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take me part 607... edited(?)...again...and expanded  

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1/31/2022 12:57 pm
take me part 607... edited(?)...again...and expanded

I hugged and kissed Malinka and told her I was going to get wood. She turned to go with me but I shook my head and told her to enjoy her sisters while they were still here. She smiled and walked inside. We didn't Emily's ipod and speakers so was no music but was more than enough laughter inside. I opened the heavy blanket that covered the top of the wood pile. I wasn't sure what was in but if we were back home I'd say was waxed canvas. I was loading wood on as Aisha walked around the corner and smiled. After Sofi, things changed in how we all interacted, not in a bad way just in the natural way of things. We were getting back into our usual pattern but were a lot of people in a place. 's a reason why Chloe, Jake, and Emily stayed in Norway and went back Iceland, and why Aisha, Annie, Aya, and Gerel would be going Norway tomorrow, or the day after, but they all wanted to see the village so I was figuring late tomorrow, or the following day.

"Want some help?" I nodded. "I'm guessing you already know that we'll be leaving, but Sara and Taiiko are staying so doesn't feel suddenly empty for Irina and Malinka." I smiled and nodded and was always astounded at how deep the love was between all of us. "Annie needs to on the businesses and the development in town, and in with Bethany." I needed do the thing in Denver. "Aya and Gerel want on Aydar. He's still Gerel's older brother." I growled but nodded. "We'll talk about things tonight but we are all strong willed so good luck trying to talk any of them out of something if their mind's are made up. I'll stay with you if ask, but I figured you wouldn't." I nodded, smiled, and kissed her. "I'm figuring that Aya and Gerel will want to go back to Romania because is a still a ceremony that needs take place. I've talked with Taiiko and Airi and I are going with them, along with one or two of their students, just in case. They thought it was overkill but none of us did, and we knew you wouldn't."

"You got that right, but I'm trying 'not push the river these days, sweets."

"How's that working for you?"

"Marginal, at best." We both laughed as we picked up the end of the blanket and dragged the front. We weren't sure if the snow helped, or hindered. We were finishing the stacking as Annie walked out and hugged me. "I say that's some pretty impressive timing lady." She smiled and bit my shoulder as she hugged me.

"I'm guessing big mouth spilled the beans." Aisha stuck her tongue out as she walked inside. I picked up the blanket and we walked around back. Annie helped fold it and secure it on top of the wood.

"She told me but I was already feeling it because life doesn't stop because 's a loss, as devastating as may be. This place is too for everyone even though they all loved you here, and Sofi was able share in that, so I take great solace in that. With Dreka gone I feel a bit better but I am still uneasy about Aydar, and his people, and needing be here for awhile longer complicates things. I was thinking of taking Irina and Malinka Iceland and then Denver because I need in like Annie does in Norway, and 's family as well." Annie stared at me. "I know but isn't much time before they need be with all of you, somewhere, and Norway is the logical place because it's similar here...familiar. 's not much for them here since the ground is still frozen." She nodded. " is a lot of work that needs be done before next winter, which means a lot of workers I don't know, and a lot time I'll be focused on other things. I think would be better if I stayed here get things ready and y'all help the girls learn and grow in Norway. They are both very smart, and curious, and they liked . 's easier for me use the mist and I don't want them coming back here with babies. It's a good house but it's older. I'd rather they be in the new house if they want stay here" Annie nodded.

"I think 's a sound idea and 'd be better for them the health care in Norway than none here." I looked down and nodded saying that I couldn't lose someone else. Annie grabbed me and squeezed. "'s still a few more weeks of winter and as we all leave they'll start miss their sisters. 'll also give you time adjust the new normal."

"Can you through the clothes you and see if anything will fit them so when we go back, even briefly, they'll feel like they fit in. I also need get more silver so we can for workers between Hammish and I. 's silver in my safe in Denver, and plenty in the caves that Ama said belonged us, and supposedly Karin and her siren friends are stacking up chests waiting for me because they are all so happy that I released them back being Elves."

"We are still shaking our head's about that. You plod your way into these seemingly insane decisions, which we all assume is because you are losing your mind, but then you come out the other end and for some reason works out. 's an oddity that none us can figure out, not even Ama. We'll find something for them wear, and is plenty of silver if you need . You don't need ask, love, and we all think Irina and Malinka will be OK staying with us until after the babies are born and the new houses are built. You, Hammish, and Juuka will busy, and exhausted." I nodded.

"If Juuka and Eluta stay, which is up in the air, and then we deal with this Duke."

"They'll stay, but someone is going load up their things and bring them here, or sell them and just bring back their prized things. We were watching Eluta and Juuka, especially after the wolves, which was as clever as was counterintuitive. They were terrified until the scratched their ears, and laughed, then Eluta and Juuka felt safe. This Count person seems like someone holds a grudge so feeling safe is important, and 's a nice homestead for them, different from where they were, but better in other ways." She stared me. "You're planning on building a village outside of a village, aren't you, mister?" I smiled and shrugged as we walked the front bring wood inside and spend what might be last night with all of us under one roof for a while.

We walked inside and it was like old times in Denver, just without music. Irina saw us, smiled, and motioned for me. I nodded and put the wood down as Annie added some the fire. I walked up and Irina kissed me. "Help me so Malinka can enjoy our sisters before they leave." I nodded as I cleaned potato's and carrots and cut them along with onion's that needed to be used. I put bacon grease in a large iron skillet and took it to the other hearth and spread the logs around so the grate would fit and handed Annie the the wooden spoon and said crispy. She smiled and nodded. I went into the pantry and then into the root cellar.... wasn't much left. I grabbed the worst looking apples and set them on the floor of the house as Irina looked down and asked what I was doing.

"Making room, love." She smiled. "Is enough flour for a cobbler and biscuits?" She nodded. "We'll need butter for both." She looked around, worried as I lifted the last of the ale and mead up. She stared at me. "Don't worry love, we can restock tomorrow. Come show me where you hid the silver so I know how much is here. Irina pulled a stone out of the foundation that I never would suspected was loose.

"We a lot, Danael, even after what you gave Hammish for Juuka and his family...will we get that back?" I nodded and told her we would. "We the silver you brought and then the coins that Hammish made that we all use." I said take a bag of Hammish's coins so we had enough restock the pantry, and Ilsa's if they needed them before Hammish melted the bars down. She nodded, hugged me, bit me, and wept. I just held her until it passed because she was trying to be strong for Malinka. "I miss Sofi so much that I'm not sure I can bear the loss staying here, Danael, but Malinka feels that Sofi is still here, but she is .

"We'll work things out my love, but lets focus on the joy of all us being here and believe that Sofi is watching us and smiling." She nodded and kissed me as she climbed up the ladder and I pinched her butt. She squealed and thumped me in the chest with her heel as she laughed. I motioned for Sara. "Can you go Norway and get butter, flour, baking soda, and powder, buttermilk, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom, and dark chocolate if they any, and the tea I like?" She nodded, smiled, opened the mist and walked through as I shook my head because I was convinced was a coven secret. I was corrupting them into using the mist as a pack mule but we were paying a high enough being in all of this, and was shifting a lot of other norms. Irina looked at me, confused. "She's going get a few things that will be helpful." We went back work as Malinka asked if she could help and we with both said no, at the . She laughed and walked back the fire enjoy her sisters. The house was but we all fit when we had too, and was more than enough room house all of the love that was present.

I had finished slicing the apples and was making dough for biscuits when Sara and Kana walked in carrying a large tote that seemed heavy. I stared at them and they both told me to shut up because neither of them were going to argue with her. Kana went to the other fire while everyone walked in the kitchen except Annie, which wasn't easy because it wasn't a large space. Everyone made room for Malinka walked up and stood next to Irina.

"Well, go ahead." Sara pointed to the tote. "Just lift the lid off and inside. are things from the pantry in Norway. The cook wouldn't let us leave until she filled , and she's not one be messed with." Malinka and Irina looked worried for Sara. "Go on Malinka, open it up because are goodies for all of us, and Hammish and Ilsa, and Juuka, Eluta and the , and are some things for your pantry." Malinka and Irina opened and gasped as Sara reached in and grabbed the buttermilk. "This is for Daniel," as she handed me a pint. "We all like your buttermilk biscuits and are a few cast iron things in too. was heavy, mister." She walked next me and wrapped her arms around and whispered. "They miss you, a lot. We need figure out a way get them Norway, at least for a decent period of time." I nodded as Irina and Malinka were speechless looking through things and that was when they started lifting out pies wrapped in cloth. I looked at Sara and Kana.

"She wouldn't stop." made my life easier because I couldn't really remember how mom made her apple pie, and stewed apples, especially with spices, would be a huge a treat, and way easier. The pies were on the counter as they were still rummaging through the tote, gasping at things as Sara and Annie tended to the other hearth and I made two frying pan's full of buttermilk biscuits. and covered them as I sliced pies and put them on plates. I was getting ready to go outside and go to Hammish's when Sara and Kana put out hands. "Not a chance, mister, because the likelihood of these ending up on the ground is at least seventy percent." Kana said 'at least.' "You're adept at stirring." They chuckled and walked outside as Irina and Malinka found the chocolate and screamed. Aisha set up the ipod and speakers and Jamestown Revival came on.... "This too, shall pass." I smiled as I stirred and Annie smiled at me from the other heath doing the just like at Henry's. was going a be a good evening.

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2/1/2022 1:50 pm

Another fine read they are resting before the next mad moment when they sort the Duke and Count then there is the ceremony still for Aya.

You have been busy Daniel and I am enjoying the story I have to say you are a great story teller.

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