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take me part 603...edited, and updated? It was late when I wrote it before.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/29/2022 1:54 am
take me part 603...edited, and updated? It was late when I wrote it before.

Taiiko ran to her sisters as I stood, watched, and thought about Dreka and what to come, and what I had to do, and Neil came into my mind and I heard the entire song, Powderfinger, as I watched my family, and my new family, which everyone had already adopted, and prayed things would work out as I listened in my head. Hammish and Ilsa saw me as Ilsa walked up.

"You are not here, Dragon." I shook my head. "Where are you?" I told I far in the future listening to a song I know that reminds me what we are going through. "Can you ever be here with us, Danael?" I stared at her as the music stopped in my head.

"I'm not sure, Ilsa." She kissed me, and walked away as the song continued with me at more places than I could barely take in, but I did and it included Sofi, and that when the songs started. Shit, because I wanted to be with them but Neil finishing Powderfinger, and singing it to me, and then the Band started with the "The Weight" and then 'Cripple Cree" I'm guessing for fun because the last song before I stopped and growled, "Acadian Driftwood." I could feel Sara and Chloe watching me, concerned. I kept listening as I watched everyone. I growled, shifted, and disappeared as they screamed. I figured I had the advantage because I blamed Dreka for the loss we were all feeling. I could feel Arad stir. We'd know once and for all. I shifted in Dreka's cave as I snarled, and walked to him, unarmed. He knew I there, but I didn't care. I walked into into his 'chamber.' He looked at me with a respect that he never had.

"Druk" I growled as he stared at me, uncertain. "Do you think that you can end me?" Look around you, my friend." I surrounded by men with weapons but the only thing I had in my mind vision of Sofi, and my baby that I would never see in this life. "Join me, Druk, and we can rule this world." I stared at him as Bob Dylan started singing, "Blowin' in the wind," and I looked up, listened, and smiled, making Dreka totally confused as I ignored him until the song ended. I growled as I and moved toward him. He laughed.

"You actually think you can best me.... how wonderful. Please, do try dragon. Look around you. I only stared at Dreka as I raised my hands, and flicked my wrists, and they all dropped as I walked toward him, and growled again. He sent a bolt of energy at me which I grabbed in my hands and sent into my belly, as I glared at him. The girls walked in behind me. They were going to be mad as I bound them in safety, but Sara walked out immediatley and stood by me, and then Chloe walked out, and then Aya, and Annie. They kept the rest protected as I stared at Dreka. He nervous. I could feel it, and I wasn't the only dragon.

"He raged in anger, and I bound his mouth and his legs. I sent the bonds to the depth of the Earth as Gaia watch. I knew he would break my bonds soon, but I didn't care. I walked up and shifted into Druk, and stuck my thumbs into his eyes as he screamed. I shifted back and walked away as he raged at me. Arad shifted into the room and stared at him, and roared because we both trusted Dreka, and he lied to us. Arad landed in front of him and burned him.

'Why???" He raged and and roared and flailed. "We trusted you." Arad ripped half of his face off as I walked up to him as me, I no longer needed the dragon. I felt sorry for Dreka as I touched him.


"Yes, brother. It's me."

He laughed, just wait brother. the power is immense. You'll see if it wasn't for..." I ripped his throat out and he died as I held him because I had known him for millennia. I cried as I released all the girls and they looked at me. Sara and Chloe sent them back to the past as I grieved again. Ama and Gaia walked into the cave and looked at me because they were astounded. They went to deal with Dreka.

"Leave him, please." This brings me no joy. Take the slaves he had and make sure they are well taken care of while you teach them." They nodded. Sara and Chloe knelt beside me. "You know what you need what you have to do." I nodded as Arad landed next to us and we ripped Dreka's head off. I gave it to him so I wouldn't know where he went. I grabbed the body, shifted and ended up over the Southern Ocean by Antarctica. I took him to the bottom and laid Dreka to rest. He wasn't what he became when I knew and loved him. I shifted back to his caves. Sara and Chloe and looked at me.

"Is everyone out?" They looked at me and nodded. I sent them both back to our home in the past, as I sat and cried. Gaia walked up and crawled in my lap as I petted her. There were no words to say, and I could feel what went out into our world, which I hated because I had enough to deal with. Gaia looked at me and asked what I was going to do. I stared at her as we walked out and I sealed the caves in ice, with magic that only I knew. I knew there were eggs in them but we weren't ready. I growled because I didn't any of this. I looked at Gaia, smiled a half-smile, and went home as the caves were locked, and Dreka gone. They all looked at me as I walked up and hugged me.

I wished this the end of it, but it wasn't. I just bought us some time, but not much. Everyone else was enjoying our new family. They all went and embraced them as I shifted into the bear and walked into the forest. I could feel the wolves following me, but they let me be. I walked all night and ended up at Irina's. I knew what I we needed to do, regardless. I cleaned the barn, fed the animals, and went quietly inside as I started the fires and started breakfast. Part of me hated to do this because as hard as it was, part of me would rather be here, but the threat wasn't over. Irina came out and smiled as she hugged me.

"What, love?" I looked at her and cried, again. "Do you think we need to leave our home, Danael?" I looked at her and smiled such a sad smile as I said yes.

"I would rather that we all came here, but life doesn't work like that, and since Sofi, I to keep you and Malinka close, but that is in our modern times. I can take you there, but I won't if you don't me to. I do have a plan." She stared at me, and looked around, touched things and looked up. "Those men that came won't be the last and this is a house... we make it a home, love.

"What do Malinka and I get if we follow you to this place?" I smiled.

'You get a pain in the ass because you'll have to learn to be in a world you couldn't imagine, but you'll have a huge family that will love you, and help you, and you'll never be alone, or worry that someone breaks in your door. I think you both can do it. There are many people in my country who don't know the language, or customs, but they learn with the help of their family."

"Can you take us there to see it?" I looked at her and thought about it.

"You'd have no reference for what you would see and it might be overwhelming because change takes time." I could feel Sara watching me as Chloe talking with Jake and Emily. Irina looked at us.

"I have lost Sofi, I won't lose Malinka. Show me where you to take us, Danael." I looked at Sara and she smiled.

"Get Malinka ready," as Chloe, Taiiko, Jake, and Emily stepped up, waiting, as I smiled. I bowed to Gaia and said thank you. "What you will see is sort of similar to what it's like here, but beyond it is different. I'll care for our home here while you look at our home there. They will take care of you They were scared, but they were strong, and nodded. I opened the mist and they all walked into Norway. I walked back to the barn to deal with the animals. It still light as I dealt with what I needed to. Everyone else getting Jukka, Eluta, and their family settled in their place as they showed them the house, which wasn't as nice as the one they had left, and they mentioned it. Jukka was silent as Eluta was saying how different it was. He kept nodding because it was a huge change. "Shusshh, and look at I am at. Look down, Love." Eluta looked down, and smiled. She looked at Jukka. "There is rich land, a lot of it.."

"We have lost everything."

"What did we leave that we can't back? They were coming for you, for me."

"And they won't come for us here?" She had a point.

"Danael said he'd take us to Finland. She smiled. He brought us here to keep us safe."

"What does he , Jukka?" I walked away.

"He wants the people that are trying to harm his people. I understand that because i don't like what they are doing. I am not interested in being like that, but that doesn't matter and Danael knows that for some reason. He brought us here to keep us safe, but he said he'll take us to Finland...."

I walked up as they looked at me. "Who's family would you be going to?" I still raw from Sofi, and Dreka. Eluta spoke.

"It's my family, but Jukka has family there also." I nodded.

"Discuss it because I will take you there now. It's smart because I'll have to deal with these people, but I don't to lose any more. I'll gladly take you to where ever you to be. I just need to know where the Duke is." I walked away.

Everyone stopped, and watched. Eluta and Jukka spoke and walked up to me. They looked at me and Jukka spoke. "Can you take us to Finland?" I nodded as I said I just needed to know where." Eluta grabbed my hand as I saw where. "I'll take you there but I Jukka to stay, for bit longer, so he can show me how to deal with this Duke, and Count. I hoping you would like it here because my family will likely be leaving for a time, until I can resolve things and they have animals that need tending. You'd be ." They stared at me. "Grab your bags and Jukka and I will bring your animals separately." They nodded as I opened the mist. I tired and wasn't going to pressure them because I understood wanting to be close to something you knew, which was why it was hard for me to ask Irina and Malinka to go to the future. We walked into the mist. They got settled and Jukka and I came bac We were there four hours but only thirty minutes passed as we walked onto Hammish and Ilsa's land. They looked us, saddened

"They won''t stay, but it gets worse." Hammish and Ilsa looked at me. I am taking Irina and Malinka home to keep the safe until I can figure things out here. I'm not sure what the threat is but it's real. Ilsa looked at me and nodded. I will be here, but after Sofi, I need to keep them as safe possible. They are visiting there, now, with some of the girls, so they can see it. They may not to stay and I won't force them but there will other men trying to take this land unless I can resolve things here." Hammish nodded as the girls brought Irina and Malinka bac They ran up to us, smiling and hugged Hammish and Ilsa.

"It's amazing there, Ilsa...Hammish." Irina looked at me, and looked around. "It's the best place to keep Malinka," safe as she cried and hugged Ilsa. "Can we come back?" I nodded. as we walked back to the house and Malinka glared at me. We got to the porch and Malinka turned.

"I won't go. It's wonderful but this is our home and we don't belong there. What about the animals, and all of the work we are doing? Sofi died here, not there. If we are destined to die then I it to be at home....here, on our land. I won't go Irina. I'll visit, because I like there, but you and Sofi and I have worked too hard here to let it go to some greedy man." We all stared at here because she Impressive. Irina looked at me.

"Seems like we're staying here, love. Besides, Ilsa needs help keeping Hammish in line, and now there's Alfher. We will visit though because the mist is exciting." Malinka nodded.

"OK, then it's settled.." Malinka hugged me, followed by Irina.

"It's amazing there, Danael, but this is where Sofi's spirit is." I nodded as they walked inside and I looked at Hammish and Ilsa, smiling.

"Never mind." They laughed and hugged me as they went home to help Jukka get situated. I wouldn't be long before he'd to be with his family. I wanted to keep everyone together but it like herding cats and my plans kept getting dismantled so I decided to stop pushing the river and trust. I wondered how long that would last.

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