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take me part 620...edited, again  

dadigan 60M  
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2/8/2022 12:20 am
take me part 620...edited, again

We closed the door and I turned, as we all did, but I walked outside...followed by everyone else... as Chloe, Emily, and Jake walked out of the mist. I shook my head because I was the that rolled, or worse. Emily had a foot in each place and leapt toward me, bit my shoulder, and ran to Irina and Malinka as Jake and Chloe walked and hugged me. Jake went to see everyone as Chloe kissed me.

"How are you?" I nodded and said things were mostly OK. The girls walked to say hi and breakfast became a menagerie. Sara hugged me as we watched them all being a family of oddities, and loving it, and they weren't even the half of the folks.

"When was she able to do that, and am I the who falls out the mist?" Sara looked at me, smiled, and kissed me.

"She's always been able to that, and yes, you're the who falls out of the mist." She tried to keep herself from laughing.

"Ever?" Sara chuckled and said yes. I said Hmmmmphh.

"Look on the bright side, at least you aren't breaking trees any longer." She burst out laughing, kissed me, and went inside as I shook my head, so much for the goodbyes being over quickly. I walked in and checked to see if there was any breakfast left. There was some ham, a few eggs, and rye bread. I took the largest pan off of the grate and set it on a stone used for hot pots and put the ham in, along with the bread. The ham was in small pieces and cooked fast. I made scrambled eggs with the last of them, put it all on a plate, turned, and Malinka, Jake, and Emily were staring at me, smiling. I gave them the plate, and fork, wondering why people ever had as I sliced more bread and took the rest of the porridge. I put the pan back on the stove while I waited for my water to boil. I made some tea and had a bowl of porridge with rye bread while I watched my family being a happy family. Chloe walked and leaned into me.

"I miss you." I nodded as I swallowed.

"I know, love."

"They seem better than I thought." I swallowed again.

"They talked with Sofi." Chloe stared at me in disbelief.

"Sofi's been here?" I nodded as I chewed. "Stop eating, Daniel, this is important."

"Yeah, enough times to hit me at least twice, or times, and then today to see Irina and Malinka before they left because they didn't want to leave her." She was pushing, and thinking as her eyes grew wide and she bolted for the door, opened the mist, and ran through it. I shook my head and thought how much witches were a pain in the ass. I cleaned the dishes and the pans and let the rest of them be because it wasn't going to be unpleasant until they needed to say goodbye to me, meaning Irina and Malinka, which was why most everyone was here trying to make it easier.

"Are you packed?" They all nodded as Jake and Emily stared at me while hugging Irina and Malinka. Ama and Joseph watched from the corner. "Go get your things because there's work that needs to be done, both here and there, Loves." They nodded and walked to the beds as Karin and Elisabeth walked with tears in their eyes.

"Open the mist for us, dragon. We'll go ahead and create a welcome they won't believe." I nodded as they kissed me, and opened the mist inside of a room. They walked through as Sara stared at me in disbelief. I stared back.

"They went to Gotland, right?" She smiled, and nodded as I exhaled and everyone started coming to the kitchen. "Can you do the mist?" She nodded and opened the mist as everyone walked through after kissing me, except for Irina and Malinka. Sara closed the mist and waited, as did Ama and Joseph.

"Don't! Life isn't easy, but it could be harder. Pain lasts as long as you let it before you move on. We are doing this for our family and they are waiting to greet you. I will be fine. Go be with our family, and your new friends." They walked to me in silence, hugged and kissed me, took their important things, and waited as Sara opened the mist. They walked through without looking back. Ama and Joseph walked .

"You do know how to pick good women, Dragon." They smiled and walked through the wall as I screamed that I would like someone to show me how to do that. I looked around and the emptiness was overwhelming. I spread the coals out and put the screens as I walked outside. It was maybe am as I pushed outward, and to town. Nothing. I wrapped myself in my cloak and walked to were I saw Sofi. I knew it would be a while before I saw her, and wasn't there for her, I was there for me. I wept into the snow until I turned into the bear and walked east, and north, to find out why this land was so important to this count, and the people he represented.

Wolf howled as the wolves went back to watching the house and barn, and being a pack because he was no longer worried about me. I lumbered for hours, smelling everything and then I smelled the peat and looked around and wished I had studied history more. The count wasn't looking for peat, but it would help my family until I figured out how to get them away from there. I would have to deal with the count but I hoped it wouldn't be...an issue. The Duke would be easier, yet harder. He was closer to power, and I could help him attain that as a dragon, but I felt that is what Dreka wanted, and there was still another dragon out there and i wasn't sure if they had been working together.

I knew what I wanted but no was going to like it, but I was thinking steps ahead. The people on this land would be long dead before I was able to complete my thoughts, but I was going to give them the best lives they could have, and try and secure lands I wanted while I could. I walked, and smelled, but things I could smell were vague, except the peat. I knew that smell but didn't know why. I looked for gold, because I knew what it looked like. I saw rocks that looked like diamonds but didn't know if they were. If I had this land for a decade, maybe longer if things worked well, I still wasn't how to make it valuable, so why they risk what they were trying to seize it. Then then what was coming for all of eastern Europe and would it be terrible, even if if it was a long time coming. I had some time, and was close to the Germanic country's but was also reasonably close to France and also the Mediterranean if I used the mist, or we wanted to risk long trips with the wagons we were going to make. There were things I/we could do if I had the will to do them and a lot of wealth, and opportunity. I felt totally in over my head so I decide to let it go.

I knew if there was peat here then there was likely oil as well, but the count wouldn't know about it. I was going to to try and secure as much of the valley as I could, even I couldn't hold on to it. I would at least try because maybe I could trade it for I wanted. Life was going to be bumpy, but I still didn't know what this count wanted. I thought about it and maybe it had nothing to do with minerals, maybe it had to do with the land after all, but not to farm. I hated this part of life because men were already trying to carve land that should never have been owned, but it was, which meant I needed to secure what I could for my family's given what I knew. Jesus Christ, I was going to be busy, and I had babies coming. Crap!

I shifted, opened the mist, and fell onto Gotland. "Every frickin' time." I stood and... "shit." Elisabeth tackled me, picked me , and threw me into the strait as her and Karin dove in after me while Irina, Malinka, and the rest of the town waited, smiling. I was annoyed, shifted into the dragon, and threw Karin out first. She rolled, and laughed, along with everyone else. It was a fucking a party. Lisbet took a while because she was fast but I grabbed her tail as she was trying to leave the strait, and flung her back onto the land. She rolled multiple times, but not enough to make for the times she had plowed into me, but she was laughing, and was happy. I shifted and climbed of the strait as a wet man, and got hugged by Irina and Malinka. Sara and Taiiko looked at me, wondering what I was doing there

"I love you too, but you are nasty." Karin and Elisabeth smiled. "Do you still have the chests you, and your friends, found for me?" Karin smiled and was about to dive in when I stopped her. "Not yet, love, because we all need to talk before then." Irina and Malinka were plastered to me. I looked at Sara and Taiiko... "We need to talk," and we all walked to town as the people smiled because their dragons were back and they got a show.

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