on Iceland, Ama." She smiled and nodded. "Help me not to fall." The mist opened and I finally walked out at home. I breathed my air, and heard my sounds. It was still cold so I built a fire under the chimney opening and laid the wolf down as I knelt and called upon Gaia but a woman in shimmering silver-white appeared as I looked her. She spoke a language I had never heard, but was beautiful, like water dripping over rocks and that was when the runes started to appear, emblazoned on the cave wall. I could feel others around me but I only saw the woman. She knelt and placed her hands on the wolf's body and it glowed silver-white. The woman looked at me.

"Danael, you are known to us, even more so after Alfher. How is that you are as powerful as you are?" I stared at her.

"Can you help this wolf?" She looked at me and touched my cheek as she smiled.

"Your friend will be fine, Dragon, worry not."

"What is your name, Elf?" She smiled.

"We underestimated all of you, Dragon. We didn't pay attention until Karin, but you got our it when you unbound Karin's friend's." I bowed my head. "What Dragon?"

"I need to go there and be with them, help them adjust because Karin is a basket case, but things never seem to stop.

"My name is Aerin. I will see to the wolf, you have my word." She knelt and kissed me. I woke up with something staring at me. An owl was perched on my leg, looking at me. I didn't move because I love owls. We stared at each other for a while until I pushed.

"I'm Danael." It screeched and flew into the darkness with no sound. "That figures." I stood up and was immediately tackled and sent tumbling. I opened my eyes and Karin was smiling at me, with Elisabeth looking over her shoulder.

"Hello, Mister. We've missed you but you've been busy." She kissed me as I nodded. We are SO amazingly happy you have no idea. Thank you, thank you, thank you." I couldn't fault either of them because they were innocents. They had no idea how to be in this world, that was on me. I looked at both of them.

"How are your sisters?" They stared me, confused, and then gasped and ran back to town. "'s OK, I can get up just fine." I shook my head and started walking to town as I felt something odd and looked up and all of Karin's friends pounced on me at once as I rolled and slid, at least they weren't biting me.

"Will you stop.... NO! Get you hands out of me. STOP . Jesus Christ." I pushed and knocked them off and stood up looking at them. I should listened. "Don't you do it. I mean it. Don't make me mad. Shit." They pounced and that was when Aerin walked up, smiling, and they stopped, and bowed as I watched wondering who Aerin was. She looked at me, smiling.

"You provide a great deal of entertainment, Dragon. Your wolf friend is healed, and sleeping. You can take her back when we are finished here. Extend your left hand." I did as she spoke what I thought was a combination of Gaelic and old Norse. A blue stone appeared above my palm as she kept speaking. She placed her palm over mine and pressed into my palm as I collapsed. I woke at my cave. It was brutally cold because there was a storm coming off the North Atlantic. I added more wood, shifted into the bear and fell asleep next to the wolf. I was tired, very tired. I had no idea how long I was asleep and if everything I remembered was a dream but the licking wouldn't stop.

"What?" She yipped, smiled, and pranced around. Aerin was true to her word. "I'm glad you are better, and thank you." She butted me and pranced off, exploring. "OK, I'll take you to the ocean." She yipped, and ran because she could smell it. I lumbered after her, waking up and wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. I just prayed that letting the sirens become Elves again didn't mean I had to marry them too. I was SO in over my head.

The wolf came running back, scared and growling, as she stood by me. Haagerstadt walked out of the fog carrying a blacksmith's hammer. He saw me and smiled as I knelt.

"This is my brother, Haag. He is a friend and won't hurt you. He scares all of us." She butted my leg but didn't move until I did and she followed. We walked up to Haag and he and I knelt as the wolf looked at us. She walked up to Haag and smelled him, licked his hand and started prancing as Haag laughed.

"She wants to see the ocean." He laughed and ran to the ocean with the wolf following him. I shuddered to think but I couldn't help smiling as I walked over the hill and they were frolicking in the surf. The wolf kept biting the waves because they didn't stop until she decided to chase Haagerstadt, and then vice versa. They were like a couple of at the ocean for the first time. I sat and watched them, smiling.

"You have quite the family, Danael." Aerin took my hand as we watched them. "I have sent aids to help the sirens transition but they still need you in their lives because you set them free and they feel a debt to you." I looked at her.

"Am I dreaming?" She kissed my cheek as we watched Haagerstadt and the wolf playing in the ocean.


"They don't owe me anything. I feel bad because I didn't think about how to help them with all that is going on, and it makes me...."

"You have a tendency of being too hard on yourself, Dragon. You gave them access to both the land and the sea, and I'm sure Gaia is miffed by that." I nodded. "Good, She has kept them in the ocean for longer than you can fathom."

"What about good elves and bad elves?" She was quiet and looked me.

"What about good humans, and bad humans?" I was quiet and stared at her. We just want our people back. What happened was from before time, before dragons. I looked at her.


"You, all of you shifted everything. You ripped the web, and you will need us. You are the only one that could do this. They don't want you to but..." that was when Karin, Elisabeth, and the other Sirens popped above the surface as Haag and the wolf stared at them. I exhaled as I got up and extended my hand to Aerin to help her up. We walked to the ocean as I let go of her hand and she stood watching me as I walked into the ocean up to my waist and put my hands in the water and these words In Gaelic, my Da's language, came out of me.

"May the hills lie low
May the hills lie low,
May the sloughs fill up,
In thy way.

May all evil sleep,
May all good awake,
In thy way."

I pushed into the oceans and the tides went backwards. I thought I had created a tsunami, but the water flowed back as I felt beings coming toward me. They all walked past me and touched my hands in the water and disappearing back to their land, I supposed. It lasted a long time but they kept coming and they all did the same thing, touched my palms as they left the ocean. I turned to look at Aerin and she had tears in her eyes. I wasn't sure how long I was standing in the water but it was past noon. Haag and the wolf were curled up and napping on the sand but Aerin was staring at me. I pushed one more time, and waited. Nothing. I walked out of the ocean Aerin looked at me, which made me confused. I was freezing as I walked up. She touched my face, kissed me, and wrapped me in her cloak.

She smiled. "You and I are a great deal alike, Dragon. We give endless grief to those in power because we do what we trust. Thank you because you will pay for this my new friend. She took my hand, squeezed, and was gone. I still had her cloak which was made of gossamer, and other things... all I knew was that I was warm. I nudged Haagerstadt. He grunted and yawned as the wolf opened her eyes as well.

"Did I disturb you?" They both smiled, yawned, and stretched. I could feel the wrath building. I'd rather it be here because I consider this my home, and there were few trees. Haag and the wolf looked at me as I smiled.

"Sassa is staying here with me, Danael." They kept looking up. "She likes the ocean, and she likes me. I would rather sleep with someone I care for, than with someone I don't, and Sassa feels the same. We are happy even if 's odd. I smiled and knelt as Sassa walked up and stuck her head into my chest as a sign of respect, which I didn't need....but needed to get use to. Shit!

"I'm happy you are better, Sassa." She tried pushing but couldn't so she yipped. "I'll come back and we can practice pushing but my will be here soon, again, because they don't want to leave this place just like I don't. You can practice with them until I get back." She yipped and pranced, and ran away as Haag stepped back. "Hello, Gaia.

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