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take me part 605...edited  

dadigan 60M  
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1/30/2022 1:00 pm
take me part 605...edited

I kissed everyone, put more wood on the fire, grabbed my work coat and gloves and the water buckets, and went outside, was still cold but sunny. I set the buckets down by the gate and headed the barn as the door opened and closed. I turned and Malinka was running after me, smiling. She hugged me and took my hand as we walked to the barn. Thank you for the shells, they're wonderful and Sofi would love hers. 's nice three." She kissed me as we walked the rest of the way in silence. We got the door where I saw Sofi and Malinka looked at me. "Does ever stop hurting, Danael?" I hugged her tight and told her at some point the pain fades into the background but until then all we can do is cry when we and keeping moving forward and loving one another. "Do you think Sofi is here?" I kissed her and put my hand on her heart.

"I think Sofi is here, love, and will be until we meet again." She nodded and dealt with the animals while I picked up poop. She asked if I thought Sofi would liked Norway. "Did you?" She smiled and nodded and said wasn't that different from here, bigger and fancier. "I think Sofi would liked and all of you would been amazed when saw what was beyond the farm."

"Are you wealthy?" I chuckled because I suppose I was but didn't mean much, especially now.

"Where you went belongs Annie's family. Their family is very old so they had a lot of time become wealthy. I live a long way away from , the west, in a place called Colorado. The world is very big sweets with many different people." She nodded, thinking, as she went feed Drakon and his mates. We worked well together, we all worked well together. She followed me and gave the animals food and water after I cleaned the stalls. I dumped the manure walked back inside as she was closing the last stall and smiled. She kissed me.

"Can you stay with us for awhile longer?" I squeezed her and said of course. She grabbed my hand and squeezed as we went to get water talking about everything, and nothing. I put my buckets on the porch and went around back to chop wood. We had enough to get into spring but I would need to cut trees and split and stack wood for next winter and find dead trees for wood to cook. I needed to talk with Hammish about hiring some guys both of so was plenty for next winter. I wasn't sure how any of this would work because they all would give birth before the end of the year. I was hoping Malinka's mothering instinct would into high and she would see that would be better be in Norway and visit here rather than the other way around. The girls walked out see how I was.

"As good as can be expected, I suppose," as they nodded. was hard for all of us because we loved each other deeply. "'s a lot do and my plans are crumbling in front of me. I need stay here for a bit while Irina and Malinka adjust," they all nodded. I'm hoping they come around and decide stay in Norway but 's too soon. I need to plan like they won't leave but I'm not sure how that is going to work." Taiiko spoke.

"I think they will surprise you, love." They all nodded. "They are still raw, we are all but especially them, and you. We need to give them time, space, and love." I smiled and nodded as i shooed them away so I could finish the wood. "We're going to Ilsa and Hammish's to on the them and help with the other house."

" Irina see how much silver is here. I want take Jukka in with his family make sure they are OK. They a very nice house that something will be done with but in the interim I want make sure they can provide for themselves. I'll meet you when I'm finished. They nodded and walked the front as I chopped. I was almost finished stacking and wondering if this actually was enough when Wolf walked up and sat waiting for his shoulders and ears be scratched. I had created monsters.

"The pack is grateful for you helping our wolves, especially Sassa. Will she be OK by herself? We've always lived in packs. are no longer wolves on that island." I nodded and told him about Haagerstadt and my family and that she would be part of a pack but would just be different and that are wolves in Norway.

"If she gets sad I can ask Fenrir if are wolves would want an adventure. would be totally different because isn't as much game as is in the forests of Norway but for now they are happy." Wolf was perplexed.

"This Haagerstadt, he wants mate with Sassa?' I laughed and said no. They are friends and companions enjoy each others company." He nodded. " Sassa had internal injuries and Gaia wasn't sure she would be able pups even if she could survive in the pack." He was quiet. We're thankful she is happy. 's quite an adventure for a wolf travel the future. She is the first, except for Fenrir but he's a god." I hadn't thought about that but he was right. Wolf butted me, howled and ran followed by the wolves that I rarely saw until they ran after him. I finished stacking, washed my hands in the snow and went inside for some milk. The girls were gone so I checked the fires make sure they were safe and headed Hammish's.

was lovely day, brisk but Spring was definitely coming and I needed think about a lot things, so I walked. I didn't want push Irina and Malinka too hard, or too quickly, but at some point they were going to stay with us, somewhere. was too much that we going to be responsible for, and that was aside from caring for infants. wouldn't work if we were separate, in five years but not this year, that was going be an interesting conversation with these women. Now, I needed deal with the Count and then the Duke, and figure all of that out, and talk with Arad about how it was that he was working with humans. I was hoping he wasn't going be stupid enough try and claim Dreka's position, that was why I sealed Dreka's cave. I was fairly certain that would never be an end juggling balls. I walked up the drive Ilsa and Hammish's house and everyone waved, smiling as they loaded things onto the wagon. I smiled and waved back. I was happy and hoped lasted until some of the rawness of losing Sofi passed.

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