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take me part 614....edited  

dadigan 60M  
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2/3/2022 8:29 pm
take me part 614....edited

The hatred in the Count's eyes wasn't surprising, and I was beyond caring about these kind of men, but they could still cause great damage. Everyone walked to the house as I stared down the drive and walked to the road, followed by Drakon. I turned and watched them walk toward town, cursing. I was tempted to have the wolves take them into the woods but I didn't. Drakon was concerned and rested his leg against mine and whined as I petted him saying it was OK, when it wasn't, and Malinka walked next me. "What, Danael?" I looked at her as we turned and walked back up the drive.

"I'm going to be pushed to do something I don't to do.

"Can't the wolves deal with those nasty men?" I looked at her.

"The wolves help us when we need help, love. They don't do our bidding, nor should they." Malinka quiet as we walked.

"Should Irina and I stay? We are good fighters." I smiled and hugged her.

"You are, but no because it's important that you go where you are going. You can both learn a lot and as much as I love being with both of you, I have a lot to do here. I am hoping battle isn't one of them but that man is very arrogant." She nodded, even though she wasn't sure exactly what arrogant meant, she knew enough. We walked to the fire and Juuka and Alfher had gutted four large cod and they were on fir stakes and beginning to roast.

"Call the wolves, Danael." I looked at her, smiled, and said no. She stared at me.

"You call the wolves, love." She pushed to Wolf as they started coming to the fire. Everyone walked out and watched.

"Irina and I have to leave for a time but Danael will be here. Please look after him because he's not always graceful. I'm going to ask what I don't have a right to ask, which is please watch over him, and the others. I know I don't have that right but I'm asking anyway. When we return we will bring you more fish like these, but until then please take the ones remaining for your pac" The wolves were silent even though they understood her. I sad she wasn't going to train with them, but Taiiko could help her. Wolf looked at me, unsure what to do because we shared power and that was when his mate walked up and placed her head against Malinka's belly as she scratched her ears. The wolf picked up a fish and trotted off as other females did the same until the fish, and wolves, were gone. Wolf howled and the rest vanished back into the forest. Malinka smiled at me. "Friends are more important than silver." I smiled and nodded as she walked inside to help and spend the last night here with her sisters. I looked north, past the house and saw Sofi watching and smiling. I walked toward her as she disappeared into the twilight.

"They're fine, love and it speaks to the depth of her love for you and Irina, and Malinka, that she has stayed so long. It's not pleasant to stay here once you die but you all gave her happiness, and joy, and love...and that is what she will take with her on her next journey." I looked at her because I knew this, but I missed Sof "We all miss Sofi, love, who wouldn't, but she's gone from this life and you aren't, nor are they." Sara pointed to the house. "You are here, with them, in this time, for a reason. Figure that out. We'll bring you what you need." I looked at her as we walked back out front.

"Malinka is coming into her own." Sara smiled, and nodded as she went inside and I walked back to the fire as dusk settling upon us and smiled as Juuka and Alfher were dealing with the fish, and laughing along with Eluta and the . Juuka looked at me as we walked away.

"He won't stop, Danael." I nodded. "He thinks there is gold up there," he pointed east, and north, to the hills as I nodded. I so in over my head in trying to deal with things here, with everything else going on in my life, and I didn't even to think about all of them leaving tomorrow. Someone tapped on my shoulder but when I looked around there no one there. I turned back and Ama smiling at me.


"I thought so. Let's wal They'll be fine. Are you going to be able to bear this?" I stared at her. "You carry the bulk of the burden Daniel....and then there Sof I to be sure because this year won't be easy, for any of you.... especially you." I quiet, and my thought all I wanted to be back to Denver and see Bob, but life is what it is.

"I have no idea Ama. I know my heart hurts, again, but it's going to being hurting for a while because of Sof I can put things in boxes as I need to, and I can visit where I need to. It's not ideal but it's a year and people had to deal with a lot worse than we will. Can you bring me maps of Russia, and Scandinavia?" She nodded but asked why. "I'm not sure yet but I dont think we are suppose to be here. Obviously people will be here but it doesn't feel right to me for some reason. I don't think it's because I know something about history, but maybe that's it. This won't be a good place in a few hundred years." Ama smiled.

Don't focus solely on the future, Dragon. The future doesn't happen in leaps.... it happens day by day, a step at a time. Focus on where you are, and do what you must, as you need, but enjoy your family tonight." I smiled, nodded, and she gone. I walked inside to music and laughter.

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