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take me part 613.... edited and expanded...maybe?  

dadigan 60M  
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2/2/2022 8:22 pm
take me part 613.... edited and expanded...maybe?

We went on down the road to our homes. I followed Hammish, Juuka, Ilsa, and Eluta as Alfher stayed with Aisha and helped them unload at Irina's. It made more sense to have the wood and metal at Hammish's shop and barn because all of the places needed it. Ilsa and Eluta unloaded their supplies as we did the same and then went to Juuka and Eluta's place and they unloaded so much that would make their lives easier, at least as they figured things out. Hammish and Ilsa went with Juuka and I walked home.

"You can take a , brother." I shook my head as I walked away.

"They should stay together since they are leaving here. It'll bring them comfort. I expect to see all of you tonight to say goodbye to the girls." I waved over my head as I and walked to Irina's as Ilsa looked a Hammish.

"Is he OK, Hammish?"

"Yes, and no. We have things to do and you need to make something wonderful for tonight. I'll go help Juuka and Eluta unpack their things." They watched me as I walked down the road to my home. Wolf and his mate walked out of the woods and butted me.

"Your women are back from the ocean and what they brought we have never seen before but they smell wonderful. Are they for us? We have had small fish from the streams but these fish are not small, and they make our mouths water, even Drakon's." I smiled and asked if there was enough for all of the pack to have a fish. He nodded as I told him they were for them.

"Call the wolves watching Juuka and Hammish to Irina's." He howled and I could feel them running to Irina's because Wolf summoned them. It wasn't a bad way of being if you had good leaders. "Everyone will have their own, fish, yes?" I nodded as we walked up the drive and Malinka, Elisabeth, and Karin ran to me.

"Come see, love. Elisabeth was amazing." I hugged all of them as I walked to the porch and got wood for the pit, as they helped. We lit the fire and I hugged all of them as the wolves walked up and sat. The girls looked at me, confused, especially Malinka.

"Most of this is for the wolves to thank...." Malinka stormed off as Karin and Lisbet stared at me. "It's OK, but most of the fish is to thank the wolves with a treat because of the help they have given us. Karin and Elisabeth understood, and smiled as I called to Wolf and the wolves that were the furthest away came up first and took a fish and it went like that until Wolf and his mate walked up, last, as we watched them. She picked up female fish because of the eggs and because she was pregnant and the nutrition. They started to walk away when we all said no. They turned to us.

"There are two of you." She dropped her fish in front of Wolf and walked back as I picked out the healthiest female fish I could see and laid it on the snow for her. She smelled it, looked at us, yipped and picked it up as they trotted off. We still had close to a dozen fish we needed to deal with, but I needed to find Malinka. I knew where she was, and I knew this was going to be hard for her, for all of us, but it was necessary. I walked to the forest, to the path her and Sofi used to go hunting on.... the place Malinka taught Sofi about the forest. She was sitting against a tree, waiting for me.

"The wolves are grateful, sweets." She smiled.

"We could have sold those fish for a lot of silver, Danael."

"And if the wolves weren't our friends when those men attacked us, both times? What then?" She was quiet. "Love, we don't need silver. We need friends, and the wolves are our friends." She was quiet and started to cry as I scooted next to her and she fell against me, sobbing. There was nothing I could do except hold her.

"We're leaving you and Sofi tomorrow." I stroked her hair as I squeezed her into me.

"You're being a silly a goose because Sofi will always be with you wherever you go...you're sisters. Who do you think helped me think about bringing Karin and Lisbet here.... me?" She laughed and shook her head. "Hell, no, I'm not that smart." She laughed "And as far as I'm concerned, there is a lot I need to do here for when you and Irina come back. It's better that you stay there until after the babies are born." She nodded. "I will come visit and I can bring you back here, but I think you will like it there because both of you are smart." She stared at me.

"You won't forget about Sofi and our baby, right?" Tears welled up in my eyes as she hugged me.

"Our lives don't work like that Malinka. We never forget the ones we lost and there is no way I will ever forget about Sofi, or my ." She nodded as we stood and walked back to the house. "You missed some pretty happy wolves, young lady." She laughed.

"Elisabeth caught some really nice fish, Danael, way easier than we could. It was impressive." I told her about Lisbet's role on Gotland and why she was so important, and about Karin and the other Elves and how they all fit into our lives. We walked, and talked as the sun was leaning toward the west and we waked back home. Irina walked up and looked at us as Malinka smiled and hugged her.

"I could use some help." Malinka nodded and kissed me as they walked inside and I went to the barn. Thank God I was raised like this so it was second nature. I looked in Drakon's stall as his mates were finishing the insides of three fish as Drakon watched over them, and looked at me. It was smart for the pregnant wolves to take the pregnant fish because of the nutrition. I was also impressed by Drakon to know that, and wait. He ate the tails and looked at me as I nodded. I walked in and petted the girls as I spread a little hay on the ground. not too much, and then put frozen snow down and then the fish down and more snow, and the more hay as they watched and yipped and I went to deal with the rest of the barn. They were my family too.

My family was splintering and there was nothing I could do to stop it for happening. I was glad that the girls were going to be together because they were safer like like for the time being but there was still a threat that I couldn't name, but I needed to build this place for my family even though I didn't know why. I finished with the barn as Hammish, Ilsa, Juuka, Eluta and their pulled up. The she-wolves were sleeping because of all of the fat and protein they ate but Drakon came out to check on who was coming onto his land. He saw Hammish and jumped before running at him and nuzzling his legs. Hammish gave Drakon to Malinka and Sofi, as a pup. Drakon sniffed everyone and played a bit with the before walking back to me. He looked at me and walked back into the barn to be with his mates as they slept. They took the wagon to the house so they could unload<b> food </font></b>for the party and help with the rest of the meal and that was when I felt them, as did Drakon, and his mates, who stood next to me, and Hammish and Aisha who where walking toward us.

I pushed to all of the girls to keep Juuka and his family inside, and to the wolves to watch the perimeter, but I couldn't feel anyone except the people walking from the road. I met them by the stream because that was where the woods ended, and they were surrounded by wolves. It was obvious who this person was because his arrogance was astounding, as were the people he thought were soldiers, all eight of them.

"May I help you?"

"I'm looking for the owner of this land." I was getting ready to speak as Irina and Malinka walked up.

"We are the owner's of this land. Why are you disturbing us?" He scoffed as I growled and the horses reared, knocking two of them on the ground.

"Why are you here, I asked?"

"Do you know who I am?" I shook my head no even though I did, because I knew it would bother him. "I am your ruler here and we are taking this land for the Duke." I laughed.

"You are taking this land, land which we rightfully claimed? You? Do the men on the ground count?" The girls laughed. He was furious. "Does the Duke know that you are trying to land from His people?" Silence. "You'll need more than six men on horses, and two on their asses... and you... to take this land from us, any of us around here." He stomped his up to me in order to intimidate me. I looked into the horses' eyes as the bear and it reared, as did the the rest, and they ran back toward town. They got up and stared at us as we smiled. I wondered if Richard had left early because this was a surprise to me

"You'll find them heading back to town, because that is what they know. I know who you are, and I don't care. Don't come back on this land without an invitation. You have, maybe two hours of light left. Your horses are probably no more than a mile down the road. You should get back to town before dark because there are wolves in these woods", and that was when they howled from beyond where we were. "See?" The men were terrified but this count was to arrogant to be scared. He glared at me as they walked down the drive to the road. Hammish looked me.

"Is there anywhere you go that trouble doesn't follow?" Irina punched me, and said no, but it wouldn't disturb the celebration.

OlderPete58 63M  
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2/3/2022 11:28 am

Great storyline and it's time for the count to have a lesson in manner and humidity.

Daniel needs to find out all about him and who he is in league with, then turn the Duke against him.

Good writing thank you for another episode.

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