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take me part 616...edited, hopefully.  

dadigan 60M  
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2/4/2022 11:15 pm
take me part 616...edited, hopefully.

We ate and listened to music, and danced, and drank mead and ale. I drank less than I wanted to but I wanted to be able to push and be prepared if need be. I could have had more mead but it a good night even though I would be alone tomorrow. I glad I had work to plan, and carry out. I knew Hammish planning on taking Alfher over the mountains to meet with Ilsa's family, and I had this Count, this annoying, arrogant Count who knew Juuka. I didn't need more balls in the air but I had them. The girls drank more than they should have but most water wasn't healthy, so they did, even pregnant. They hurt as bad, worse, than me. I shook my head as Hammish and Ilsa took Alfher home, along with Jukka and Eluta and the sleeping . It was a good night, but a sad night....for all of us because we said farewell to Sofi and the baby. The girls peed in the buckets because it was all they could manage and fell asleep in a mess as I smiled and covered them with blankets. I took the buckets outside and dumped them in the snow where the flowers would be and wiped them out with snow. I put them by the beds as I was listening to their deep breathing and closed the blankets separating the beds from the rest of the house.

Taiiko was asleep but Sara and Aisha were trying to stay awake for me. I led them to the bed with Taiiko. "Go to sleep, loves." They smiled and curled around Taiiko and started to snore as I covered them in wool and went to clean up. I scraped everything left into the pig's bucket for the next day, or this day, and cleaned the dishes. I put more wood on the fire and turned the pots toward the fire and left them because I was tired. I put snow of the fire outside, peed, and put wood on the fire by the couch. I had used all of the blankets, because it was cold, so I wrapped myself in my cloak and lied down. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep, nor did it take long for the dreams to start again.

I was with Dreka when we were fighting, conquering lands and pushing toward the Romans, and what would be Europe. We were warriors, savages in many ways, but also dragons. We conquered many lands and shared ourselves with many women but we couldn't hold the land. Conquering was the easy part, maintaining it was the hard part and not even the Romans could do that forever. That didn't last, even for us because we weren't the only dragons. I was growing weary of fighting, but not Dreka. We took over the land that would be India and Tibet, and part of China. We captured their people, and plundered their riches, as we did and Dreka took a fancy to a princess, while I took a fancy to the mountains. He wanted to go further east but I said I wouldn't. I was no longer his property so he tasked me with bringing his spoils back to our home. I didn't think much about it except I had met a princess, and a monk, both of whom would alter my destiny.

"I had grown weary of killing, and violence. Dreka craved violence, and fighting. I took the slaves and the animals, and the treasure home. It would take days and I observed that the monk and the princess were intimate. I treated everyone we captured with respect, unlike anyone else, but these people were under my care and I hurt more than a few of my own men making sure they weren't harmed. It came down to my group, and the rest of them. We were eating dinner three days into our journey when i asked the monk about his land. He stared at me, thought, smiled, and said that I should visit. He gave a special mala, prayer beads that only the monks used.

"Can you read?" I shook my head no. He pointed to the highest mountain. Go toward that and follow the river, when it disappears into rock then when walk north, and west. It'll take at least two days. If you survive my brothers will find you, and teach you." I looked at the mountain and the land around it, and around here, so I would find this place. I looked at both them as we ate together and communicated as best we could. Dreka and I had been raiding for a long time and encountered many languages which I was good at understanding, mostly.

"I am curious how it is that a Princess and monk are lovers?" They stared at me with fear in their eyes. "Don't be afraid, I'm simply curious. Eat, please." They looked at each other. 'I mean you no harm, truly. I am tired of war but that mountain of yours calls to me monk but I am still curious though. I won't share your secret. They told me about falling in love and about her being a Princess but they didn't tell me about the fact that he was royalty in his own right, in a different realm.

"You won't tell your leader?" I shook my head.

"Tell me about this Tibet, Dache, and your Monasteries. We spent the rest of the night talking, laughing, drinking...and laughing more as dawn approached. "I am sorry, Princess. We will stay here one more day so you can rest, even though I enjoyed our talks." They nodded. Dache looked at me, intently.

"Do you have something I can mark on so you can follow it?" I nodded and reached into my bag and pulled a yak skin. He smiled and asked for my knife as he drew me a map to his monastery. The first way I showed you would have killed you. Follow this map, between this and the Mala, they will know I sent you. We stayed another day, and talked, and laughed, before we went back to our camp. I made sure that Dache was recognized as the Princess's servant. Dreka brought many women back so it would take him time to even think of her, when he returned. I kept loking west, and north. Dreka took a long time to take a fancy Chesa, because he looked down on her because she was from his own lands, but she was beautiful. Dreka was focused on power, period. He didn't care about anything else and the Dragon knew that which was why were here, now. Dreka chose power, and I chose wisdom.

He never forgave me for taking Chesa to the west even though I just carried on Dache's aim. He wanted to get the woman he loved, and their , away from Dreka and he made sure I had a map. Dreka had no reign over me, and couldn't stop me from leaving even though he had no idea what would come., or that I would betray him in taking the Princess. He gave me riches, and horses, and furs, and<b> food. </font></b>He sent me off as a brother. I didn't know things would end as they would. I put most of the treasure in a cave and sealed with fire, and gave the rest away. I would have to see if I could find what I buried. I followed the map that Dache left and found his monks. They eventually let me join and that was when I trained was. It's also when Dache and Chesa ran from Dreka and the fact that I was involved in helping them when they showed up, twisted him which is what the Dragon wanted. He trained Dreka while the monks taught me They kept the princess and monk hidden until I was sent back to keep her safe, and died in the process. It was the start of the women I loved.

Dreka wanted to turn me as he had been turned, as he turned the monks at the place I learned, as he turned my friends, in order to kill my family. I woke in the middle of the night as I fought Dreka's men and saved Chesa. I reached for my axes but they weren't there, and the house was quiet because. I pushed outward and there was nothing except it was cold. I moved the pots into the kitchen, and put more wood on, and did the same by me and opened the the blankets so the warm air would travel. I wrapped myself in my cloak and went back to sleep as one last song came on, Leonard Cohen's..."You want it darker." I slept fitfully until just before dawn.

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