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take me part 609... edited  

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1/31/2022 10:58 pm
take me part 609... edited

We stood in the doorway as Karin and Elisabeth clenched me. "It's OK, loves, we brought them things they weren't expecting. It's fine, I promise and that was when Irina and Malinka walked up because it was their home and they were guests, the rest of us watched in awe as Malinka reached a hand to Elisabeth, and Irina did the same to Karin. They stared at them, smiled, and took their hands. Irina asked if Karin was hungry and she nodded, as Malinka asked Elisabeth if she liked chocolate, and she nodded. They went to different parts of the kitchen as we all watched, even Ama.

"We need to talk...." I bumped her and nodded as I pointed. Malinka gave Elisabeth a piece of the chocolate that Sara and Kana brought back and broke another piece for Karin, which wasn't all that odd because they were guests, and they were important here because there were few. Malinka gave Karin a piece and Elisabeth smiled, and nodded. Karin put it in her mouth and smiled.

"Isn't it wonderful?" They both nodded even though they had eaten chocolate before. "Sara and Kana brought us that box of treasures, and then you and Danael bring us all of those things we can't even understand but know are important." Taiiko looked at me.

"Malinka, lets remember our manners, shall we?" She nodded. "Are you hungry?" Karin and and Elisabeth looked at one another, and then me, and nodded. "Are you the ones who brought Daniel our shells?" They were quiet and Karin said yes, and that looked for the best they could find. "Well you did it, and our dear Sofi would love hers so thank you." They were quiet as they nodded. "Since you are from the sea, will you eat things that aren't from the ocean?" They both smiled, and nodded. "Good, because we are a long way from the ocean but we have stew, and bread, and fried vegetables.... and pie," which made both of them smile. "Please sit and tell us everything about where you are from. Get them some milk, Malinka."

They spent the rest of the evening talking, and laughing. Elisabeth and Karin stayed over and shared the bed with Karin and Malinka, not for sex, but for comfort because all of them where looking for the same thing and, unbeknownst to me, I walked them in to have dinner. We all sat and watched as the four of them spent the evening totally engrossed in one another. I looked at everyone as they smiled. Ama took my hand and led me outside.

"Do you have any idea what you have done?" I looked at her because I truly had no idea."

"Bring things back to Iceland that belong there, and maybe a tree protector. He was kinda scary." She stared at me, chuckled, and shook her head.

"We all want to throttle you, but we can't because you have absolutely no guile. Yes, Iceland is a good place for the statues, and carvings. It might bring more tourists there, from Scandinavia. They think we are Viking-lite...." I growled. "We know. Our heritage museum is almost finished and that will be the first exhibit, which will get press coverage from around the world. You, and Karin, and Elisabeth just shone a light on the Norse, and the Pagan's during a time when there is a resurgence of both."

"Thank Karin because she found the caves but I wasn't ready to do anything when she first told me. Did Haag get the broadaxe and shields?" She was quiet.

"He did. They are walking as Haag is telling Sassa why he is both happy, and sad." I nodded.

"The past never stays buried, does it, Ama?" She looked me and said no, it doesn't.

"What else was in the caves?" I told her that Karin said it was 'shiny things' but that I hadn't looked and would go back now that I knew where it was, and would take things to the caves.

"These are are your, Danael. Karin is giving them to you, as the other Elves are giving you gifts. They are yours." I stared at her.

"I'm not Dreka, and these are treasures from the past. They have little to do with me." Ama was silent as we walked. "Wealth is a tool, Ama but I can't take these things from the past...OUR past. From a historical perspective, these things are priceless. Isn't that why they are in the caves, so they aren't pilfered, and sold to the highest bidder. I would like to have museums, and maybe you created the first in the center of the Viking realm, so we can show some of these things to people so that perhaps they will embrace history again. I would use some of the gold to build those. I'd like one built in Nova Scotia, for my mother, and one in Scotland, for my Da. The range of the Vikings was vast.'." She looked at me as we walked.

"Bring the rest of what is in the caves to the island with Malinka. It's time she starts to understand that she is more than just a witch." I stared at her because I felt something. Ama stopped and bore into me. "There is so much you are learning, yet SO much you can't fathom. Remember that, Dragon. You bringing Elisabeth and Karin here was unconscious genius, and I suspect your Sofi had a part to play in it. Bring us what you can so we can safeguard them." I nodded as Ama disappeared.

"Why won't they show me how to that the easy way....crap." I walked back in and nothing had changed. Irina, Malinka, Karin, and Lisbet were sitting at the table, totally engrossed in each other as the girls were watching and chatting. I sat next to Taiiko and Annie. "I created monsters." Everyone looked at me and told me to shusshhh!.

"Have you looked at any of this?" These are things from around this time period. There are also some from before, and some after, Ama said that what you sent there was very early, almost from the time of the Romans." I looked at them.

"I just wanted it out of the ocean. Karin said that I have multiple chests waiting for me at Gotland, because when the elves go swimming, they find something else for me. I don't know what to do with that. I just did what needed to be done, and I could do it, and no one could stop me. No one should be bound for that long," and that was when I thought about the dragon eggs, and looked at Sara. She looked at me sadly, and I knew neither of us were going to have easy lives after this brief time. I smiled and watched Irina and Malinka.

There weren't enough beds for everyone, but I wasn't tired and I wanted to explore. Every place that was somewhat comfortable had bodies getting ready to sleep. I put wood on the fires and screened them and covered the women I loved with all the blankets I could find. I walked outside and got ready to fly as Aisha walked out wrapped in double wool cloaks.

"I'm flying with my dragon until we meet again." I nodded, shifted and lowered myself as she climbed on my back. I waited out of respect. "Fly where you will, Dragon." I flew and looked at the land, and terrain, around Irina's, and Hammish's, and the village that was trying to turn into a town. I flew in all directions and observed. Aisha figured out quickly what I was doing as I flew back over our home, here, and over the woods behind the house. I flew over it multiple times and then flew to Hammish and then Juuka and flew outward from there.

"What is wrong, rider?"

"There are more trees to the west, and to the north for Juuka, than there are at the back of Irina's there nothing past them but rock and streams. There's enough wood for us, but not to build ships." I flew back around, and toward town because Hammish and I had bought a large building there, and a lot, so I wanted to know why they was interested in this place, and I focused on the river that ran through town, that ran next to the building we bought. We both said SHIT! at the same time as I flew east on the property we fenced, and then north. Less trees, more stone and streams, and they all moved into the river that went through town. I needed to talk with Hammish.

"The Count doesn't care about the trees. The Duke wants the ships. This Count thinks there is gold around you, and that makes him dangerous." I nodded. "Do you think there's gold?"

"I don't know but he's willing to to destroy the people I love, and the town by polluting the water, and ruining the land, to find out. The sad part is that there are enough trees here to make all of them exceedingly wealthy, even with good management, which they probably wouldn't follow." I was quiet as I flew.

"What about east and south, dragon?" I spit fire as we flew there, as I flew into my past. Aisha patted me and said she understood. We flew for a long way east, and then headed north as I looked.

"This is good land, hard land, but good land. All of this will be taken from these people over time, most of it might be taken everywhere, unless you have a clear title, and a reason to keep people away from it. I wonder if I did in the past what I am considering now, and into the foreseeable future so that I could create a place for my family. This Count is merely a bother. I am thinking of getting Juuka instilled as Count, and given all of this, I might be able to. I am also curious why Arad would be flying with the Count. There is a lot I don't know."

Aisha was silent.


"You are the last two dragons. Do you think he will be your friend. He tried to kill you. You should have let him die on that rock as he deserved. He did help you with Dreka, I'll given him that, but he only scratched his face." I was silent.

"You haven't been a dragon for a long time, and those times were different. You didn't have to worry about monks betraying their oaths, for power, or greed, like now. I roared and flew north and then west to the sea. "What are you thinking, dragon." I was silent as she kicked me while we flew.

"I am wondering if this Duke is as enamored with gold, as the Count, because I have a lot of lot gold that belongs to me, according to Ama." Aisha was silent.

"I knew I had wily, dragon. You're going to pit the count against the duke?" I flew, looking at the land and wondering how much of it belonged to the Duke. It didn't matter, because it was keeping it that was the important thing. I'd deal with that later.

"The count is becoming irrelevant, and since I am now the dragon, he's done because of what he tried to do, and what he wants to do, to us, to the land, and to the town. It'll be poetic justice that I use his gold and silver to get the land I want for my family going forward."

"What about Arad?"

"He didn't kill Dreka; I did. I hope he isn't stupid." We landed back at Irina's and I shifted.

"I'll sleep in the barn as the bear. Check the fires, love." She nodded and kissed me as I walked to the barn and shifted into the bear. The animals knew my scent so they were only mildly perturbed when I walked in and walked past Drakon, and both she-wolves. I curled up facing the wall and fell asleep until someone was hitting me with something, and laughing.

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