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take me part 622...edited  

dadigan 60M  
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2/9/2022 10:44 pm
take me part 622...edited

I got up, as everyone walked away, and looked around. I said hi to the animals who still remembered me. I hated that I was gone from the places I loved for so long that I was losing the rhythm of the place. I bowed my head and walked into the office and looked at the work schedule coming , and through the orders, and manifests for what was coming, as a Norwegian cat jumped in my lap, kneaded, my legs and the lied on lap, purring, as Annie, Aya, Gerel, and Jacob walked in.

"What? You're the ones that left me on the ground being mauled by my own dogs, and walked away, laughing, and don't think I'm not annoyed at you, Drakon. I might be a cat person now, mister." He growled and huffed off.

"DANIEL! You hurt his feelings. he...."

"He'll get over it, Annie. He peed on me for three months as a pup." They all chuckled. "Who's this amazing creature?" Jacob said, Katt, as I stared at him. "Seriously?"

"Annie wanted to call him Bob, but the rest of us agreed on Katt." I looked at Annie and smiled.

"At least someone has sense, love." She walked up and kissed me and asked why I was here. "This Katt is mine, by the way, at least when I'm here. I'm reconnecting because I want to see how time works, so I am checking in with everyone and hopefully will go back thirty minutes after I left." They all looked at me scared. "What?"

"Are you sure you want to try something that complicated, Love? Maybe you should get Sara, or Ama, to help you." I scratched Katt, who was asleep but still purring, and looked at Jacob as Annie watched me because I had no problem stepping back in. I touched the work schedule, orders coming, and manifests of pending orders. It was a lot, but this was a large property and we weren't buying just for us.

"All of this make sense with what we have discussed in the past and what you, Annie, and everyone else have discussed?" He nodded and I trusted Jacob because he would cut off fingers to protect this place. "And you're working with farm crew, and getting them what they need?" He said yes. "Good, now tell me about the important part.... the family meal on Saturday." They all smiled and Jacob told me all about how it had expanded to not just the workers, and their families, but also friends from town, and people from surrounding farms.

"We have stopped work at noon now because it has gotten so popular." I looked at Annie and she smiled and nodded. People bring all manner of beef, game, fish, and baked dishes. It's why we have all the plywood down because it's getting warmer than it should but it's going to freeze again this week. We didn't want a muddy mess, but no one wanted to stop these because it was a hard winter and these bring everyone joy. Annie is talking with people around us to share the hosting but keep it a weekly gathering since we are going into the hard time of the year, and the really long days." He looked at me and smiled.

"What, Jacob?"

"People are happy, Danael, and we spend a day a week being a community."

"You are learning to become Vikings again, it seems. Don't let them have swords." They laughed as I picked Katt up and handed her, asleep, to Jacob. "How is she with the dogs, and the wolves?" Everyone laughed.

"She scares all of them, except Fenrir, but she doesn't back down from him either." I smiled.

"I think we need more of these katt's here, and Iceland, and on Gotland. It's good seeing you, Jacob. Thank you." I hugged him as I walked out because I felt the wolves coming. I need to speak with the wolves, but I wasn't here to inspect the property. We walked out as Fenrir, and his daughters were there, with others. I walked up and knelt as the girls came to me.

"You are getting close, and you, old wolf, are going to be a grandfather again." They yipped and nuzzled me before walking away as Fenrir walked up and butted me.

"Let's walk my friend." I looked at Annie and she nodded as I got up and followed Fenrir.

"Where's your ?"

"He's out scouting with his friends." I asked if they needed meat. "No, brother, the bad winter has broken and the animals are starting to move again but they are learning new routes, so we must learn them too." I nodded. "Our packs our strong, and healthy, as are the herds. It was a brutal winter, and many of all us died, but we are all stronger...healthier. The small game is abundant, and we are focusing on it now because it teaches our young to hunt, like your pack in the past." I nodded. How are they?"

"Well, brother, our friendship is strong even though men are encroaching." Fenrir stopped and looked at me. "We have dealt with them but I am trying to learn why it's happening, aside from the obvious, and I'm looking for other lands. I have made an alliance with Ishtah, and her pack, along with another from the pack Wolf belonged to before leaving." Fenrir smiled, and nodded.

"Good, brother, tell me of these new lands." We walked for at least an hour as I told him of my plans, and told me of how things were there. We were both relieved there were no threats except for the past. We walked back to the barn and Annie, Aya, and Gerel, were waiting for us. Fenrir went to get scratched.

"Seriously, you too?" He laughed as he walked up to me. I know you don't trust most humans, which is wise, but don't trust most wolves either because Wolf and Ishtah are unique. I trust you to lead my packs to safety. I have pushed into your thoughts and you know much of what is coming, which is good, but you also need to be observant of the signs that nature shows you, trust the bear and listen to your friends." He howled and wolves none of saw ran after him to the woods. Aya and Gerel smiled at me as they walked up and hugged me as Annie watched, smiling.

"We all miss you Danael, and we know that you think it is unwise for us to return home," Aya said, "but it is my home, our new home, and we will decide, with you, how to deal with this." I nodded. "Aisha, Kana, and her warriorresses will keep us safe. I also have people I trust, love." I stared at her. "I do, since I was a . We all know you don't like us leaving your care, but we must. We are all strong and capable, love." I hugged them both and looked at Gerel.

"How is your brother?" She smiled.

"It was wise you took him to Norway, Danael." Gerel looked at me. "I am sorry I hit you." I laughed as I hugged her and said that everyone else had, numerous times. She looked at Annie, who smiled and nodded. "He will walk again, which is good. I am angry at him, and my family, but I will deal with them...." I grabbed her hand, and Aya's, as I motioned for Annie.

"No Gerel, we are either united, or we are not. The others aren't here but it's the same. I have no illusions about my role with Aya, and you. They won't stop, love, because they haven't learned to embrace the feminine. They see you and Aya as weak, even though you aren't. They won't see me as weak. This is too complicated to discuss now, but I will be back soon to discuss it. Gerel, you brother tried to kill the woman you love, and possibly you. I'm sure there were people in your family, Aya, who helped them. How long until he can walk? How much longer do the doctors want to keep him Norway?" Gerel and Aya looked at each other.

"Another month, Danael, and I am making my family reimburse Annie for the cost." I nodded.

"Good, because they should, but that's not my reason for asking. I am going to ask you to both do something you won't want to do, for different reasons, but it's important." They stared at me. "I want you to spend time in Japan with Taiiko's clan, and then in Denver with mine, ours, while your brother finishes his rehab. You can communicate with your family via the internet, or phone, and you can have your confidantes watching out for you there...." they both tried to speak. "Please let me finish and then speak your minds, OK?" They nodded.

"I know the people we are dealing with, or I am remembering them because they don't change quickly. You are not safe there, even with Aisha, and Kana. I think it is better if they go there, and do what they know how to do, which is gain intelligence before you actually go back." Silence. "I wanted all of us to go spend time together, as a family, in all of our places, but that was naive, and foolish thinking, because life doesn't work the way we want it too. I still want you both to see these place, and meet your new family, and you have a month to do it in. The girls will teach to you use the mist, or there are the planes" They both laughed. "You can already use it?" They nodded. "And neither of you fall out of it?" They laughed, and nodded. "Hmmmmppphhh."

Aya said, as she kissed me lovingly, "if it is any consolation, Danael, the mist has always been used by women, which is why we know how to use it. know how as well, innately by blood, and our protectors are taught. You learned on your own, which was both interesting, and entertaining, but you are doing well. What Ama and Joseph can do, most of us and can't, Sara and Chloe are the only other ones but none of us no why. We are all, and there are many watching, think you do amazingly well, even with the acrobatics." She spoke with Gerel.

"Gerel and I will do as you ask, Danael. It is wise, and a good time. Annie, her friend Tina, are dealing with our ceremony..." I stopped them and looked at Annie, who smiled sheepishly as I shook my head.

"I want all of us married together because it's not right any other way. You can spend your lives together, but I know your people Gerel. We will give them the land your brother's family has control of and take them away from the land they shouldn't have. We will talk more about it but they will agree if they have land, and we have the leverage with that because of what your brother tried to do, and what you did for him." Gerel smiled as she walked and hugged me.

"We will do what you ask, Love. We are both curious about these places, but who will watch over my brother. I despise him, but he is my family.

"I will, Gerel. I know the perfect person to help get him up and moving about. It's smart for you to see Japan, Iceland, and Denver, now because things are more mellow, except Denver. It's pretty insane there all of the time." I stared at her but didn't say anything. Aya and Gerel talked, nodded, and said they agreed, but they wanted to wait until Irina and Malinka came so they could see their younger sisters again. I looked at Annie and she nodded. I wasn't going to argue with witches, or whatever, I was just glad I bought another month, or so. I figured Annie could buy me a few more weeks if I needed them.

Gerel and Aya hugged me as they went to help in the house, and help feed the people. Annie walked up and hugged me. It's not easy for them, especially Gerel." I nodded. "Do you know what you are doing by making her a part of the ceremony? You can do it, love, but you are going to unleash a backlash of anger, in men. What are you thinking, mister?" I smiled.

"I need maps of all of their lands because I have too much I am trying to remember. I especially need the eastern provinces of what was/is Gerel's land." She stared at me.

"You can't..."

"I just need information, sweets, and I am living in the sixteenth century. I also need all the maps you can find for the Baltic region, Rus, Germany, and Scandinavia, and early Russia if you can find it." She stared at me. "I have evenings free, love, and a lot to learn. I also need need books in old Finnish and Swedish... and if you can find old German that would be helpful too."

"What are you up to, mister?" I smiled.

"Make sure they visit everyone else, and make his recovery prolonged and hard." Annie nodded. "I want to be here, but I want to be everywhere. I haven't figured out how to do that. I trust Jacob. Do you?" Annie smiled, kissed me, and nooded.

"He's amazing. They are all amazing because our people are coming forward and helping gird us. We are good, and Iceland is good with Haag, but people are coming to our aid, and there are the Elves you brought out of the ocean." I looked at her. "They aren't leaving because they like Ama's land, and there is good fishing, and, apparently, a lot of treasure." She smiled. CRAP!!!

"I need to leave, I'm sorry. Please tell everyone I love them, and I'll be back." Crap! Annie smiled, and nodded, as I opened the mist and fell onto Iceland. "FUCK!!!" I got up and was walking to Ama's as a dozen Elves tackled me, from all directions, laughing, as we rolled down the drive.

"OUCH! What is wrong with you? Every time?" They bowed their heads and I instantly felt bad. "It's OK. I'm happy to see you as well." They smiled, and pounced on me, knocking me to the ground, and hugging me before dragging me toward the ocean. "EXCUSE ME!!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR." Holy crap. I shifted into the bear and roared as they wall backpedaled. I shifted back.

"You can't just pull people away because you are happy to see them, understand?" They looked down. Jesus Christ. "I love all of you, and I miss you and want to know how you are, and I know my time is limited, but you need to learn to interact with other people. It's why I brought you here. Elves, aren't Sirens, yeah?" They nodded. "Good, now lets WALK to whatever you wanted to show me. We walked to my cave, which was no longer my cave. Ama walked up next to me and said she tried to stop them. They were smiling as they pointed. I looked at them angry, but grateful. I walked inside and lied down as everyone gasped.

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