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take me part 611... edited, again  

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2/1/2022 8:34 pm
take me part 611... edited, again

The girls were almost giddy, which made sense for the ones from here, and Karin and Elisabeth, but the others could pretty much whatever they wanted, but they were giddy too, and Jukka's were almost beside themselves. The town wasn't that far as the crow flies but crows didn't take wagons over these roads. I was glad I was walking and by the time we saw the town most of them were walking too, at least the buckboard had springs of a sort. I asked Hammish if the wagons and mules would be safe and he stared at me. So I told I him I would stay with them.

"Do you weapons, brother?' I nodded, even though I didn't need them. I'll watch over the rest them and then we can at the building before we leave. I'll spread the word that we'll need workers again this year as well." I nodded as I looked around because people were staring at me, like they always had since I was a and could see . My Ma' said was because I was a traveler and didn't fit anywhere in their minds. It had always been like that and I figured it always would be. "Do you want anything?" I nodded. I had never really needed much be content, books, and art, and music. I liked tools and things like that but was practical, and for work, or for food, or hunting.... for me, not so much.

"See if they fresh fish and also get what you think we need. Irina gave me some of your coins if you need them. I want get something different for the wolves thank them for helping us." He smiled and nodded as he walked off. I wished I could shake the feeling that something bad was going happen. I gave the mules a handful of sweet grain as Sara walked up and hugged me.

"You are odd, even Ama and Gaia, but you are not odd me, love, because you watch everything, all the time, like now. Are you worried?" I kissed her and touched her belly as I looked at her. We were moving past needing words but neither of us wanted to abandon them.

"No, not worried, but cautious. Something isn't right."

"Good, then we are of the mind and I can go be with girls." She smiled, kissed me, and skipped away, looking over her shoulder as I laughed. I wasn't sure what I had done deserve all of this but I was glad I had done , at least so far. Ilsa walked up and handed me a large glass of kvass, a fermented drink made from rye, and a couple of jugs along with jugs of mead and ale.

"I don't want you tipsy, dragon, but you should something refreshing since you are alone, with mules." I smiled.

"I like mules." She laughed and kissed me as she walked back shop. This village would soon need be called a town because people were moving in. I hadn't been here long enough to recognize most people from the town, as compared to the strangers, but they all stared at me the way. were definitely unpleasant people here because the townsfolk trusted each other. Shit, one of those unpleasant ones just'picked a pocket' and was walking toward me as the man yelled that he'd been robbed. The man did ran past me and I grabbed him by the collar and knocked him off his feet, least I didn't get off of the wagon... well, mostly. I did put one foot on his chest as he growled. I smiled because he didn't know what a growl was.

"That man robbed me." I sipped my kvaas and nodded.

"I know, sir, I saw him which is why he is on the ground." He reached into his cloak as the sheriff was approaching, demanding to know what was going so I told him. He looked at me. I never cared for arrogant people.

"And are you, sir, and why are you sitting on the back of a wagon, drinking before noon?"

"A concerned citizen, and none of your business," which he didn't like.

"Stop being a prat, constable, this man stopped him and saved my pouch for me, my is sown into ." I smiled and took a sip as the sheriff took the thief away. He didn't like me and I surely didn't like him. "May I join you, sir?" I could feel Sara watching, wondering what I was about to get my self into. I said please and moved over as I finished the cup, wiped on the inside of my cloak and poured more kvaas from the jug Ilsa left at the wagon.... that would probably turn out be a mistake. I handed him the cup and extended my hand.

" Daniel and you are a long way from home. You shouldn't keep your silver inside of your cloak. 's too easy for thieves to grab. Where in England are you from?" He stared me, shocked?"

"Wales? How did you know?"

"The accent." We both smiled. "You also called him a 'prat,' and 'constable.' You are a long way from home and in an odd location." I wasn't going to ask him why, because wasn't my business but I was curious and people usually told you anything you wanted to know if you were patient.

"True, a far bit from home. I am working here for a Count. I'm a geologist."

"Really, and what minerals are seeking, or should I say, what do you think this land has other than gravel?'

"He laughed."

"I tried convey the sense but people think gold, or diamonds, exist everywhere as long as you dig deep enough. I was stunned because of the abundance of forests here, and fish when I was closer the sea, but gold does something strange people, wouldn't you agree? You seem like a learned man." I smiled.

"I would agree....?"

"Forgive my terrible manners, sir. My is Richard. I am from Cardiff, in Wales."

" seems me that a very wealthy man, or an insane man, would be looking for gold around here, or perhaps both."

"I would agree sir but they my way, and , which allows me learn more and explore, but I been here for almost a week and had no contact so I will be leaving and exploring further afield tomorrow. Do you any suggestions?"

"Sadly Richard, I don't give travel advice around here because no where is safe for travelers, as you experienced, but then again staying home can be equally fraught." He nodded "If I was inclined venture new lands lands I think I would go the Mediterranean. I'm not sure about the need for a geologist but I suspect you would better luck finding something of interest, even if 's just the food, and wine, and the art." He laughed and handed me back my cup and reached into his pouch as I stopped him.

"Thank you, Richard, but save your silver and enjoy a nice bottle of wine for both of us and perhaps by some drawings for your grandchildren." He looked at me oddly. "Tie your pouch to the waistband of your trousers and let hang inside. may not be the most comfortable place, but 's the safest. I wish you well sir, and Godspeed on your journey." Richard smiled and nodded as he walked back the inn eat and pack. Someone was watching over us because he would leave before an emissary from the Count came into town looking for him. Sara walked up, smiling, and sat next to me.

"Whatcha' doin'?" I smiled and kissed her.

I was having a nice conversation with a man from Wales...a geologist sent here to look for gold."


"Yep, go figure."

"And is gold here?" I smiled.

" are trees here, and fish in the Baltic.... and ice, and snow, and hearty people, but no gold, at least in the ground or streams. I suggested going south Italy and hoping he leaves before I need deal with this Count because people do stupid things and other people get pulled into that stupidity. How is everyone enjoying town?" She smiled.

"They are loving it, and knew were so many wonderful things here. Eluta hasn't stopped smiling and we think she will decide to stay. Do you want to around for anything, sweets?" I shook my head no.

"I asked Hammish see if he could find fresh fish, which was a long shot." She looked at me strangely. "I wanted give the wolves a treat for all of their help, here and in Norway." She smiled, and nodded. "If he can't then I'm going get Karin and Lisbet help me because the Baltic is pure now compared our time, at least Gotland is farther south." Sara kissed me again.

"You are an unusual man, Daniel, and I am glad we met." I nodded as she hopped off and went find our family as I watched everyone else.

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